Healthybaby Diaper Review

It’s no secret that diapers are one of the most significant contributors to landfills worldwide. Diapers take centuries to decompose and release toxic chemicals into the air as they do.

After learning about the harmful effects that disposable diapers have on the environment, many families seek eco-conscious options to reduce their carbon footprint and support ethical brands along the way.

In this post, we’ve extensively researched the diaper brand, Healthybaby. Previously known as Healthynest, this particular brand packs a punch in terms of clean ingredients, impactful manufacturing, and transparency on every level. 

When shopping on Healthybaby’s website, families won’t question the product’s ingredients, manufacturing processes, or ethical standards. For many eco-conscious families, Healthybaby is a reliable choice for non-toxic products that are better for the environment and safe for their baby’s skin. 

Healthybaby Diaper Review

Short Version: Healthybaby Diaper Review

For an eco-friendly baby brand focused on helping the environment through sustainable manufacturing and sourcing, look no further than Healthybaby. 

They offer the first-ever EWG-certified diaper that’s non-toxic and made from super-soft organic cotton and plant-based materials that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. 

One of Healthybaby’s most significant selling points is that any material that touches babies’ skin on the diaper is plant-based, decreasing the risk of an allergy, irritation, or skin rash. 

Healthybaby is also making strides in manufacturing to ensure its processes are sustainable, focusing on using high-quality plant-based materials whenever possible to create a more effective product. 

In an effort to be environmentally conscious and leave the planet better than they found it, Healthybaby is poised to become a leader in the eco-friendly baby market. 

It’s time to see what this brand is all about!

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Pros and Cons of Healthybaby Diapers

Like any diaper product, there are pros and cons of Heathybaby diapers that vary depending on every family. 

From your lifestyle to your baby’s particular needs, a pro to one family may not necessarily benefit your baby or your family. Keep that in mind as you learn about the popular pros and cons of Healthybaby diapers.

Pros of Healthybaby Diapers

Here are the most significant pros of Healthybaby diapers:

1. Sustainability & Ingredients List 

Healthybaby Diaper Review
Healthybaby diaper certifications. (Image courtesy to Healthybaby)

Featuring sustainable, organic cotton and a low-waste design, Healthybaby is made from plant-based materials that check every box for parents who are concerned with what chemicals their baby’s diapers contain. 

One of Healthybaby’s strongest selling points, particularly for the more health-conscious families out there, is the fact that they are the first official EWG-verified diapers on the market. 

EWG is a non-profit organization that sets standards on products and ingredients used in products. Additionally, Healthybaby diapers are a Certified B Corporation and hold the highly esteemed OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

2. Subscription Model 

Healthybaby Diaper Review
Healthybaby Customizable Monthly Diaper Bundle Subscription (Image courtesy to Healthybaby)

Healthybaby offers a convenient monthly diaper bundle subscription model, where families can set up a monthly auto renewal to receive packs of diapers and wipes every four weeks. There’s nothing worse than running out of diapers in the middle of the night; Healthybaby helps you avoid this nightmare entirely.

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3. Material Softness

A consistent review across the board about Healthybaby diapers is the softness of the material. Particularly for babies with eczema and sensitive skin, we’ve gathered that more families are switching from traditional brands like Huggies or Pampers to eco-focused brands like Healthybaby to keep their babies comfortable. 

Customers rave about the material of these diapers—they’re enhanced with organic cotton and feature ultra-thin and breathable fabric, keeping your baby’s skin cozy and comfortable all day and night.

4. Brand Transparency

As far as we can tell from reading reviews and customer feedback online, Healthybaby seems to be very transparent and honest about its products. They also encourage customers to leave feedback and are open to criticism about design flaws, cost, and what they could do to improve customer retention. 

5. Absorbency

Healthybaby Diaper Review
Healthybaby Diaper Absorbent Layers.
(Image courtesy to Healthybaby)

A common design flaw of eco-friendly disposable diapers is often the power of absorbency. Parents and caretakers often find out too late that they appreciate the clean ingredients list, but their baby can’t sleep through the night (or even through a nap) without soaking their clothing or bedding. 

Fortunately, Healthybaby diapers do not seem to have this issue at all! In fact, customers rave about the absorbency power, impressed by the fact that their baby wakes up dry each morning, no matter what size diaper they are wearing.

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Cons of Healthybaby Diapers

Here are the most commonly mentioned cons and drawbacks of Healthybaby diapers: 


Consistent feedback from Healthybaby customers is that the diapers run large, particularly in size 1 for newborns that claim to fit 6 to 12-pound babies. Many parents expressed that the diapers had to be wrapped around their small babies to fit appropriately.

Healthybaby’s customer service department has responded to this feedback, saying that the diapers run large because they’re made in Europe, where diaper sizing is consistently larger than in the US. 


