Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers: What’s the Best Diaper for Your Baby? 

Did you know that the average baby goes through about 6300 disposable diapers before they’re potty trained? That’s why it’s so important to understand which diaper is right for your baby! So, what’s the difference between Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers? How do you choose between the two? As a nerdy mom, I’ve researched this subject far beyond what any normal person would do, and am here to share my findings with you!

huggies little movers vs snugglers: what's the best diaper for your baby?

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The short version:

Huggies Little Snugglers are designed for babies as small as preemies up until they start moving around and crawling. The pocketed waistband prevents messy diaper leaks up the back, and they are formulated to be gentle on your baby’s skin. Huggies Little Movers are meant for active babies on the go. The elastic is much stretchier, and the diapers are sturdier so they stay in place while your baby crawls and walks

If that answers your questions, click here for the best price of Huggies Snugglers on Amazon. Or click here for the best price of Huggies Little Movers.

Want more data? Keep reading to hear the detailed differences between Huggies Little Movers versus Snugglers. In this post, I will show you photos and testing of the similarities and differences between the two types of diapers.

Size Available for Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers

Huggies Little Snugglers are available from preemie size (1 pound) all the way up to size 6 (35 pounds). The preemie, newborn, and size 1 have umbilical cord cutouts to keep your baby’s belly button clean and dry. 

Huggies Little Snugglers Diaper Size Chart

Little Movers are available in sizes 3-6 (16-35 pounds).

Huggies Little Movers Diaper Size Chart

The average baby will reach 16 pounds, meaning they are ready for size 3 diapers, around 5-7 months. It’s not a coincidence that this is about when most babies start rolling over and are ready for Little Movers!

Prints and Design

Huggies size up indicators are awesome!

Both Little Movers and Snugglers have “size up” indicators. Both diapers have wetness indicators. 

Diaper Tabs

Both diapers have the purple “double grip stripes” to help hold the diaper on securely.

Diaper Construction

The diaper construction is another area where Huggies Little Snugglers vs Snugglers differ. Huggies website reports that Snugglers are formulated to be hypoallergenic, and the Movers are designed to have a more contoured and elastic shape (source). If your baby has sensitive skin, you may want to try a small box of Little Movers before buying a big box!

Interior Diaper Liner

Huggies Little Snuggers have a “gentle absorb” liner, and the Little Movers have a “dry touch” liner, as reported by Huggies (source). That is to say, the Snugglers liner is a little bit softer, and the Little Movers wicks moisture away from the skin more quickly. 

Huggies ingredient information provides a little more help here too. The liner of the Snugglers contains polyester, and the Little Movers does not. The polyester, as we would expect, makes the liner in the Snugglers feel softer.


Snugglers have a pocketed waistband that’s great for preventing diaper blowouts (read my post about how to prevent diaper blowouts here!) Little Movers have a waistband that fits more snugly. 

The Snugglers have a pocketed waistband while the Little Movers have extra elastic.

This makes a lot of sense! Younger babies drink more milk and have more liquidy poopy diapers. And the pocketed waistband holds in the mess! By the time your baby is moving and crawling more, they’re probably eating more solid food. So you need the snug waistband to hold the diaper in place instead. 


The elastic on the Little Movers is stretchier and springier than the Snugglers. You can see it in action below during the absorbency testing! The Little Movers still curl up due to the strength of the elastic, even when full of water!

Absorbency: The final showdown between Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers!

Both diapers are extremely absorbent, but the Snugglers hold about 10% more pee than the Little Movers. However, the Little Movers have much stronger elastic than the Snugglers, even when wet. Keep reading to see my experiment!

Check out the diapers before I poured green colored water on them:

Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers absorbency test start
Top: Huggies Little Movers. Bottom: Huggies Snugglers.

You can see the Little Movers are much more bunched up due to the stronger elastic. The Snugglers lay flatter.

Next, I put green food coloring in water and poured it onto each diaper. I added water ¼ cup at a time.

I waited five minutes after adding each cup of water onto each diaper. Both soak up the water very quickly and wick the moisture away from the surface. I tested by dabbing the diapers with a paper towel. And they came away dry!

At the end of the day, the Little Movers held 4 ¾ cups of water before they could hold no more! The Snugglers kept going and held 5 ¼ cups of water, about 10% more! But you can see the Little Movers elastic is still fighting to hold all that water in! The Snugglers elastic is less stretchy so it can remain soft against a younger baby’s skin!

huggies little movers vs snugglers at the end of absorbency test
Top: Huggies Little Movers. Bottom: Huggies Snugglers.

So, the Little Movers held about 2 and a quarter Solo cups worth of water, versus the Snugglers, which held about 2 and three quarters Solo cups worth of water.

This is consistent with the absorbency I saw when testing Huggies Snugglers vs Costco’s Kirkland Supreme diapers.

Conclusion: Huggies Little Movers vs Snugglers

Until your baby is rolling over and crawling, I recommend Huggies Snugglers. They have better absorbency, a pocketed waistband to prevent diaper blowouts, and are better designed for younger babies more sensitive skin. Click here to check the price of Huggies Little Snugglers on Amazon

Once your baby is moving around, I recommend switching to Huggies Little Movers. Their contoured shape will stretch and move with your baby. Click here to check the price of Huggies Little Movers on Amazon.

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