19 Hilariously Funny Pacifiers for your Baby

I’ve seen funny baby clothes, like the ones in my post about nerdy baby onesies, but what about funny pacifiers? My baby has tons of pacifiers. Most of them are plain, regular ones. I have two that are shaped like bears. It got me wondering what types of hilarious pacifiers are out there. I laughed when I found these hilarious pacifiers and hope you do too!

DISCLAIMER: Mymomsanerd.com is not responsible if your children seek revenge for putting stupid pacifiers in their mouth, up to and including the use of the same pacifiers on you when you are in a nursing home.

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Funny Pacifiers: Lips

Pucker up! Click the image to see more details on Amazon

These lip pacifiers from Amazon looks a lot easier than trying to put lipstick on a baby. Please, don’t put lipstick on your baby.

These would look super cute as a fun decoration on the outside of a baby shower gift!

KISS Demon Tongue

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Your baby will be ready to rock and roll all night… and party ev-er-y day with the Gene Simmons KISS Demon Tongue pacifier from Amazon!

This makes a hilarious gift for any adults who are KISS fans too!

Sadly this pacifier is no longer available.


Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Oh no, a vampire baby (pacifier from Amazon)! I vant to suck your… bottle! We’ll go with that.

Pair this up with a black outfit and a cape, and your little one will have an awesome Halloween costume!

Hilarious facial hair pacifiers

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  1. Jack Demolay

    Mocking a baby with gross adult story (vampires, cigars, vicious teeth, etc.), pacifiers will haunt you when they become teenagers and adults. Which ones would you like to have put in your mouth when they visit you in your nursing home?

  2. Meg

    Probably the vicious teeth one. I think that would be hilarious in a nursing home!
    That is a very good point! I added a disclaimer right after the first picture.

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