A Jedi’s Guide to Pregnancy

We’ve all seen those week-by-week pregnancy guides that say “this week, your child is the size of a small tomato.” Or “now your little one is as big as a large cantaloupe.”

If you’re comparing your baby’s growth to ambiguously sized fruits and vegetables, you might as well have fun and compare them from creatures, artifacts, and other obscure items and creatures from the Star Wars universe!

And if you are a Jedi, we will also cover your baby’s development and options for pregnancy throughout the galaxy.

Of course, we all know the Jedi Code prevented emotional attachments, such as falling in love and romantic relationships. That meant many Jedi were celibate. 

However, interpretations of the Jedi Code varied on casual relationships. In some cases, romantic relationships between Jedi, especially padawans, were common.

First Trimester

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy

It may feel like your pregnancy started a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away. 

But like most pregnancy guides, we will start at Week 8 and take you through week 40.

Fun fact!

Did you know that Shmi Skywalker, Anakin’s mother, did not know how she became pregnant? Anakin had no biological father. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn suspected that he was conceived by the midi-chlorians connecting all life to the Force.

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Week 8- One Imperial Standard Centimeter

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy

Did you know that Star Wars typically uses metric measurements? This week, your baby is one centimeter long, or one Imperial Standard centimeter long, if you prefer. 

However, some less common units include

  • 1 kuba = the length of one Jawa clan walking in single file (about 2 meters or 6 feet)
  • 1 parsec = 3.26 light-years (19.2 trillion miles)
  • 1 Imperial Cran. No one knows what type of measurement this is, only that Twelve Imperial crans of Ubuuga caviar were served at the wedding feast of the Hutt crime lord Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo and his bride Anachro the H’uun

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts. Or that they at least helped you fall asleep!

Week 9 – Energy Chakram

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of ValdesBG

We went from boring units of measurement last week to rare and deadly throwing weapons known as energy chakram. Due to their hefty price tag, not many used them. 

But one noted individual, assassin droid Impetus the Hunter, used these 2 cm tall (and 30 cm diameter!) weapons that are the same length as your baby this week!

Week 10 – Sith Darkstaff

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy

Welcome to week 10! Your baby is now as long as the Sith artifact known as The Darkstaff.

This ancient, intelligent relic can suck the Force from living beings, in addition to its powers in battle, and the ability to teleport itself. 

Are you feeling fatigued? Don’t worry, it’s just all the work your body is doing to grow that baby. Not The Darkstaff. Unless you see a crooked brown staff wreathed in shadows that emits light from one end.

Week 11 – Personal Chronometer

This week, your baby is forming hair follicles as well as nails! And your baby can now stretch, somersault, and roll.

Can you feel the weeks ticking by? The Vennoc-x Personal Chronometer can! This timekeeping device can tell time on a thousand different worlds and even track new planets. 

Plus, it has a 4 cm by 4 cm secret compartment that could fit a single credit stick or data stick. That 4cm is the length of your baby this week! 

Week 12 – Phantom Menace DVD

Now your baby is the same weight as a DVD! 

The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars film released on DVD. It wasn’t released until 2001, 2 years after the film’s theatrical release. 

Which makes you more nauseous- Jar Jar Binks or morning sickness?

Week 13 – Krait Dragon Pearl

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Genesis Custom Sabers

In Week 13, your baby is the size of a krait dragon pearl. Your baby’s vocal cords are now beginning to develop, and bones are forming in the arms and legs.

Due to their refractive properties, a lightsaber can be powered by a dragon pearl, if it is polished, cleaned, and prepared properly. They can be blue, white, red, green and black.

Interestingly, lightsabers can also be powered by kyber crystals, which we will learn about in Week 20.

Ready to share your pregnancy? Here are our favorite nerdy pregnancy announcements, including Star Wars, Star Trek, and more!

Second Trimester

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy

Some women start feeling the side effects of the first trimester fade. But others may feel them linger into the second or even third trimesters. 

If you need another uplifting fact, try this one on for size: 

Instead of birth, some children in the Star Wars universe were formed through cloning. The most recognized clones, of course, were Jango Fett’s clones who became the Grand Army of the Republic. They were genetically altered to accelerate their growth.

Week 14 – Cred Chip

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Wookieepedia

Did you know that many Imperial citizens used credit sticks or credit chips for handling their currency?

Most cred chips were about the size of a standard credit card. And this week, your baby is as long as a cred chip is wide- about 3 inches.

Week 15 – Standard Star Wars Figurine

Now that your baby is 3.75″ long, they’re the height of a Chewbacca 1/12th scale figurine.

At 14 weeks, your baby is now able to kick, curl his toes, and move their arms and legs. But since they’re so tiny, you likely won’t feel the movement for a few more weeks.

