Fun Things To Do With A Baby Outside The House – 16 Infant-friendly Activities

Fun Things To Do With A Baby Outside The House – 16 Infant-friendly Activities

There will come a point in your baby’s early life when you will need to get out of the house. Whether for your own sanity, a change of scenery, or to encourage your baby to learn to nap outside the home. 

Whatever your reason is for getting out of the house, you can do it! Leaving the house with a baby can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it alone or if you don’t leave very often. Babies seem to need a lot of stuff when they’re on the go, but we’re confident you can find your footing and enjoy time in the great outdoors with your little one.

This post shares the best things to do with a baby outside the house and our tips and tricks on how to make each of these activities stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable for you and your baby. 

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Visit a park

Things to do with a baby outside the house

If the weather permits, pack a lunch or snack and head to a local park. Sit in the shade or find a picnic table where you can be comfortable. 

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If your baby is awake, help him sit on an outdoor playmat to watch the birds and point out all the things you can see and hear. Bring his favorite toys so he can have some playtime outdoors.

If your park has walking trails, take your baby on a stroll and let him explore and people watch. An outing at the park is free and is a great way to get out of the house without making a huge commitment. If your baby gets fussy, you can pack up the car and go home.  

Go to the playground

Perhaps your local park has a playground or there is one near your house that you’ve seen. On a day when your baby seems energetic and eager to play, the playground is a great place to get some energy out. 

Try to plan a playground visit when kids are in school. This way, you won’t have to worry about your baby trying to play in their space. Big kids can play rough, and your baby may get overwhelmed.

If there are already kids at the playground when you arrive, try sitting on the swings with your baby or playing in an area that isn’t crowded.

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On a sunny day, don’t forget your baby’s hat and sunscreen

Try baby gym classes

Most cities have a Little Gym or a similar indoor gym, where parents can bring their babies for a 30-minute class. 

Indoor gym classes can help improve your baby’s strength, balance, and coordination. Most gyms offer classes that are Parent/Child style, so you can sit with your baby and help them climb, play, crawl, and more. 

These classes usually include music, clapping and singing, and lots of playtime. The majority of classes are for babies around 4 months old, who are starting to become more aware of their surroundings and their curiosity is ignited.

Join a local mom group 

Whether you’re new to the area or are just looking for friends who are in the same phase of life as you, local moms or parenting groups can provide the support and interaction you and your baby need. 

Some groups are free to join and organize monthly meet-ups, while others offer fitness classes along with playgroups and outings. Make sure to check local Facebook groups or MeetUp to find the best group for you and your baby.

Go to the library 

Visiting the library is one of the best things to do with a baby outside the house, because it’s free and you don’t need to pack tons of stuff. Grab your favorite portable snack container along with the usual diaper bag necessities, and you’re out the door! 

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Check your local library’s website to see if they offer story hour for babies and toddlers. You may need to reserve a spot to join. 

Your baby will enjoy singing songs, looking at pictures in books, and playing with other babies. You’ll meet other parents and spend time bonding with your baby. 

Take a stroll

Sometimes, a healthy dose of Vitamin D is all we need to have a great day. If your baby is grumpy or fussy, grab some water and snacks and hit the pavement with the stroller. 

A simple walk around the neighborhood may suffice, or head to a local park to get your steps in. Walking has great health benefits; from improving endurance and cardiovascular health to boosting energy and mood, there are many ways you can benefit from a long walk outside. 

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If you think your baby may fall asleep during your walk, don’t forget a portable sound machine to create the ideal sleeping environment for your little one.

Go out for a meal

Ready to brave a meal out with your baby in tow? We say go for it! 

If your baby is still young and sleeping a lot, be sure to pack a car seat cover so they won’t be startled awake in a new environment.

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Most restaurants are very helpful with families who bring a baby along; they may offer you a sling for the car seat so you don’t have to disrupt your baby’s nap. 

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If your baby is awake, it’s a good idea to have a suction toy that attaches to the table so your baby can play while you hold them or they sit in the high chair.

