The 4 Best Diaper Bags for Infants and Toddlers

As a parent, I needed the best diaper bag for an infant and toddler. Taking two kids out of the house means taking a lot of stuff. As a nerd, I am extremely organized. I love planning a schedule, preparing everything I’ll need for going out, and not stopping at the last minute for drinks or snacks. When it comes to taking children somewhere, it’s important to pack what I’ll need. If someone has a meltdown, there might not be time to stop at a store or drive-thru, or a good way to make infant formula on the go. Or worst of all – running out of diapers!

So how do I plan for taking multiple little ones out of the house? Here, we’ll look at several diaper bag options. I’ve found four great diaper bags for a day trip with an infant and toddler, or multiple babies. Of course, these diaper bags are also great for the parent who wants space and organization for everything!

The Filberry Backpack Diaper Bag Set is the most versatile diaper bag for an infant and newborn. The Pacapod Mirano is the largest volume and most fashionable diaper bag. As for budget options, the HapTim Baby Diaper Backpack still holds a lot of items. And the Skip Hop Duo Double is a great small diaper bag that still has lots of pockets for multiple babies.

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What features are important for any diaper bag?

Carrying style:

  • Backpacks: With a backpack, you get a hands-free carrying option while not weighing down one arm. But you can’t wear a backpack and access the contents at the same time.
  • Totes: You can carry a tote in one hand or over the shoulder. The downside is it can be difficult to manage while handling more than one child. You do get quick access to items
  • Messenger bags: You can sling a messenger bag over one shoulder, so they are easy to access but may weigh down one side of your body.
  • Stroller straps: You can clip the diaper bag directly to the handlebar of the stroller for easy access, and free up the storage space under your stroller for other stuff.

You can carry the diaper bags I’ve reviewed in multiple ways


I’ve found a variety of diaper bags from budget to luxury. It all depends on what features each person finds most important and valuable

Dimensions and Storage Capacity

The larger the bag, the more stuff you can fit inside! I’ve carefully measured many bags to see which can fit the most stuff. On the other hand, some parents may just want the organization needed for two childrens’ things. They may not need a monstrous bag for bringing all of their babies’ items for any possible situation. However, since I like to be prepared, most of the best diaper bags for an infant and toddler have tons of storage space.


The biggest bag is useless if it doesn’t have pockets for organizing! I can’t imagine sorting through a giant bag without pockets. Many bags feature  insulated bottle pockets, “parent pockets” for stashing keys, wallets, and cell phones, and more.

Other features

Some bags come with changing pads, have easy-to-clean fabric, come in fun patterns, or are available in colors dad won’t mind carrying.


Like the nerd I am, I’ve organized what I found into the table below. It shows a quick overview of the best diaper bags for an infant and toddler out there. Keep reading for a detailed description and analysis of each bag. All four of the diaper bags reviewed below come with changing pads, stroller straps, and are available in neutral colors.

4 best diaper bags for infant and toddler

All-around best diaper bag

For the best all-around bag for more than one child, I recommend the Filberry Backpack Diaper Bag Set, from Amazon. This unique diaper bag consists of two smaller bags you can use separately, or zip together into one big bag.

The versatility of the two bags, seventeen pockets, moderate price, and volume make this the best bag for more than one child. Whether you have a newborn and toddler, multiple babies, or just like to be prepared, you can’t go wrong choosing this diaper bag!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Parents love the large number of pockets and sections to keep all of the items for their kids organized. The large backpack has 9 total pockets. This includes a wet wipes pouch on the outside, a tall mesh pocket for cups, two waterproof pockets, one insulated pocket for two bottles, and three elastic pockets inside one large central compartment. The small backpack comes with 8 total pockets. These are three elastic pockets inside one large central compartment, two mesh pockets, one cell phone pocket, and one parent pocket

Both Filberry backpacks combined into one large diaper bag backpack

And the gray design is perfect for mom or dad to carry. So if mom is looking for a fashionable purse-like diaper bag, the Filberry Backpack may not be their top choice. Some reviewers found that the zippers break easily, but Filberry offers a lifetime replacement policy.

