About Me(g)

About Me(g)

As a first-time mom and engineer, I was amazed at the poor signal-to-noise ratio on a wide variety of parenting topics. During pregnancy, I wanted to compare different brands of diapers. And I wanted a geeky pregnancy announcement – what easy options do I have? Once I started using diapers, I quickly realized I needed to find out how to stop diaper leaks and blowouts. Of course, this was after my newborn’s diaper leaked all over my aunt’s white pants at a family reunion!

Since I’m an engineer, I love organizing the data I find into tables, graphs, diagrams, or whatever gets the point across easily. I’m sharing them on My Mom’s a Nerd so that you can compare options and make good choices for you and your family. Likewise, I ran into lots of numbers, graphs, and details during pregnancy and parenting that can be hard to understand, I didn’t even know I’d need to learn about, or didn’t have time to research while raising a newborn! 

And I love learning about how my child is developing so that I can find the best activities to help her learn too! Although I’m not a doctor, I’ve read a lot about the abilities of babies at different ages so I can understand what she will enjoy. For example, when my daughter was four months old, she started getting bored easily and wanted more interactions with the world around her. What options are out there for books, apps, and other activities to keep her entertained? The number of choices can be overwhelming. But I’ve done the research and want to share my ideas with you!

Some of my favorite posts: 

My nerdiest post: A Wizard’s Guide to Pregnancy

Post with the best graphs and charts: What’s the Average Cost of Disposable Diapers per year?

And of course, the post mentioned above: How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts!

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