Week 16- Lego Figurine

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy

At about 4.5″, your baby is a little bit longer than a Star Wars Lego figurine! Did you know that the Darth Vader minifig had the exact same helmet from 1999-2015?

And, there are over 400 Lego Star Wars sets, ranging from keychains to ultimate collector’s sets with over 1,000 pieces.

Week 17 – Heroic Medals from A New Hope 

Now your baby is as long as the medals of bravery given to the heroes in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Princess Leia bestows Medals of Yavin to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the throne room at the movie’s finale. But poor Chewy never gets a medal despite all his heroism.

Week 18 – Jogan Fruit

Image courtesy of Wookiepedia

Have you been craving or avoiding any particular foods? 

This week, your baby is about the size of a large orange. Or if you prefer a different fruit of an ambiguous size, the jogan fruit.

The purple and white striped jogan fruit is widespread throughout the galaxy, and is most notably used in a recipe for jogan fruitcake.

In the fruitcake, each layer is topped with a different berry. And the jogan fruit sits in the place of honor at the very top.

Week 19 – Porg

At 18 cm, your baby is now as long as a porg!

While many fans suspected that Disney added the adorable porgs to The Last Jedi to sell more merch, they were actually added due to the puffins in the backgrounds of many scenes. 

Disney had the option of editing the videos to remove all the puffins. But it was much simpler to replace them with the similarly sized and colored porgs!

Week 20 – Lightsaber Hilt

Congratulations, you’ve now reached the halfway point of pregnancy! 

Did you know the standard length of a lightsaber hilt is 10 inches? That’s the same as your baby this week! A lightsaber’s plasma blade is powered by a kyber crystal.

Week 21 – Chewbacca’s fur

Let the Wookiee win.


Clocking in at 10 inches,  your baby is now as long as a strand of Chewbacca’s fur.

While developing the plot for Episode IV, Return of the Jedi, George Lucas originally planned for the second Death Star to be built in orbit above Kashyyyk. Wookiee laborers would build the super weapon pointed at their home planet!

However, Lucas changed the location to the forest moon of Endor and created the Ewoks instead. 

Week 22 – Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Hilt

Back in Week 20, we learned the average lightsaber hilt is 10 inches. But Darth Vader’s clocks in at 11 inches. He built the lightsaber himself and used it to destroy Obi Wan and chop off Luke’s hand. Vader’s saber has very fine controls that allow him to adjust the blade’s length during combat! 

Now your baby is 11 inches long, as you might have guessed! They’ve also reached a weight of one pound. And your baby may be able to see that lightsaber glow! Their eyes can now differentiate between light and dark. And their ears are developed enough to hear the Star Wars theme song that you’re listening to! 

Week 23 – Baby Ewok

Now your little one weighs as much as an Ewok infant! 

These adorable yet deadly creatures were inspired by both the Native American Miwok tribe as well as the Viet Cong.

Week 24 – Blaster Pistol

This week, your baby is as long as Han Solo’s blaster pistol! The DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, produced by Blas-Tec Industries, was also used by Tobias Beckett and Ezra Bridger.

How are you feeling this week? Most women who have innie belly buttons find that they pop and turn into outies during pregnancy, sometimes by week 24! Don’t worry, it’ll return to normal after you give birth. 

Week 25 – Storm Trooper Helmet

Coming in at 13 inches, your baby is as long as a Storm Trooper helmet is tall! And those helmets have some advanced features: heads up displays, night vision, and infrared! [Source

Week 26 – Original Trilogy VHS Boxed Set

Congratulations! The original VHS Star Wars Trilogy is the same weight as your baby this week. 

Fortunately your baby does not have sharp corners, like a VHS!

The original boxed set trilogy was first released on VHS in 1992, six years after the third movie was released on VHS.

Week 27 – The Gathering

On a Planet With Three Moons

Welcome to the last week of the second trimester! You’re now two thirds of the way there! 

Speaking of 27 weeks or 190 days, the Fyodoi celebrate The Gathering every 190 days when the three moons of their planet Fyodos came into conjunction, or align. 

They celebrate with a great feast, feats of strength, and the rites of passage for children to come into adulthood. 

Third Trimester

Welcome to the third trimester! Now is a great time to start considering what sort of birth you’d like. 

Will a midwife droid assist you during labor and delivery? Do you prefer to travel to a beautiful and serene planet to relax during the last phase of pregnancy? Or somewhere with the best technology in the galaxy? What options are available on your home planet near friends and family?

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Week 28 – Skekfish

Your baby is now the size of a skekfish.

These predatory fish-like lifeforms hunt in packs and can “swim” through dirt. Amazingly, the so-called knife fish are hybrid carbon and silicon based life forms. 

At 28 weeks, your baby can now dream, blink, and stick out their tongue! 

