The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy

I love Pokemon and I love knowing how my child is growing and developing! And everyone’s seen those pregnancy trackers that say the baby’s as big as a cucumber or a leaf of lettuce or whatever this week. It’s time for something new!

So with the help of the internet, I put together this timeline of your baby’s size compared to fun stuff from Pokemon!

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Pokemon are a lot bigger than a baby during early pregnancy, so hold tight until Week 16 when our first Pokemon makes its appearance. Can you guess who’s that Pokemon? I’ll give you a hint: it’s one of the lightest- weight Pokemon, and is a ghost type! 

The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Week 8: Razz Berry

So you can’t actually buy a real Razz Berry. But you can get one of these fun teethers for your baby! Click the image to see more details on Amazon

At about 0.6 inches, your baby has doubled in size in the last week! Your baby is the size of a Razz Berry. The Razz Berry makes Pokemon easier to catch. Did you know the Razz Berry is slightly spicy with a dry center? If you eat a wide variety of foods and flavors during pregnancy, your baby may enjoy their tastes more once it is time for them to try solid foods. 

Week 9: Poke Coin

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At about 0.9 inches, your baby is beginning to form knees and elbows. Your baby is about the size of a Pokecoin (or a quarter, if you prefer). Did you know that Pokecoins made their debut in Pokemon Go?

Week 10: Boulder Badge

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Coming in at 1.2 inches, your baby’s ears are forming and the brain is connecting to the spinal cord. Your baby is the size of a Boulder Badge! Pokemon trainers can win the Boulder Badge by beating Gym Leader Brock in Pewter City. Trainers must collect all eight badges to challenge the Elite Four or the Indigo League. 

Week 11: Pokeball

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Your baby’s arms and legs are beginning to function and baby is growing fingernails and nipples. Your baby is 1.6 inches long, and the size of a small Pokeball, or a ping pong ball. Pressing the button on the front of a Pokeball will convert it from full size (baseball- sized), to small size (ping pong ball- sized). At full size, they are easier to throw and the small size are easier for a trainer to store on their belt.

Week 12: Vial of Stardust

Your baby has reached 2.1 inches! In the Pokemon universe, your baby is the size of a vial of Stardust! With Stardust, you can power up Pokemon, trade Pokemon, or teach them a second charged attack. Stardust first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and its only use was to sell to make money. 

Week 13: Full-size Pokeball

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Week 13 marks the end of the first trimester! Your baby is 2.91 inches and the size of a full- size Pokeball or baseball. Pokeballs were invented in the Johto region, where they were carved from apricorn trees. Now, Pokeballs are manufactured by Silph Co. in Saffron City, the Devon Corporation in Rustboro, and the highly automated Kalos Pokeball Factory near Laverre City.

The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

Week 14: iPhone

Your baby is 3.4 inches long now, which is the length of a standard phone, like the iPhone, that you might use to play Pokemon Go! Walking is a great way to exercise during pregnancy! You can find and catch Pokemon while staying active but not overdoing things. 

Week 15: Switch Controller

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Your baby is approaching four inches in length and their eyes are now developed enough to sense light. This is the width of a Nintendo Switch controller. Switches even exist in the Pokemon world-Players have a Switch in their bedroom in Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Let’s Go, Eevee!
Bear with me, we have an actual Pokemon up next! 

Week 16: Ghastly

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Itty bitty baby ear canal bones are starting to develop, which means your baby can hear the sound of Pokemon episodes you are watching! 

And your baby now weighs 3.5 ounces, which is the same weight as Ghastly! Ghastly is one of the lightest Pokemon due to its gaseous nature. In French, this Pokemon is called Fantominus, from the words fantôme (phantom) and minus, a word meaning “small” or “weak.”

Week 17: Pokemon Trading Card

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At 5.1 inches, your baby has now developed sweat glands and fingerprints! Your baby is the length of a Pokemon Trading Card. The Pokemon Trading Card Game is popular around the world- 27.2 billion Pokémon Trading Card Game cards have been produced worldwide in 13 languages!

Week 18: Cutiefly

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At 5.6 inches and 7 ounces, your baby is now the weight of Cutiefly. Cutiefly tends to gather around plants, animals, humans, or Pokemon that are feeling strong emotions. It can be found in fields and meadows, but is sometimes attracted to towns or buildings by the many emotions in those places! I wonder what a Cutiefly senses during pregnancy with the crazy hormone fluctuations and mood swings you might be feeling!

Week 19: Thunder Stone

From Etsy

At 6.0 inches, your baby has reached the length of a thunder stone. The thunder stone is an evolutionary stone. With it, Pikachu can evolve into Raichu, Eevee can evolve into Jolteon, and Eelektrik can evolve into Eelektross. In the anime, Nurse Joy gave Ash a thunder stone so his Pikachu could evolve and he could defeat Lieutenant Surge’s Raichu.

Week 20: Azelf

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Halfway done! This week, your baby is 10.1 inches long, about the size of Azelf. Azelf is known as “The Being of Willpower.” It sleeps at the bottom of a lake to keep the world in balance, and is one of the legendary lake guardians. 

Week 21: Pidgey

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Your baby is forming eyelids! At 10.5 inches, your baby is the size of Pidgey. Pidgey has an amazing sense of direction. It always knows the way home to its nest, even if it is in unfamiliar surroundings. Fans wonder if Pidgey is based on a pigeon, cedar waxwing, sparrow, chickadee, osprey, or some combination of those birds. 

