Simple Nerdy Pregnancy Announcements

As a lazy nerd, I wanted an easy but nerdy pregnancy announcement. When I had morning sickness and was busy with work, doctor’s appointments, and daily naps, I didn’t have time or energy to come up with anything elaborate to send to my friends and family, or stage a photo of me and my partner in expensive costumes. So I’ve gathered several simple ideas here for anyone who want to quickly make geeky pregnancy announcements.

Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcements

There’s the classic Azkaban wanted poster, courtesy of Pinterest

Have You Seen This Wizard? Wanted Poster pregnancy annoucement

And the site MuggleNet has lots of Potter-related images for pregnancy announcements, like this one.

He Who Has Yet to be Named - Coming Soon

Other great Harry Potter-related captions I’ve seen around the internet:

  • We solemnly swear we were up to no good (goes great with a Marauder’s Map!)
  • Mischief Managed
  • The Womb of Requirement
  • Baby will be patiently awaiting their letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Will it be a witch or a wizard?

Star Trek Pregnancy Announcements

Captain, our sensors are detecting a new life form!

Caption ideas:

  • Captain, our sensors are detecting a new life form. It appears to be a human male, and if growth continues at the present rate, I estimate that we will make contact in [month, year].
  • The Next Generation: Coming [month, year]

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Star Wars Pregnancy Announcements

There are so many options for every Star Wars fan! These two are my favorites:

I love this cute, simple idea. No work required, just download and send out the picture!

BB8 - We're having a BB!

For those who prefer Jedi to robots, how about this option? Parents can even use a different color lightsaber for the gender reveal!

I sense a tremor in the force!

Want to know how big your baby is? Compare the size to fictional items in the Star Wars Universe in our Jedi’s Guide to Pregnancy

Video Gaming Pregnancy Announcements

Some simple text, hearts showing how many more months your baby has to go, and an icon from a favorite video game are super easy to add to an ultrasound image!

Ready Player 3?

For an even simpler option, how about an X-Box achievement? The Microsoft store has a custom Achievement Generator and the Achievement Maker website lets you build your own custom X-Box achievements!

X-Box Achievement

Game of Thrones Pregnancy Announcements

Sure, Game of Thrones may be over, but there are still some creative pregnancy announcements out there!

A baby is coming.

Here’s a great announcement that’s also a puzzle, from Etsy.

Looking for other Game of Thrones captions for your ultrasound picture?

  • A girl has no name
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Introducing the newest member of House Lastname!
  • When you play the game of thrones, you win or you cry.

Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Gaming Pregnancy Announcements

If you’re a tabletop gamer, you’ve probably filled out a lot of character sheets. Take a few minutes and fill out a custom character sheet for your little one! Most sheets have places for any information you might want to add, like potential names, gender, or even silly stats about just how much damage your baby’s unarmed strikes are doing to mom’s belly. Extra XP If you add your ultrasound into the character’s photo box, and add the date that the new campaign will begin!

Baby's first character sheet

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Magic: The Gathering Pregnancy Announcement

Baby Magic the Gathering Card

The website lets users upload a photo and create a custom MTG card. I created the sample above in about 5 minutes! Customizing the card color, mana required, and so on gives parents many options for what information they’d like to share about your baby!

Pregnancy Announcements for Word Nerds

Do you parents like to read? How about a stack of baby-related books?

Baby books

Or a Scrabble-themed pregnancy announcement?

Scrabble tiles - It's a Girl!

Other Pregnancy Announcement Options

Need more ideas for nerdy pregnancy announcements? Check out my post about my favorite nerdy baby onesies that you can Amazon or Etsy. Pick your favorite genre of nerdery, and take a picture of the onesie with your ultrasound image. Super easy, cute, and you now have an outfit for your baby!

Or here are ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant with your second child!

But I bet I missed some nerdy topics you’d like to see pregnancy announcements for! Let me know in the comments what other nerdy shows, books, and topics you want me to write about in future posts!

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