Cloud Island Diaper Review | Are they discontinued?

I bought some eco-friendly diapers at Target, planning to write a Cloud Island diaper review. But after trying out the diapers and then researching them, I found out Target discontinued Cloud Island diapers!

I’ll include a short Cloud Island diaper review at the end of this post so that I can compare them to other eco-friendly brands.

Are Cloud Island diapers discontinued? 

Target discontinued Cloud Island diapers and wipes in April 2021, and replaced them with the Millie Moon brand. Millie Moon is available exclusively at Target.

If you liked using Cloud Island diapers, consider replacing them with Rascal and Friends diapers, which are available at Wal-Mart and great for sensitive skin. Or give the Millie Moon diapers a try.

Sources: Retail Dive, Reddit

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Are Cloud Island wipes discontinued?

Target discontinued Cloud Island wipes in April 2021, and replaced them with the brand Millie Moon.

Source: Reddit

Who makes Cloud Island diapers? 

Cloud Island diapers were made by Associated Hygienic Products LLC and distributed by Target. Domtar Corporation purchased Associated Hygienic Products in 2013

Source: PR Newswire

who makes cloud island diapers- photo from box
Photo of Cloud Island box showing Associated Hygienic Products information

Are Cloud Island diapers good for sensitive skin?

cloud island diaper review ingredients
I took this photo from my Cloud Island diaper box to show the ingredients.

Cloud Island diapers are good for sensitive skin because they are free from chlorine, latex, lotion, fragrances, phthalates, propyl-paraben & butyl-paraben, and. sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

And their diapers are cruelty free and are not tested on animals.

Cloud Island diapers vs Honest diapers

Let’s quickly compare Cloud Island diapers vs Honest Company diapers:

  • How do they fit?
    • Cloud Island diapers tend to run true to size and are thin, not bulky. Most diaper companies fold their diapers in half for packaging. Cloud Island are actually folded into 3 sections, so they fit more snugly against your baby’s bottom
    • Honest diapers tend to run on the small side, and are also thin.
  • How is the absorbency? 
    • Both Cloud Island and Honest diapers have good absorbency. But their absorbency isn’t as good as premium brands like Pampers or Huggies.
  • How much do they cost?
    • Cloud Island diapers are significantly cheaper than Honest diapers- approximately one fourth of the cost!
  • How eco-friendly are they?
    • Cloud Island diapers use sustainable materials for the absorbent diaper core.
    • Honest Company makes their outer diaper layer from plant-based materials
    • That is to say, neither brand is particularly sustainable compared to other eco-friendly diaper options on the market.
  • What kind of waistband do they have?
    • Both Cloud Island and Honest diapers have regular waistbands without elastic. If your baby is prone to diaper leaks up the back, I do not recommend either of these brands!
  • Do they have size up indicators?
    • Neither Cloud Island or Honest diapers have size up indicators.
  • Do they have wetness indicators?
    • Yes, both Cloud Island and Honest diapers have wetness indicators.
  • What does the diaper design look like?
    • Cloud Island diapers have a simple pattern covering most of the diaper.
    • Honest diapers are well-known for their unique and cute designs that change frequently.
  • Where are they made?
    • Cloud Island diapers are made in the USA
    • Honest diapers are made in Mexico (source)

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Cloud Island size chart

cloud island diaper size chart

Use this handy Cloud Island size chart to select the right size diaper for your baby. Cloud Island diapers use the same sizing as other major diaper brands. And they tend to run true to size. So select the size you need based on your baby’s weight!

Wrap up- Cloud Island diaper review

cloud island diaper review pin

Overall, Cloud Island diapers are a low-cost brand that are great for sensitive skin and somewhat eco-friendly. Unfortunately, Target has discontinued Cloud Island diapers and wipes. 

If you used to use Cloud Island diapers, I recommend Target’s new Millie Moon brand, or Walmart’s Rascal and Friends diapers.

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