Best Diaper Gifts For New Babies

Best Diaper Gifts For New Babies

If you’re looking for diaper gifts for new babies, congratulations! Not only is a new baby entering your world, but you have the foresight and wisdom to give the expectant or new parents a gift that will make caring for their bundle of joy a bit easier.

One of my closest friends approached me after my first baby shower and said, “I’m so sorry I only got you a box of diapers. I didn’t have time to get anything else.”

My immediate response was to hug her and thank her for the gift, assuring her that it was appreciated and more than enough. After my baby was born, I was immensely grateful for the giant box of diapers sitting in the corner of the nursery. There were so many things that the baby needed, and stretching our budget for diapers some weeks would have been quite stressful.

The stockpile of diapers from the baby shower also meant fewer rush trips to the store for my husband. He could rest easy alongside me because we had enough diapers to get our little one through the first few weeks or so of her life.

Those diapers go incredibly fast, so diaper gifts for new babies are more than practical. They’re far from boring. They acknowledge one of the biggest expenses and stress points for many new parents. That’s why I took the time to create this list of fun and creative ways to give diapers without feeling like it’s somehow inadequate.

diaper gifts for new babies

How to Wrap Diapers for a Baby Shower

One of the best ways to give a diaper gift is as a display at the baby shower. You get a nice decorative feature for the shower and a big gift with tremendous value for the new parents. We’ll start with diaper cakes because they’re one of the most common ways to wrap diapers for a baby shower, but diaper cakes aren’t just cakes anymore. You have so many options today.

Honest Diaper Cakes

Honest makes diaper cakes with “clean conscious” diapers that are safer for the environment and your baby. You can choose from fun themes like rose blossoms, pandas, giraffes, and simple patterns like dots and dashes. There are also two size options, so you can control your budget easily. It makes a great decorative feature for a baby shower, especially if you order the larger cake size.

This is one of the easiest ways to give diaper gifts for new babies because it’s created by hand and then delivered to your recipient’s doorstep. The cakes have three layers of diapers and are bound with decorative ribbon and then wrapped in a light material. All you need to do is have it delivered prior to the baby shower and put it in place for the shower.

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 Why We Like It:

  • Ordering is fast and easy
  • Designs are adorable
  • Gender-neutral designs
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Eco-friendly diapers

DIY Diaper Cakes

Classic Pastel Baby Shower Diaper Cake (3 Tier, Pink)

If your budget doesn’t fit the lowest-priced diaper cake from Honest and you have some time, you can possibly make one for a bit less. That also allows you to use the diapers you prefer rather than having them chosen for you. In general, you will need 50-75 newborn size 1 disposable diapers to make a decent sized diaper cake for a baby shower display that turns into a gift. You can do this with cloth diapers as well.

The general process for building a diaper cake starts with creating a large cardboard circle on which you will build the cake. There are a variety of materials you can use for this. Then you roll the diapers and hold them in position with rubber bands. Place the rolled diapers in circles around the outer edge of the bottom surface, holding them in place with clear cord used to make jewelry.

Continue with each layer of the cake, adding more small gifts into the center of the cake. The number of diapers you use will depend on the size of your overall cake.

Diaper cake kits can make this process much faster. We’ll discuss those more in a moment when we explore easy diaper gift ideas.

Why We Like It:

  • Works with disposable or cloth diapers
  • Budget friendly
  • Great group project for a family or older siblings

Diaper Cradles or Bassinets

Do you want to step beyond the diaper cake while getting crafty for your diaper gift? Consider making a diaper cradle. It looks like a baby cradle made of diapers but is really just diapers attached to large boxes covered in gift wrap. It’s a bit more ambitious to build on your own, but it also gives you an alternative to the traditional diaper cake.

You can also purchase premade diaper bassinets or cradles. One of our favorites is available on Etsy with a variety of decorative options and personalized features. There are many other style options there, ranging from festive and elaborately decorative to simple and elegant. Diaper bassinets can turn into amazing decorations for the nursery as well, so they aren’t always disassembled right away.

Why We Like It:

  • Alternative to diaper cakes
  • You choose which size and theme variations to use
  • Easily placed in nursery as a decoration

Diaper Jeeps

We’re going to take diaper cake alternatives a step further by mentioning diaper jeeps. These are miniature jeeps made out of diapers, cardboard, ribbon, and other basic supplies. They require a lot more time and creativity to put together, so most people purchase them premade online.

To give you an idea of what a diaper jeep might look like, consider this short list of our favorite designs available for sale now:

Why We Like It:

  • More creative than diaper cakes
  • Cute diaper cake alternative
  • Great decorative item for the home until baby’s birth

Other Creative Diaper Cake Alternatives

There are some cute alternatives to diaper cakes that are more elaborate. Many of them are specific themes that won’t work for everyone. If you’re searching for something a bit more creative and unique, we recommend some of the following diaper gift ideas:

You can also buy the instructions for some of these creative diaper cake alternatives. Spend some time browsing Etsy or look for sellers offering custom diaper gift designs. Some sellers can create any shape you recommend, as long as you have the budget to cover a custom design.