As far as sustainable and eco-conscious diapers go, Healthybaby is one of the more expensive brands on the market.

While the subscription service offers cost savings vs. purchasing one box at a time, the cost is significantly higher than other clean diaper brands you can find at a major retailer.

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No wetness indicator

The wetness indicator is a common feature in most diapers, especially for young babies. The indicator is a yellow stripe down the front of the diaper that turns blue when the baby has wet it, helping parents know when it’s time for a diaper change. 

Healthybaby diapers do not have a wetness indicator, and many customers feel it’s a major design flaw. The convenience of the wetness indicator is reason enough to include it. Still, Healthybaby has stated they opted against the indicator because of the inks and dyes needed to print the strip on each diaper.

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Key Features

Healthybaby Diaper Review
(Image courtesy to Healthybaby)

The key features of Healthybaby diapers include high-quality organic materials, thoughtful design, and long-lasting wear. Keep reading for the details on our favorite features of these diapers. 

Diaper Tabs

The diaper tabs are adhesive-free and ultrasonically bonded to provide an effective stick without chemicals. The tabs support up to 12-hour wear and prevent the diaper from slipping, sagging, or moving. 

Diaper fit 

While many Healthybaby customers claim that the diapers run large, there are zero complaints about the actual fit of the diaper itself (once you’ve found the right size!). The diaper runs slim and isn’t bulky or saggy when soiled. 

The organic cotton in the diaper is lightweight and breathable, allowing your baby to wiggle, roll, and move in any way they choose. 

Leg Cuffs

Ultrasoft adjustable cuffs appear to hug baby’s thighs in all the right places, preventing leaks and supporting them through tummy time, learning to roll over, crawl, stand, and walk without a leak in sight. 


Healthybaby Diaper Review
(Image courtesy to Healthybaby)

The waistband of the Healthybaby diapers appears to be pretty standard. It sits right at the belly button and features a higher back for trapping any leaks from a blowout and holding the baby securely and comfortably. 


You can have the cleanest, most eco-friendly diaper on the market, but if the absorbency is lackluster, it’s not likely to become a popular product for families. Healthybaby must’ve kept this in mind during manufacturing because the absorbency of their diapers is spectacular and has parents raving! 

The top sheet of the diaper is highly moisture-wicking, with ultra-soft fibers that keep any wetness away from your baby’s skin. Then, there’s a flash dry layer, which distributes moisture and boosts absorption from the second layer of material. 

There’s also a plant-based waterproof layer featuring tiny micropores that vent air for humidity control, along with patented core technology made from TCF (totally chlorine-free) wood pulp and absorbent polymer to trap any extra moisture.

Lastly, the diaper’s outer wrap is made from ultra-soft organic cotton to promote breathability and comfort no matter what time of day. 

As you can see, Healthybaby designed its diapers with babies’ skin and comfort in mind.

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Verdict: Healthybaby Diaper Review

All in all, Healthybaby diapers offer a fantastic, clean product that won’t irritate your baby’s skin and will keep them cozy and dry throughout the day and night. 

For families looking for a clean, eco-friendly diaper with maximum absorbency power, Healthybaby is a solid choice. 

For parents or caretakers on a budget and looking to save money on diapers, Healthybaby may not be your first choice. The cost alone is steep, and even with the discount from bundling items into a subscription service, you can certainly find cheaper options with other clean brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Healthybaby diapers that may help you decide if they’re worth a shot for your baby.

What ingredients are used in Healthybaby diapers?

The ingredients in Healthybaby diapers include the following:

●Absorbent polymers
●TCF Wood pulp 
●Plant-based polyethylene
●Calcium carbonate
●Less than 0.5% printed inks
●Organic cotton

What ingredients are Healthybaby diapers free from?

As the first EWG Verified Diaper, there’s a long list of chemicals and materials that Healthybaby diapers are free of. Here are the most notable ones:

●Optical brighteners
●Heavy metals
●4,400+ other banned ingredients

Where are Healthybaby diapers made?

Healthybaby diapers are made in the Czech Republic in Europe at a carbon-neutral facility. 

Where can I buy Healthybaby diapers? 

Since they are relatively new to the market and offer a subscription service, Healthybaby diapers are only available on the Healthybaby website. If and when they become available at other retailers, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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What sizes do Healthybaby diapers come in? 

Healthybaby Diaper Review

To help you easily understand the diaper sizing of Healthybaby diapers, here is a size chart according to the Healthybaby website:

Diaper SizePounds
16-12 pounds
210-16 pounds
312-22 pounds
418-30 pounds
522-37 pounds
637+ pounds

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Wrap up- Healthybaby Diaper Review

Healthybaby Diaper Review

What do you think? Will you give these ultra-premium eco-friendly diapers a try? Or does the cost, idea of online ordering, and unusual sizing sway you towards other brands?

Here’s what we found out about other diaper brands!

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