Biggest, most versatile, and most fashionable diaper bag for infant and toddler

The PacaPod Mirano from Amazon is an excellent choice if you want a stylish and gigantic bag, and don’t mind paying a little more for it. It’s fashionable, and comes in several patterns, including options for mom and dad. You can carry this bag as a tote or messenger bag. The Mirano consists of a large “parent bag.” It contains two smaller bags or pods that can be put inside or used separately. By default, the parent bag includes the changer pod with changing mat, and feeder pod.

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

The parent bag features three parent pockets for keys, cell phones and room for a laptop. You can wipe this water-resistant bag clean with a damp cloth.

The changer pod is half the size of the parent bag and clips inside. The changer pod can be fastened to a stroller. It has six pockets: one storage pocket for the changing mat, a zippered first-aid kit pocket, and three mesh pockets. It also has a pocket for wet items, and folds flat for storage when not in use.

The feeder pod, like the changer pod, is half the size of the parent bag and clips inside or onto a stroller, and folds flat for storage. This well-insulated bag has two pockets. One large insulated pocket holds up to 4 bottles or containers of food and keeps them warm or cold for up to 3 hours. The second is a small zip pocket.

Overall, parents love the quality and durability of the PacaPod Mirano, and it looks like a purse. This huge bag is the largest I’ve found, just slightly larger than the Filberry. Downsides: there are no easy access places for bottles or sippy cups. It’s difficult to use the inner pockets once the pods are in place and can be difficult to get the pods back into the bag. Finally, it has several large compartments but few compartments for small items, so it’s difficult to organize.

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Lowest cost diaper bag for more than one child

HapTim’s Baby Diaper Backpack on Amazon is cheaper than the Filberry, but just about the same capacity and almost as many pockets. It comes in light gray, dark gray, and patterned gray.

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

The fifteen pockets give options for organizing parent’s items, and large and small items for the kids. This bag has three insulated bottle holders, two side pockets with a  wipe dispenser, two small accessory slots, two inner side pockets, two medium accessory slots, one large front button pocket, one top open pocket, one large interior mesh pocket , and one hidden storage pocket

Parents love that this bag is easy to clean and has a structured frame so the backpack stays upright when mom or dad puts it down and opens it up. The bag itself is durable, but some parents found that the straps are likely to break. The bag is fairly deep, so it may be difficult to find some items that make their way down to the bottom. Overall, these pros outweigh the cons, cons making this bag the best cheap diaper bag for a newborn and toddler.

Best small diaper bag for more than one child

Coming in at half the size of the other bags reviewed above, the Skip Hop Duo Double on Amazon is great for experienced parents who know exactly what they need, or for shorter trips with two children. Magnetic closures keep most of the pockets shut, and there is plenty of room for a parent’s items. The Duo Double clips easily onto a double stroller and give easy access to the outside pockets and interior bag. This makes it great for parents with two small children of different ages, or even twins. Some parents even fit enough items for 3 or more kids in this bag, so those who pack smart may be able to get great use out of this small bag!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

The Skip Hop Duo Double has 16 total pockets including these exterior pockets: one zippered parent pocket, three front pockets for bottles or sippy cups, two back pockets (one containing the changing pad), and two side pockets with cinch tops. But wait, there are more pockets inside: three mesh pockets, two vinyl pockets, two interior side pockets for bottles or sippy cups, and one main storage area

Parents love the Duo Double’s outside pockets for easy access to bottles and sippy cups. Between the outside and inside storage space, this bag has dedicated five pockets that can hold bottles and sippy cups, and some parents have stored six to nine bottles in this bag!

But beware, it does not have insulated bottle holders, and the bag is not waterproof. Overall, the bag is fairly narrow, especially compared to the other bags in this review. And it has about half the storage capacity of the other bags listed here. The changing mat is fairly small. However, Skip Hop also sells larger changing mats and insulated bottle bags for parents who require those features.


There are tons of diaper bags out there, giving parents nearly infinite options to carry around their kids’ stuff. At the end of the day, you can always use a backpack or purse, but the additional features of a dedicated diaper bag, like separate pockets for all of the items your baby will need,  insulation for bottles, and integrated changing pads often make it worth it purchasing a dedicated diaper bag.

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