Hilarious Pacifiers for your Baby

I’ve seen funny baby clothes, like the ones in my post about nerdy baby onesies, but what about funny pacifiers? My baby has tons of pacifiers. Most of them are plain, regular ones. I have two that are shaped like bears. It got me wondering what types of funny pacifiers are out there. I laughed when I found these hilarious pacifiers and hope you do too!


These lip pacifiers from Amazon looks a lot easier than trying to put lipstick on a baby. Please, don’t put lipstick on your baby.

KISS Demon Tongue

Your baby will be ready to rock and roll all night… and party ev-er-y day with the Gene Simmons KISS Demon Tongue pacifier from Amazon!


Oh no, a vampire baby (pacifier from Amazon)! I vant to suck your… bottle! We’ll go with that.

Facial hair pacifiers

First you had to put up with all of your coworkers terrible beards during no-shave November. And now your baby has facial hair too because there are pacifiers with mustaches (this is just one of the many available on Amazon!) on them. What is the world coming to?

Wait, your baby wants a goatee, not a mustache? Well there’s a pacifier for that too… (check out the goatee pacifier on Amazon)

Animal pacifiers

Yep. There are pacifiers out there for all sorts of animals.

My newborn makes a duck face on her own, she doesn’t need a pacifier for that. And she’s a real pig when it comes to eating. At least she’s quiet as a bunny most of the time. (click the links to see these pacifiers on Amazon)

I have to admit, that pig one freaks me out. It looks like the baby has two noses…


Does the pacifier keep your baby quiet? Well, there’s lots of variations on that theme.

First we have the mute button and pull to sound the alarm (click to see on Amazon).

I love this baby volume knob (from Amazon)! It even goes to 11!

And sometimes you just want to tell your baby to zip it (also from Amazon)!


Last but not least…

Sadly, I haven’t found anyone selling this Bane pacifier as seen on Flickr.

Do you have any funny pacifiers for your kids that I didn’t show here? Let me know in the comments!

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