Week 22: Pokemon Egg

From Etsy

Your baby’s eyes are maturing and fully formed, but the irises are still uncolored. At 10.9 inches, your baby is the size of a Pokemon egg. No one has actually seen a Pokemon lay an egg. A Pokemon trainer in Coumarine City theorizes that the eggs are actually more like cradles. 

Week 23: Hoppip

From Etsy

Fingernails have been growing since the small Pokeball week, but now they cover the entire fingertip. At 11.4 inches, your baby is the size of Hoppip. In the anime, James from Team Rocket bought a Chimecjo from the Magicarp salesman, or so he thought. Turns out it was actually a Hoppip!

Week 24: Eevee

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At 11.8 inches, your baby is the same size as Eevee! What type will your little one evolve into? Just like Eevee, they will have lots of options! Eevee can evolve into one of eight different Pokemon: Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.

Week 25: Uxie

From Etsy

Your baby is roughly the size of Uxie. Like Azelf, Uxie is one of the legendary lake guardians, and is the bringer of knowledge. In fact, Uxie always has its eyes closed because it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes. It created all knowledge in the Pokémon universe.

Week 23: Diglett

At 14 inches, your baby is the size of Diglett. At least, your baby is as big as we think Diglett is. Diglett may have feet that are below ground. But in all of the Pokemon games, manga, and anime, we have never seen what’s below that pile of dirt! Diglett’s appearance may be inspired by the critters in whack-a-mole.

Week 27: Floette

Your baby is allegedly sleeping for 95% of the day.  At 14.4 inches, your baby is the size of Floette. Floette flutters around and cares for flowers. If the flowers of a well-tended flower bed bloom, Floette celebrates with an elegant dance. However, it will never forgive anyone who tramples a flowerbed.

The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

Week 28: Koffing

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At 14.8 inches, your baby is the size of Koffing. You yourself may feel like a poison gas Pokemon this week if your baby is starting to give you heartburn. In the beta version of Pokémon Red and Blue, Koffing was originally named “Ny” for New York City’s polluted air.

Week 29: Jirachi

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At 15.2 inches, your baby is the size of Jirachi. This steel-psychic Pokemon sleeps for one thousand years at a time, protected by a crystalline shell. It wakes up for 7 days, during which time it can grant wishes. It has a third eye on its belly

Week 30: Meowth

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Three quarters of the way there! Your baby is 15.7 inches long, the size of Meowth! 

When Meowth finds a sparkling object, its eyes glitter and the coin on its forehead shines brightly. The southeast Pacific country Niue released a one-dollar coin featuring Meowth on one side and the nation’s coat of arms on the other. 

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Week 31: Pikachu

Your baby is starting to crowd your lungs at the tail end of your seventh month at 16.2 inches. This is the same size as Pikachu! Wild Pikachu live in groups in forested areas. Pikachu communicate using squeaks and tail-shaking as friendly gestures, and can use electricity to send and receive messages. They often roast berries with their electricity before eating them. In 2008, Japanese researchers discovered a protein that carries electrical impulses from the eyes to the brain and named it pikachurin. They chose the name because it shares Pikachu’s “lightning-fast moves and shocking electric effects.”

Week 32: Mudkip

From Etsy

At 16.7 inches, your baby is the size of Mudkip. 

Mudkip is the water-type starter Pokémon from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The mudfish Pokemon is familiar to many from the  meme “So i herd u liek mudkipz?”

Week 33: Mew

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At 17.2 inches, your baby is approximately the length of Mew. Mew was a secret when Pokemon Red and Green were first released in Japan in 1996. Nintendo was not initially aware that game designer Shigeki Morimoto had programmed it into the game just two weeks before launch!

Week 34: Murkrow

Your baby is now 50% of the volume of the womb. At 17.7 inches, your baby is the size of a Murkrow. Like Meowth from week 30, Murkrow love shiny objects. In the Pokemon manga, the characters often use them for transportation. 

Week 35: Taillow

All of your baby’s major organs are fully developed and functioning. At 18.2 inches, your baby is the length of Taillow. Taillow will stand up to powerful opponents without backing down. During the cold season, this Pokémon will fly over 180 miles per day to search for areas that have warm climates. It usually hunts and eats Wurmple.

Week 36: Exeggcute

At 18.7 inches, your baby is the size of Exeggcute. Even though it appears to be a group of six eggs, it was discovered to be a life-form more like plant seeds. If one of the eggs are ever lost, a sixth one appears the next morning. 

Week 37: Caterpie

Your baby is 19.1 inches long, and now at full term! Your baby is the size of Caterpie this week. If you were to read a book about a very hungry Caterpie, it would certainly include leaves (it may eat up to 100 per day!) and its favorite food, the Vermillion flower. 

Week 38: Cleffa

Each passing day, your baby’s lungs and liver are getting stronger. At 19.6 inches, your baby is the length of Cleffa. Sightings of Cleffa increase on nights illuminated by shooting stars, where they dance the night away. This dance is said to bring good fortune to any who witness it. In Japanese, this Pokemon is known as Py, possibly short for pixy.

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Week 39: Squirtle

At 19.9 inches, your baby is the length of Squirtle. As a species, Squirtle has been trained most frequently of all the Kanto starter Pokémon by major anime Trainers, with Ash, May, Gary, and Tierno each owning one. Squirtle was Ash’s first choice for a starter Pokemon. But Ash was too late, Gary had already chosen it! 

Conclusions: The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy

Thanks for reading The Pokemon Trainer’s Guide to Pregnancy! Have ideas for other articles like this? I had a lot of fun writing this and would love to do something similar for another nerdy topic. If you enjoyed this, you might also like A Wizard’s Guide to Pregnancy.

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