Why We Like It:

  • The options are endless with custom designs
  • Creativity on overload
  • Many color schemes and themes available
Best Diaper Gifts for New Babies

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How Do You Gift Diapers in a Cute Way?

Cradle Star Diaper Caddy - Changing Table Baby Organizer - Hang on Crib, Multiple Pockets Hold up to 50+ Diapers - Nursery Baby Essentials for Newborn - Gray with Cute White Elephant - 17 x 9 x 9 inches

Have diaper cakes gotten far more creative and complicated than you realized? You’re not alone. Those ideas are great for baby showers, but what if you’re not hosting the shower or aren’t having one at all? There are still a lot of creative and cute ways to give diaper gifts for new babies. Let’s go over some of our favorite ideas now.

Diaper Potlucks

You know how you have potluck get-togethers, and everyone contributes something to the meal? It’s a fun way to try new foods while spending time with loved ones, and you can do the same with a baby shower. If you aren’t having a baby shower, consider having a family or friend get-together to put this diaper gift idea to good use.

You simply send out invitations for a diaper potluck event, asking each person to bring one pack of infant or newborn diapers. You can also request cloth diapers, depending on the needs and preferences of the parents-to-be. Stick with diapers only or allow some guests to bring wipes and other baby necessities as well.

Have a large box or other decorative container to collect the diapers in on the day of the event. You can wrap large boxes in wrapping paper with ribbon or open multiple cardboard boxes and connect them to create a larger box. You can even create fun box shapes like hearts if you have some artistic skills. Fill it up with diapers and perhaps wrap with lightweight cellophane material before tying it off with a large bow after all diapers are added.

Why We Like It:

  • Cost-effective diaper gift
  • Fun party theme
  • Yet another excuse to have fun
  • No baby shower required

Diaper Rose Bouquets

Nikki's Deluxe Baby Blossom: Baby Outfits (Boy or Girl) (Pink)

If you like the idea of a diaper cake but want something that takes up less space, diaper rose bouquets are a great option. You can take one as a personal gift to the baby shower or even use them as decorations for a shower. They also make great “just because” gifts for the expectant parents.

What are diaper rose bouquets? They’re bouquets of roses made out of diapers. Typically, each rose bud is formed out of a diaper. Multiple diaper roses are then placed in a vase or other decorative holder before ribbon and other decorative feature are added. Tissue paper is often used between the roses to add more color to the bouquet.

Expectant parents can use these bouquets as decorative elements for the nursery if the diapers aren’t needed. They may also start opening the buds in the middle of the night because it’s far more convenient than finding a store open at 2 a.m.

There are so many designs for diaper rose bouquets, and you can even make your own if you have the time and want to save a bit of money. If you want to buy them, some of our top recommendations include:

Diaper Duty Toolbelts

I love this Diaper Duty Toolbelt featured on Etsy from UniformProz. It’s a fun and cute way to present diapers to the new dad while having a bit of fun. You can create one with your own supplies if you don’t have time to place an order.

If toolbelts don’t really fit the personality of your expectant dad, think of related ideas that he will appreciate. Briefcases and gym bags turned into a diaper gift may work just as well.

Wrap Large Diaper Boxes

If you’re going for cute, simple, affordable, and fast, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a large box of diapers and decorating it as you might a Christmas or birthday gift. You can use wrapping paper, large bows, ribbon, tissue paper, and even stickers. Artificial flowers look nice placed on top of the box as well.

Another option is to attach small gifts like baby nail clippers or travel sized baby care products around the outside of the box. It turns a simple box of diapers into a more substantial gift that’s fun to look at as well.

If you want to give a lot of diapers to the new parents, consider buying one box of two to three different sizes. You can wrap each box in coordinating or matched material. Consider connecting them with ribbon to create a train of diaper boxes. The different sizes will ensure the parents can use the diapers before the new baby moves to a different size. Keep in mind that newborns grow quickly.

Diaper Gift Basket Ideas

Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer - Gift Registry For Baby Shower, Nursery Organizer, Neutral Baby Gift Basket, Changing Table Organizer (Diaper Caddy)

You won’t find diaper gift baskets in most stores. You may find baby gift baskets that have other essentials, but decorative baskets filled with diapers are harder to find. Thankfully, you can make them yourself.

BIBSYBABY Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer - 100% Cotton Rope Diaper Basket with 2 Pockets, Handle Locker and Removable Shoulder Strap - Baby Shower Bag & Baby Registry Must Haves

Start with a decorative basket with plenty of room to arrange diapers and perhaps a few other baby items. You may also want to start with a diaper organizer or caddy. Some of our top recommendations include the following:

Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy - Large Organizer Tote Bag for Infant Boy or Girl - Baby Shower Basket - Nursery Must Haves - Registry Favorites - Collapsible Newborn Caddie Car Travel

These organizers work just as well as baskets and have a functional purpose beyond gift giving. You can fill the entire caddy with diapers or add baby wipes, teethers, lotion, and other items. You will end up with a unique gift for a new baby that packs a lot of value for new parents. The more diaper caddies they end up with, the less time they will spend collecting diaper change supplies from other rooms.

