Diaper Brand Comparisons

Everything You Need to Know About Disposable Diapers

Are you new to disposable diapering? Or just want to learn more about disposable diapers? As an engineer and first time mom,  I’ve done extensive research on the topic and collected it in a variety of posts.

Getting started with disposable diapers

Diaper Review Posts

Want more details on the different brands of disposable diapers? I’ve used hundreds of diapers from many brands. Read the data and comparisons I’ve done to choose the right brand for your baby. 


  • Pampers vs Huggies: What’s the difference between the top two name-brand diapers? How do you choose the right one for your baby? I discuss every single difference between the two types of diapers!
  • Kirkland Diapers vs Huggies Diapers: Did you know Costco’s diapers are pretty awesome, but not quite as good as Huggies? Read about the similarities and differences.
  • Huggies Little Movers vs Little Snugglers: Huggies Little Snugglers are for infants who aren’t on the move yet. Movers are designed for babies who can crawl or walk.  Click to read my in-depth post on what makes each diaper ideal for each stage!


  • Pampers vs Kirkland Diapers: How do name brand diapers, compare to Costco’s? Personally, I like Kirkland diapers better due to my baby’s size and shape.
  • Pampers vs Huggies: What’s the difference between the top two name-brand diapers? How do you choose the right one for your baby? Learn about every difference between the two brands!
  • Pampers Cruisers 360: If you have a baby who can crawl, and squirms all over the changing table, these might be the right diapers for you!
  • Costco vs Pampers: Did you know Kirkland diapers are pretty high quality? But how do they stack up against Pampers, America’s most popular brand?
  • Pampers Swaddlers vs Baby Dry: What’s the difference? How do you choose between these two types of Pampers?

Costco’s Kirkland Diapers

Other Diaper Brands

Diaper Accessory Guides

  • The Best Diaper Pails for Odor Prevention: Want to keep your nursery smelling fresh? I’ve reviewed several great options so you can find the best diaper pail for your nursery. You’ll easily find pails with and without special bags and other special features for odor control. 
  • The Best Diaper Bags for Infants and Toddlers: Whether you have one kid or several, want a diaper bag that looks like a purse, or need a bag with lots of pockets to keep organized, I have you covered!
  • Nerdy Diaper Bags: Fun and geeky bags to keep you and your baby organized!

Diaper How To Guides and Tips

  • Preventing Diaper Blowouts: Did you know newborn’s poops are pretty liquidy? Your child’s diaper may leak for any number of reasons. And out the legs, front, or back. At the most inconvenient time and all over the baby’s clothes, your clothes, the sheets… My handy guide will help you troubleshoot the specific type of leak you are experiencing. 
  • How to Get a Proper Diaper Fit: What’s the right way to put on a diaper so it fits well? Plus tips and tricks for making diapers fit babies who have skinny or fat legs or are between sizes.
  • Why Cloth Diapers are Bad Choices for Some Families: Every family is different, find out if cloth diapers make sense for your situation!
  • How are Diapers Made: And what are they made of?
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