For more flexibility, go out for coffee, hot chocolate, or even a fast food restaurant.

Go to the beach, the lake, or community pool

In the warmer months, getting outside means heading to the lake, pool, or beach if you’re in a coastal city. 

If your baby is becoming more active, any type of water situation is a great activity for them to splash, play, and work out some energy. Water play develops sensory exploration and motor skills while building coordination and social skills for babies. 

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If you plan to spend the day at the pool or lake, products like this outdoor shaded playpen offer a safe space for your baby to play and nap all day long. 

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Don’t forget other important items like water shoes, a shaded float, and toys for the lake or beach! 

Head to the zoo or aquarium

Plan a day at the zoo or aquarium with a friend or family member, or spend a few hours there just the two of you. Your baby will love all the animals, whether outdoors or underwater. 

Depending on the weather and time of year, there may be a petting zoo open in the children’s area of your local zoo. Your baby can feed and pet animals including sheep, goats, ponies, alpacas, pigs, and more. 

As your baby’s eyesight develops, you will notice them becoming much more observant and curious. An aquarium is a perfect place to take a baby around 3-4 months old, as they can follow fish and other marine life swimming around underwater. 

Run errands

Got a mile-long To-Do list that needs to be taken care of? Pack up the diaper bag, grab the stroller, and head out into the world with your baby. 

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If your little one is sitting up on his own, grab a shopping cart and get him settled in the seat. Don’t forget a shopping cart cover so your baby is comfortable and protected from the metal sides of the cart. Your baby will love people watching and checking out all the colorful items on the shelves. 

For babies who are too small to sit in the cart, you can bring the stroller to the store or simply set the car seat inside the shopping cart. 

Parenting is all about being flexible — once you find your footing, errands with a baby in tow will be a breeze! 

Go to a farmer’s market 

Head out the door for an early morning farmer’s market adventure in your area.

Farmer’s markets are a great place to grab fresh fruit, veggies, meat, and pastries while providing your baby with many new sounds, smells, and people to look at. 

Grab a coffee and get some groceries while supporting local farmers and businesses. Sounds like a perfect start to the day! 

Visit a pet store

Visiting a pet store can be a fun outing for a baby thanks to the small animals, reptiles, and other critters that are on display. Take your baby to the local pet shop and let them get nose to nose (with glass in between, of course!) with snakes, fish, lizards, hamsters, rabbits, and more! 

Some pet stores also offer boarding for small dogs and cats, so you may find these animals in the enclosures as well. Wave hello, practice animal sounds, and talk to your baby about each animal they interact with. 

Sign up for swimming lessons 

Many local pools offer Parent/Child swim classes for babies as young as four months old. You may wonder if it’s too early for swimming lessons, but your baby is learning and developing constantly. New experiences are great for a baby’s development! 

Early exposure to water and swimming has many health benefits for babies; it builds muscle, improves sleep and appetite, and helps you bond with your baby through quality time. 

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Set up a play date 

Make plans with a friend or family member, whether that be just going on a walk together, having lunch at a park, or going to their house to play.

Playdates are an integral piece of child development — they encourage sharing, interaction, and build social skills, even for young babies. 

Socialization is just as important for adults; as a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed or alone at times. Having friends or family members who are in the same phase of life as you is a very helpful way to manage stress and expectations of life with a baby. 

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Take a drive

There will be days with your baby where you just need to get out of the house — we’ve all been there! 

Simply getting in the car and going for a drive, playing music, and rolling the windows down can do wonders for the soul. 

New parents are often advised to drive their babies around when they are fussy and won’t fall asleep, and we’ve found this tip to work wonders. The rhythm of the road and lulling sounds of a car will help your baby drift off to a peaceful sleep. 

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Wrap up- Things to do with a baby outside the house

On days when you just need to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, this list is a great resource for things to do with a baby outside the house. 

As a new parent, some days will feel like you’re just in survival mode. Even the smallest tasks can be daunting and seemingly impossible to complete. On other days, you’ll feel like a Super-Mom.

Parenting is a wild but beautiful ride, and you’re doing great! 

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