How to Child Proof Your Outdoor Water Spigot and Hose

Here’s something they don’t teach you in parenting classes- how do you child proof your outdoor water spigot and hose?

After all, once your baby is mobile, the world is their oyster. They’re exploring every room in your home, getting into everything and causing mayhem left and right. Babies’ curiosity keeps growing every day, and as a parent, all you can do is keep them as safe as possible as they explore their world.

If you have an outdoor patio, a backyard, or any kind of outdoor garden, chances are good you have a water spigot and hose somewhere in your backyard. Water spigots are an easy target for babies, toddlers, and even older children- because they’re usually bright and round, at eye level, and aren’t in their normal realm of toys, so they’re intrigued! 

Concerned about your baby playing near the water spigot? Trying to avoid an expensive water bill? Follow along for a few tips on how you can childproof your outdoor water spigot, save money on your water bill, and have peace of mind knowing your child isn’t making a gigantic mess outside, or accidentally bringing water in your home. 

The dog’s water bowl is a different story — that’s totally fair game! 

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Outdoor Faucet Locks 

how to child proof your water spigot

Outdoor faucet locks are fairly self explanatory, and are an effective childproofing mechanism for your garden hose or water spigot. Once a baby sees the lock and realizes nothing is coming out of the faucet, they will often lose interest and look for something else to play with. 

Outdoor Water Faucet Child Lockout Key 

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To install, simply remove the screw that holds the knob in place, and fit the key in its place. This particular key (click to view on Amazon)can also act as the water nozzle itself; you can turn the key and the water will turn on. With a lockout key, your baby or toddler won’t be able to get the water on, preventing leaks and any potential water waste. 


  • Simple installation and easy removal by adults 
  • Affordable option for peace of mind 
  • Can also deter vandals or water thieves
  • Prevents leaking from water faucet dripping 
  • The key can be used to turn the water on and off 


  • Only compatible with Woodford Brand faucets
  • Could be turned if child is strong enough 

Outdoor Faucet Lock System

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Made from ultra-durable steel construction and anti-corrosion coating, this steel protection unit blocks any tiny fingers and hands from even coming into contact with the spigot itself. No tools are required for a quick and easy installation. 


  • Fits on most outdoor faucets and spigots
  • Cover fits over the entire faucet unit, preventing leakage
  • Standard padlock and key included 


  • Some reviewers claim they had to replace the padlock due to breakage or rust

How do you childproof an outdoor water spigot?

For many parents, the thought of their child playing outside near a hose or faucet can cause stress and anxiety. Water in general can make even the most seasoned parents nervous, and for good reason. You can ease those concerns by using a childproof water spigot as an excellent safety and water-saving option for your home. 

Hose Bib Lock

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One of the most effective ways to childproof an outdoor water spigot is by purchasing a hose bib lock. These devices block off the flow of water entirely, so your baby can’t turn anything on if they are unattended and start playing with the spigot.


  • Can be purchased in multiple packs if you have multiple spigots
  • Creates a watertight seal
  • Fits any standard outdoor faucet or spigot


  • Have to remove anytime you want to use the spigot 
  • Some reviews say the lock can cause the spigot to leak if turned on 

How do you keep kids from turning on a water hose?

childproof hose

If you can, eliminating the option of even turning on a water hose is your best bet, and can be easily achieved with the products we mentioned above. Locking the spigot or removing the faucet handle are great ways to keep kids from turning on a water hose. 

Teaching caution from a young age can also play a role in helping your kids learn what’s acceptable to touch in the yard and what is off limits. 

How about a toy fire hose? Click the image to see more details on Amazon

If your child loves the hose and outdoor play, try finding a toy version of the hose to distract them from the real thing when they play outside. Oftentimes, a toy version can be much more fun than the real one because they can carry it around, take it inside, and it’s better suited for play. 

General Water Safety Precautions at Home- What’s next after you child proof your outdoor water spigot?

how to child-proof your water spigot and hose pin

If you’ve ever experienced a water leak inside or outside your home, you know the damage it can cause and the financial stress a large water bill can bring. If you are trying to avoid water coming into your home and costly water bills, taking the time to childproof your outdoor water spigot and hose is an effective preventive measure for your peace of mind and your children’s safety. 

When childproofing your home, don’t neglect the outdoor areas where your baby may spend time. As they get older and more mobile, their curiosity will grow right along with them. Your yard and patio areas should be just as child-friendly as the inside of your home. The safer, the better!  

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