Aldi Diaper Review: Are Little Journey Diapers Any Good?

Aldi Diaper Review: Are Little Journey Diapers Any Good?

Parents are looking for information on more store-brand diapers, so I’ve put together this Aldi diaper review to answer your questions! 

Low-cost grocery store Aldi launched its Little Journey line of baby products in the summer of 2016. Although it’s been around for some time, parents like you want to know about the quality of Little Journey diapers, and for good reason. Diapers, along with formula, are expensive! Your baby will use thousands of diapers before potty training,  so every penny makes a difference! 

Aldi diaper review summary

aldi diaper review - front of diaper
The design on the front of Aldi diapers are pretty plain. They do have wetness indicators but do not have size up indicators.

Overall, Aldi diapers are good for store brand diapers. They absorb well, fit well, and have wetness indicators. That is to say, they will work just fine for most children.

However, if your child is prone to diaper rash, diaper blowouts, or diaper leaks, I recommend investigating a name-brand or specialized diaper for your child’s needs

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Little Journey diapers are less soft than name brand diapers like Huggies and Pampers. But the softness is similar to the softness of other store brand

Wetness Indicator 

Back of Little Journey diaper

Aldi diapers do have a wetness indicator that’s visible on the front and back. Like many other diaper brands, it starts out yellow and turns blue when it gets wet. This feature is helpful for infants who need frequent diaper changes.


aldi diaper review- waistband
The waistband of Aldi’s diapers is pretty basic. No added features like elastic.

Like most store-brand diapers, Little Journey diapers do not have an elastic waistband. This is usually fine for most babies, but if your baby has diaper blowouts, try a brand like Huggies or Costco to keep the mess contained!

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Leg cuffs

Leg cuffs help keep the diaper snug against your baby’s thighs and prevent leaks. The leg cuffs on Aldi diapers are pretty sturdy. My daughter did not have any leaks out the legs even when wearing them overnight! 

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Aldi diaper review- Fit

Huggies (left) and Little Journey (right). Note how the Little Journey diaper is a bit longer, meaning it will bunch up more between children’s legs.

Aldi diapers are very bulky! They are even longer than Huggies, which are sort of baggy to begin with! The Aldi diapers will hang down more between your child’s legs. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but is one of the downsides to a store brand diaper.

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Size up indicators 

Little Journey diapers do not have size up indicators like other brands such as Target’s Up & Up, Pampers, and Huggies.

Size up indicators are a useful feature that let parents know when their baby is ready to move up a size. However, you can tell when to change diaper sizes without the indicators. Check if the diaper leaves red marks on your baby’s stomach, back, or legs. This means the diaper is too tight, and it’s time to change sizes. Or, if your baby’s diaper tends to leak, it may mean the diaper is too small and time to go up a size!

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Diaper Tabs

See the area between my two fingers? That’s the only section of the diaper tab that’s sticky!

Like some other store brand diapers, Aldi diaper tabs leave a lot to be desired. The only sticky-velcro part is the area between my two fingers, which is about a quarter of an inch wide!

That being said, I did not have any issues with my daughter pulling off the diaper, or the diaper falling off.

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Aldi Diaper Review-Absorbance 

Time for the fun science test! I mixed some green food coloring with water, and poured it into the diaper 1/4 cup (60 ml) at a time to see how much it would absorb!

Little Journey diaper after 4 cups of water- at this point, it stopped absorbing water quickly

After about four cups of water, the diaper stopped absorbing water quickly. It would puddle up on top of the diaper or in between the leg cuff and the diaper pad, and then soak up after a few seconds.

Aldi diaper at full capacity!

After 5 cups of water, the Little Journey diaper was full!

But what does that mean?

Aldi diapers are not particularly absorbent compared to other brands. I’ve tested a number of brands, like Target’s Up & Up diapers, and they hold much more water- 7 cups for a size 5! That’s 29% more.

That being said, does it really matter? Will your kid ever pee 5 cups worth before you change their diaper? Probably not. But if your kid pees a lot at night, you may want to use Aldi diapers during the day and another, more absorbent brand, at night.

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Are Aldi diapers good?

Aldi diapers are as good as other store brand diapers, like Target and Walmart. They do not have all the features of Pampers or Huggies. But they work for many babies, and are cheaper than name brands.

Who makes Little Journey diapers?

check the label to find out who makes Little Journey Diapers
Who makes Little Journey diapers? Note the text in the bottom middle: a company called First Quality

The company First Quality LLC makes Little Journey diapers. First Quality manufacturers many store brands and private label items. You may have heard of some of them, like Cuties brand diapers, Plenty paper towels, Panda toilet paper, and Fetchers doggie pads.

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What sizes are Aldi Little Journey diapers available in?

aldi little journey diaper size chart

Aldi’s Little Journey diapers are available in size newborn (N) through size 6, for children over 35 pounds

  • Newborn — Up to 10 pounds
  • Size 1 — 8-14 pounds
  • Size 2 — 12-18 pounds
  • Size 3 — 16-28 pounds
  • Size 4 — 22-37 pounds
  • Size 5 — 27+ pounds
  • Size 6 — 35+ pounds

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Conclusions: Aldi diaper review 

Aldi’s Little Journey diapers will work well for most babies. Similar to most store brand diapers, Aldi’s diapers are low cost but lack premium features like an elastic waistband, size up indicators, and extra absorbency.

If you are still on the fence after reading my Aldi diaper review, I recommend buying a small package of Aldi diapers, which are typically around $8-10. Use them during the day and see how they work for your child.

aldi diaper review
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