Week 29 – Mandalorian Helmet

There are two reasons why we have to wear armor. One is so that we don’t get killed too easily. The other is so that we all look Mandalorian, however different we may be from our brothers and sisters.

A Mandalorian mother to her daughter

A Mandelorian’s helmet is about 14 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. Those 15 inches,  or 38.5 cm is the same size as your little one!

Your baby is quickly running out of room to roll and kick, so their movements are probably feeling different – and less painful – than before. 

Week 30 – Squall

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?” Image courtesy of Culpeo Fox

The rabbit-like squall is kept as a pet throughout the galaxy. In fact, most girls in the Core Worlds either have or want one due to their renowned cuteness.

At this point, your baby’s fingernails are growing in and the surface of their brain is beginning to form wrinkles.

Week 31 – Grogu

Now that your baby is 16 inches long, they’re the same length as Grogu, aka The Child, aka Baby Yoda. At 50 years old, Grogu was still considered an infant.

Your baby can now suck its thumb and make faces. You might also notice that your baby has more defined periods of rest and wakefulness.

Week 32 – Mrlssi

Mrlssi Jedi. Image courtesy of Aranggi

The Mrlssi are diminutive, flightless avians covered in gray feathers. Their culture values intelligence and knowledge, and their universities are considered the finest in their sector. 

Now your baby is as long as they are tall!

Week 33 – Newborn Luke or Leia

During the Clone Wars, Padme and Anakin conceived together. And Padme likely gave birth to her twins Luke and Leia at 33 or 34 weeks. This blogger digs into the math here.

Looking for a size comparison? The sentient plants known as orgons could move using their powerful tentacles. Their hard shells, around 40 – 50 cm in diameter, protected them from danger. 

That same shell is about the size of your little one. 

Week 34 – 18 inch figurine

Many collectible figurines come in 18″ or 45 cm sizes, including lots of your favorite Star Wars characters. You can find Han Solo, Kylo Ren, C3PO, Storm Troopers, and more!

If you hadn’t guessed, your baby is now the same size as these figurines! 

Can you see your baby’s hands or feet sometimes when they kick or punch?

Week 35 – Tuggle

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Wookieepedia

The tuggle native to the planet Toola could be domesticated and trained to pull sleds. Six tuggle could ferry two passengers and 50 kilograms of cargo! 

Your baby is now as long as a tuggle is tall. The baby is likely facing downward in preparation for birth in a few weeks! 

Week 36 – Ice Scrabbler

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Wookieepedia 

The ice scrabbler is a rodent-like creature native to the ice planet Hoth. They are one of the few creatures that live there, aside from taun-taun and wampas. Their beaks and claws help them burrow into the ice.

I hope your baby- which is now as long as an ice scrabbler- doesn’t feel like it has claws or a beak as it’s moving around inside you! 

This week, you may be feeling your joints becoming more flexible as loosening and softening hormones begin to work their magic.

Week 37 – Ion Blaster

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Wookieepedia

At 37 weeks, your baby weighs as much as a handheld ion blaster.

This weapon destroys circuits and disables droids. They were invented after the Sith Wars to combat battle droids and assassin droids.

This week, your baby is practicing opening and closing their eyes, grasping, and sucking their thumb. 

Week 38 – Loth-Cat

 “They seem cute and cuddly, but they have a mean streak a kilometer wide.”

“That’s what makes them so great. They are just as nature made them.

Nyla Quinn and Imri Cantaros

Did you play Star Wars: Rebels? Or, you may remember this critter from The Mandelorian. Your baby is now as long as the Loth-cat from the planet Lothal. Their favorite food is the Loth-rat!

Week 39 – Vulptice

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of grim1978

Remember the gorgeous ice foxes known as vulptices in The Last Jedi? A group of vulptices is called a skulk. And their bristly fur is actually formed from the salt crystals of their home planet, Crait.

Your little one is now their size! Your baby has reached their birth weight and is considered full term. While your baby’s growth has steadied, their brain is still growing at a fantastic rate and will continue to do so until at least the age of 3!

Week 40 – Ikrit

Jedi's Guide to Pregnancy
Image courtesy of Wookieepedia

As I said a warrior I may not be, but the Force is not weak with me.

Ikrit to Anakin Solo

At last, your baby is the size of the smallest Jedi, Ikrit. This Kushiban, a sentient rabbit- chinchilla- like being, who stands 21 inches tall, was trained by Master Yoda himself and was very skilled in Force telepathy. 

At this point, your baby is about 6-9 pounds and 19-22 inches long! All of your baby’s organs are fully developed. But they’ll continue to fine tune their vision and hearing after birth. 

Wrap up

Thank you for joining us on our journey through pregnancy and across the galaxy. 

A big thanks to Wookieepedia and What to Expect for the wonderful and in-depth information on Star Wars and pregnancy, respectively. 

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