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The Best Babyproof Water Cooler: Plus Tips and Hacks to Baby Proof Any Water Dispenser

Every parent knows babies love water and copying adults. For those of us with water coolers, baby proofing them is a challenge! 

Unlike a sink, a water cooler is at the perfect height for an industrious toddler to spill three to five gallons of water all over the floor! Even more concerning,  what do you do to really baby proof the hot water on your cooler? 

Fortunately I’ve found and tried several solutions for baby proof water coolers that will keep your baby safe and your floors dry! 

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The best babyproof water cooler: Avalon A4

We needed a new water cooler and purchased the Avalon A4 water dispenser (available on Amazon here). And it’s amazing! 

My toddler can’t dispense any water on her own! The only trouble it caused? She can pull the plastic drip tray out! 

avalon babyproof water cooler


  • Dispense buttons are on top of the unit and out of the reach of children
  • Dispenses hot, cool, and cold water. Just flip a switch on the back to disable any options you don’t want
  • Easily load bottles from the bottom, save space and hide that blue plastic bottle
  • Other nice features include a nightlight and a red light indicating when it’s time for a new jug


  • Children may be able to pull the drip tray out
  • Some users report the buttons are damaged during shipping. But the manufacturer has a super simple video explaining how to fix it 

Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Review

We’ve been using the Avalon A4 baby proof water cooler for about 5 months now and still love it! My toddler was super intrigued by our old water dispenser- the normal kind with the bottle on top and the little tabs you lift to dispense water.  And she always wanted to play with it, especially any time she saw me using it. In a way, we were lucky that it broke and I found this great option to use instead! 

First, the buttons are out of reach on top of the water cooler! The top is 41 inches tall. My daughter doesn’t even try to touch the buttons. And they are easy for any adult to press for water. 

avalon A4 babyproof water cooler dispense buttons
Check it out- the buttons on the Avalon A4 are up high on top of the water cooler, and you have to press and slide the hot button, which prevents kids from burning themselves!

Second, we turned off the hot water heater with a switch on the back. But if you plan to use the hot water, your child won’t be able to use it since they would

  1. Have to reach the button 41 inches up on top of the cooler 
  2. Then press and slide the right button. 

Third, this water cooler has an innovative design that stores that ugly blue bottle underneath! I love not seeing the bottle! And with the old style of cooler with the bottle on top, I always feared that somehow, my daughter would knock the bottle down and hurt herself. 

Plus, it comes in black and stainless steel options to match your decor. Since you can’t see how full the bottle is, there’s a little red light that comes on to indicate when to replace the bottle.

If you’d like more details on the Avalon A4 Water Dispenser, this post has my full review!

Click the image for for the best price on the Avalon Water Cooler on Amazon

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Make a baby proof water cooler using water dispenser guards 

If you’re looking for a low cost way to child proof a water cooler, I recommend a water dispenser guard. 

Click the image to see more details on the Tomlinson child-proof faucet on Amazon

With the guard, you have to push in on the faucet, then push down to dispense water. This is similar to how many hot water dispense knobs work. 

You can also contact your water cooler manufacturer, the company you rent your cooler from, or the water delivery service. They may offer a solution to baby proof your water cooler. They may send you an extra “hot” tap, or have a special device that you can use. 


  • Low cost 
  • Easy to install- unscrew the old blur handle and screw in the new one


  • Not compatible with all water dispensers
  • You only get the blue handle, not the whole tap
  • Only one tap is included- you’ll need to order multiple if you have more than one tap to child proof
  • Some kids may figure out how to use it

Check the price of the Tomlinson child-proof faucet on Amazon here!

Create your own water spigot covers 

Use a stove knob cover 

Try putting a stove knob cover like this five pack available on Amazon over your water spigot for a simple and cheap fix! 

Click the image to see more details on stove knob covers you could put onto your water dispenser taps on Amazon


  • Simple
  • Low cost


  • May not fit on your water cooler
  • You have to remove the cover to get water

Jury rig some cardboard 

Cut a cardboard box with a lid and tape it on! Instant babyproof water cooler with everyday supplies you already have! 


  • Practically free
  • Not sturdy enough? Add more tape!


  • It looks pretty janky

Relocate your water cooler

Can you put your water cooler somewhere your child can’t access it? Like 

  • Behind a baby gate 
  • In a room like the laundry room
  • Turn the cooler so the spigots face a wall or corner

If I had a mudroom or laundry room right near my kitchen, I would definitely consider this method of baby-proofing my water cooler.

But personally, this option doesn’t work for my situation since it makes it harder for me to get water when I need it. But depending on the layout of your home, this may work for you! 

I recommend this baby gate from Amazon if you plan to use one to block off your water cooler.

This baby gate is great for blocking off your water cooler! Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Other tips for baby-proofing your water cooler

These tips won’t get you a babyproof water cooler, but they may discourage your baby!

Put a toy near the water cooler to distract them

Personally, my water cooler is in the kitchen, so it was easy to get these fridge magnets from Amazon. Sometimes I can get my daughter to play with them when she starts crawling towards the water cooler. The key word there being sometimes!

keep your baby away from the water cooler by distracting them with toys nearby! Or the contents of the kitchen cabinets
Keep your baby away from the water cooler by distracting them with toys nearby, like these cute fridge magnets from Amazon! Or the contents of the kitchen cabinets.

My daughter also loves playing in the kitchen cabinets, so I keep a few small toys in the cabinet closest to the water cooler. Sometimes if she’s near the water cooler, I can just open the door and she toddles right over to play with those instead!

Teach them to use the water cooler

Some children are less fascinated with using adult stuff when they’re allowed to use it. 

Let your child fill your cup or their cup with the water cooler. Teach them to put the cup in place and then make the water come out. And let them know to stop when the cup is full. 

While your child may take pride in getting their own water, this idea will not get you a baby proof water cooler. 

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Summary: Tips for a babyproof water cooler

  • Purchase a baby-proof water cooler
  • Install child-proof dispenser guards
  • Create your own dispenser cover with a stove knob protector
  • Cover the faucets with cardboard and tape
  • Relocate your water cooler to a laundry room or behind a baby gate
  • Use toys near the water cooler to distract your child
  • Help children dispense water for themselves, mom, and dad

babyproof water coolor tips
7 tips for a babyproof water cooler

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  1. Joe

    On the avalon, can you replace the Cool and cold buttons with another hot locking button? My 2yo figures out anything.

    1. Meg

      Great question, Joe! I reached out to Avalon’s support through their website, and they replied within two hours. The short answer is yes. The long answer from Avalon is

      We do have replacement hot buttons available for purchase, and they can be ordered from us for $14, shipping included (within the Continental United States) plus whatever taxes may be levied. They only come in red, but will have the child safety lock on them, and their function is otherwise the same as the other buttons.

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