If you want to purchase a diaper gift basket, you will have to settle for baskets that contain a few diapers plus a variety of additional items for a baby. One of our top recommendations is from HappyToGiveBoutique on Etsy. Diapers plus other baby necessities like a receiving blanket, bodysuit, and burp cloth are turned into little bundles of joy resting in a decorative basket. They’re available for in boy, girl, or neutral themes.

If you want your diaper gift basket to contain more diapers, consider shopping WelcomeBabyBaskets on Etsy. They sell large gift baskets filled with 30 or more diapers plus onesies formed into cupcake shapes. From stuffed animals to warm blankets and wash cloths, the new parents get a variety of goodies in these homemade gift baskets.

Easy Diaper Gift Ideas

Huggies Little Snugglers, Baby Diapers Size 3, 156 Ct

Do you just want to gift some diapers and keep it simple? We’ve discussed a lot of creative and unique diaper gifts for new babies. Sometimes, you don’t need to have the best gift in the room. You just need something fast and easy.

The good news is that there are some fast and easy diaper gifts that are still incredibly valuable to the expectant parents. You may not spend as much time setting them up, but you’ll still give the new baby some essentials for a comfortable and healthy early life.

Diaper Subscription Services

Instead of buying diapers in bulk and packaging them in fun ways, why not have diapers delivered directly to the new parents for a month or two? You essentially gift convenience and peace of mind. The new family will have diapers delivered to their doorstep on a predictable schedule, and you can determine how many months of service they receive.

The problem with large diaper cakes and similar gifts is they often contain a lot of diapers in a single size. The new baby may go up in size before all the diapers are used.  You can fix that by using multiple sizes in the diaper cake or signing up for an easy subscription service that allows the parents to choose the size they need every month.

This is the simplest diaper gift idea because you sign up once and allow the gift to automatically deliver every month. You always have the option of extending the length of service if you want to keep the gift going. We have some top recommendations to help you select the best subscription service for your diaper gift.

Giftem IncrediBundles

IncrediBundles is the only diaper delivery service that will allow the new parents to choose their preferred diaper brand and size every month. You pay for a subscription of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months online. Your recipient receives an announcement package in the mail that tells them how to activate the subscription and select their diaper brand and size for the first month. They can leave those settings for the duration of the subscription or change their order monthly.

IncrediBundles also delivers baby wipes and books.  You can combine baby wipe and diaper deliver into one gift if you really want to show some love to the new baby and make life a bit easier for the new parents.

Honest Diapers + Wipes Subscription

Honest is the perfect pick for parents who don’t want to use just any diapers or wipes. Each month, they will receive hypoallergenic, eco-friendly diapers with super absorbency plus plant-based baby wipes that are 99% water. The subscription works as an e-gift card, so you can have it delivered right away.  

The gift card system also gives your gift recipients more control over what they receive each month. You can give one to 12 months of service, so it’s easy to tailor the gift to your budget.

Dyper Subscription Service

125x125 Super Soft

Dyper is a bit different from other services because they use artificial intelligence to predict the quantity and size of diapers a family will need each month. If they get it wrong, a new package is delivered within four hours. It sounds a little incredible, but it’s a remarkable service that makes the most of advanced technology.

This is also a competitor for Honest because they deliver eco-friendly diapers made from responsibly sourced bamboo. Even the bags used to package the diapers are oxo-degradable. The company is all about saving the environment while providing families safe and comfortable diapers for every baby. They even offer a diaper composting service!

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Diaper Cake Kits

"Welcome Baby

We talked about premade and DIY diaper cakes earlier, but there is a much faster and easier way to put one together. You buy the diapers and then order a diaper cake kit from Amazon or another online retailer. The kits are affordable and include the cardboard pieces needed to connect your layers of diapers together.

You don’t have to go searching for large pieces of cardboard or spend the time cutting it into circles. One kit makes it easy to get your diaper cake together for a baby shower or just a fun diaper gift for new babies.

Here are some of our favorite diaper cake kits to give you an idea of what’s on the market now:

pins Pacifiers rattles - Blue Colorful Baby Shower Diaper Cake Kit for a 3 Tier Cake

Why We Like It:

  • Simplifies the process of making a diaper cake
  • Adorable themes for baby boys and girls
  • No one has to know you didn’t make it all yourself

Diaper Gifts for New Babies Have Never Been More Fun

You have so many options when shopping for diaper gifts for new babies. Don’t allow the abundance of ideas to complicate your decision. Start by deciding what you want to accomplish with this gift. If you’re looking for a fast and easy baby shower gift, then signing up for a subscription service is a great option. You may also simply pack up a box of diapers in fun wrapping materials and consider it done.

If you want to genuinely help expectant or new parents who may struggle to buy quality diapers every month, then a subscription service is again the answer. You can give the new family peace of mind that diapers are on the way every month for at least the short term. Extending the service is always an option as well.

If you want to have some fun or jazz up a baby shower, then look through the many diaper cakes and alternative design ideas. You’re destined to find a diaper gift that delivers that wow factor and provides a valuable gift for the new parents.

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