26 Things to do with a Newborn in the Summer

26 Things to do with a Newborn in the Summer

As a new mom, I needed ideas for things to do with a newborn in the summer so I could get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather with my baby. It can be challenging managing the heat, sun, and a new addition to the family, so here are some ideas to keep you from feeling cooped up that your newborn will also enjoy. I’ve found indoor and outdoor activities for babies, both at home and away from home, so you have options depending on the weather and what you’re in the mood for! Many of these activities are free, too!

Newborns may not be old enough to really appreciate some of these activities – they may even sleep through them! And if you have other children, these are great things you can all do together.

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Outdoor activities for babies at home in the summer

Gorgeous weather, but don’t want to drag everyone out of the house and pack up all the baby gear? Here are some things you can do outside at home. If it’s hot out, it may be best to do these activities in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler.

  1. Play in a kiddie pool (check them out on Amazon). Keep everyone cool and have fun splashing. If your baby is too small to sit up on their own, climb in with them, sit them on your lap and splash together.  
  2. Explore the backyard. Look for animals, bugs, flowers, and check out the yard together.
  3. Blow bubbles. This automatic bubble machine from Amazon will save you from a lot of drippy bubble soap mess!
  4. Take a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller.  (related post: check out my recommendations for super cute princess strollers for your baby girl!)
  5. Have a picnic. Invite a friend or relative over and have lunch outside.

Indoor activities for babies at home

If it’s too hot outside, you may want to stay home but still need to entertain yourself and the kids. Of course these activities aren’t limited to summer only, you can do many of these year round.

1. Read out loud. This is a great way to have fun with all of your kids! (Check out my post about my favorite books for babies under 6 months!)

2. Convert the kiddie pool into a ball pit or playpen inside.

3. Have a photo shoot. Dress your baby up (check out my posts on nerdy baby outfits and funny pacifiers!), get out the cute blankets to use as a background and snap away! Friends and family will love seeing photos and videos of your little one.

4. Play in the bathtub together. Even if your baby is too young to sit up on their own, put them on your lap and prop them up in the tub with you. This sounds refreshing on a hot day!

5. Expose your baby to different smells! They may be too young to eat more than milk. But they will be fascinated by scents of regular stuff from around your house. Raid the spice cabinet for scents like cinnamon, or try the minty smell of toothpaste, or let them smell what you are eating or cooking!

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Outdoor places to take babies away from home in the summer

Is the weather nice, and you’re ready to leave the house? Here are ideas for places to take your newborn outside away from the house in the summer.

  1. Hike. Search online for paved trails or stroller friendly trails nearby and take a walk somewhere new.
  2. Go to a park. Play on the playground, look at nature, or have a picnic in the shade.
  3. Go to the pool or the beach. Personally, I think the beach would be too sunny, and my baby would just get sand in her diaper, but maybe that’s because I don’t have a beach near my house.
    • A floating sun canopy (click to view on Amazon) lets your baby enjoy the water while protecting them from the sun!
  4. Splash pad. Are there any neighborhood splash parks for your little ones?
  5. Zoo. A great chance to show your newborn animals and teach them animal noises.
  6. Baseball game. Find seats in the shade, and enjoy a day at the ballpark. Good thing you won’t have to buy a $7 lemonade for the newborn!
  7. Camping. Folks who enjoy camping often try an easy one night stay at a campground near home with amenities before working up to more serious camping trips.
  8. Air show. An air show might be loud, but believe it or not, noise canceling headphones for babies are a thing (click to see them on Amazon)!
  9. Drive in movie. Have a date night in the privacy of your own car, or take all the kids to the new movie they want to see. If your newborn starts crying, only the people in your car will hear!

If you’re concerned your baby may be too hot, buy a low cost battery-powered fan that clips anywhere, including onto the stoller! I like this one from Amazon!

Inside places to take babies away from home

Going stir crazy at home, but it’s too hot or sunny to be outdoors? Try these activities, which are indoors and might even have air conditioning! These aren’t just limited to summertime!

  1. Visit the library. Pick out a few books to read to your newborn, or go to story time!
  2. Aquarium. Much cooler than the zoo and you’ll be out of the sun.
  3. Baby gym class. Many gyms offer infant classes or Mommy and Me swimming, yoga and aerobics classes. It’s a great way to meet new moms too!
  4. Play group or new moms group. Check Facebook for local get-togethers.
  5. Children’s museum. Children’s museums often have areas specifically for infants with large, colorful objects, as well as sections for toddlers and older children.
  6. Visit a pet store. Babies love animals. My six week old will watch the dog for hours if he’s near her. To a newborn, the pet store is just as good as the zoo. As a bonus, the pet store has free admission and air conditioning!
  7. Take the stroller and walk the mall. A good way to stretch your legs on a hot day! Invite a friend and walk around for awhile.
  8. And of course, there’s always the option to do what you normally like to do and take your baby and a stroller. They will enjoy looking around at new environments. Talk or sing while you’re doing everyday stuff and show them the world around you!

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Day trip with baby

This is a perfect activity to do as a couple with a baby! Or a friend, or a friend with kids.

Find somewhere to go for a day trip that you and your traveling companion are interested in. It could be a national park, a museum, sightseeing, the sky’s the limit!

Feed your baby, then hit the road. Your newborn will likely sleep for some, if not all, of the drive. And they’ll love looking at whatever you’re looking at, whether it’s art, a festival, or nature.

Be flexible with your schedule since you never know when you’ll need to pause for a diaper change or feeding!

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Tips for preparing a newborn for summer activities

How do you prepare your newborn for summer activities? First, it’s important to limit sun exposure. Babies cannot wear sunscreen until they are 6 months old due to their sensitive skin. This means if you are outside during the day, your baby should be under the stroller cover, an umbrella, or in the shade. If you are near water, remember that sunlight will reflect off it onto your baby. A sun hat, like this one available on Amazon or at stores like Walmart or Target, will help keep sun off of your baby too.

Second, your baby should be dressed in similar clothes to you. If it’s very warm, a onesie or even just a diaper may be plenty for a newborn in summer weather. At the mall or other indoor locations, the air conditioning may be cold, bring a blanket to cover up your baby.

Are you breastfeeding? Consider that you may have to feed your baby outside in the summer heat with a nursing cover. If going to your car is convenient, you can turn on the AC, get out of the sun, and have some privacy.

As with any outing with small children, be prepared with the diaper bag and any other necessities for yourself, like a cold drink.

And be flexible! Life with babies can be difficult to plan, so relax and have fun this summer!

What do you like to do with your newborn in the summer time? Let me know in the comments!

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