The Best Nerdy Baby Onesies

A nerdy baby onesie tells everyone who meets your kid just what sort of parents they have! I also love that most of these nerdy baby onesies are great for boys or girls! I bought some of these outfits so that my little girl’s closet has more than pink outfits, ruffled dresses, and glittery headbands.

Lord of the Rings

nerdy baby onesies: lord of the rings edition!
From Etsy

First up, Lord of the Rings. What has your baby got in its pocketses?

From Amazon. My baby doesn’t have hairy feet, but she definitely wants to eat at least 8 times a day.

Game of Thrones

You can get it here on Amazon. Or this one says “A Girl Has No Name.” Jaqen seems like a unique baby name, don’t you think?

From Etsy

I made it to the fourth onesie before finding a poop joke!

Check it out on Amazon – and it comes in other colors.

“Night gathers, and now my day begins. It shall not end until dawn. I shall take no bottle, hold no pacifier, wet every diaper. I shall wear no swaddle and win no sleep. I shall live and cry at my crib. I am the lullaby in the darkness. I am the wailer on the walls. I am the blanket that snuggles against the cold, the nightlight that brings the dawn, the scream that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the slumber of parents. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”

I love the subtly nerdy baby onesies, like this one for instance. Available on Amazon in several colors.

Harry Potter

I love this one from Amazon with the little patterned pants!

“Mom, I learned a new spell today! Wingardium diaperosa!”

This onesie from Amazon is definitely better looking than an invisibility cloak.

From Amazon. And now I’m imagining a wizard dad riding his broomstick with one of those baby seats people put on their bicycles. “I can only get my baby to fall asleep on the Nimbus 2000, he won’t sleep in his crib!”

Star Wars

Found on Amazon, available in gray, pink, or blue. Yep, another poop joke.

And the baby wookie is adorable! See the other color options available on Amazon.

This R2D2 onesie from Amazon could double as an adorable Halloween costume! There’s a BB8 (Baby 8?) version on Amazon too!

Now this is an awesome idea from Amazon. You can never have too many footie pajamas for your baby.

Any nerd kid definitely needs to learn about Admiral Ackbar! Found on Amazon.

Star Trek

To infinity… and beyond! Oh wait, wrong reference. Check it out on Amazon.

Infant milestones: After six to eight weeks, your baby should be able to make this Vulcan hand sign. From Amazon.

There’s a ton of color options available on Amazon. I made sure not to pick the red shirt onesie because that’s just not fair to any baby!

Math Nerd Baby Onesies

“And furthermore class, for this next calculation, assume your baby is a perfect sphere… ” From Amazon.

An acute baby is better than an obtuse baby. From Amazon.

On the other hand, that hippopotenuse onesie from Amazon is just as adorable as your cutie-pi baby!

Video games


And last of all, a few video game onesies! But don’t worry little one, you won’t be level one for long. You’ll get even more xp in the starter zone. View other color options on Amazon.

I remember Young Link in Ocarina of Time, but Infant Link isn’t ringing any bells. Check out other color options on Amazon.


So what is your favorite baby onesie? I definitely missed some geeky subjects.

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