How to Babyproof Drawers and Cabinets Without Handles

As your baby grows and becomes mobile and curious, babyproofing is essential for his or her safety and the security of your home. 

Cabinets and doors are usually the most accessible items for a baby to find and get into. They can pull up on them, use the handles or knobs to steady themselves, easily pull open the drawers, and discover all the treasures inside. 

Other cabinets may not have knobs or a handle to open, but they still pose a threat to your child’s safety. If you have cabinets or appliances that need baby-proofing but don’t have handles to latch onto, you’re in luck! 

We’re rounding up the best ways to babyproof your home in various ways to ensure your peace of mind and guarantee your baby won’t hurt themselves when exploring their surroundings.

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how to babyproof drawers without handles

Child Safety Strap Locks

For cabinets without handles, including appliances like dishwashers, washers/dryers, and garbage cans, these Child Safety Strap Locks prevent toddlers from reaching into drawers, cabinets, closets, ovens, and more.

With easy installation by simply sticking the adhesive to your cabinet or appliance, these safety straps are an excellent choice for any cabinet, drawer, or door that you need to secure. You can even use them to keep your toilet closed! 

To open a door or drawer with these safety straps, simply slide the side attached to the cabinet back, and the door will open easily. 

Strap locks are adjustable and able to stretch onto larger surfaces, so you can ensure your baby won’t get into any drawer or cabinet. These locks are discreet, practical, and convenient.

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Magnetic Safety Locks

These childproof magnetic cabinet locks are discreet and won’t damage your furniture, appliances, and drawers for a subtle baby-proofing approach to your home.

These safety locks are easy to install by simply peeling and sticking the magnet’s adhesive to each cabinet and securing the door. Then, to unlock the door, use the included master lock key and press it against the door, and you’ll feel the latch click, and the door will open. It’s magic! 

You can store the master lock high out of sight so your toddler will never have a chance to open the door and cause any mischief. 

With no drilling or heavy installation required, magnetic safety locks are ideal for families with children who need baby-proofing solutions that will last several years without looking clunky.

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Adhesive Latch Locks

Adhesive cabinet latch locks are simple to install and virtually invisible; you can only see the lock when you slightly open the cabinet or drawer.

Safety 1st Adhesive cabinet locks stick on most surfaces with durable 3M adhesives and won’t damage your cabinet or drawers once it’s time to remove them. 

The locking mechanism on the latch can be switched to be unlocked once your child gets older and you’re comfortable with them having more freedom to explore. You can always switch the lock back if you have other children at your home and don’t want them getting into anything.

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Cabinet Locks

If you’re focused first and foremost on safety and prevention, cabinet locks are simple to install and effective at their task. These durable cabinet locks are simple enough to install; peel and stick the adhesive onto your drawers or cabinets, then press the switch to open the lock. 

Even if your baby notices the lock, they won’t have enough finger strength to attempt to open the lock itself. And a bonus—they won’t damage your doors when you want to remove them! 

These locks are also wider than others on the market, making it possible to connect two cabinet doors with up to 1 inch between doors. 

These locks can be used whether or not you have handles or knobs; either way, they are an effective tool to keep your baby out of harm’s way from anything in your home.

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Adhesive Double Door Lock

For double-door cabinets that pose a threat to your baby’s safety, try the Qdos adhesive double-door lock.

If you’re looking for subtle, discreet ways to babyproof your home without sacrificing your style, Qdos has sleek options that will leave you feeling impressed and relieved that your home is safe for kids. 

This style fits only standard framed double-door cabinets and does not operate appropriately on European or IKEA cabinets. 

If your baby has been eyeing those under-the-sink cabinets where you store cleaning products and other dangerous chemicals, it’s time to invest in a double-door lock to keep them safe. 

This product offers one-handed operation and is easy to install, thanks to strong adhesives that hold it all together.

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Lazy Susan Cabinet Lock

The Lazy Susan cabinet lock is a reliable tool to keep tiny fingers out of any potential danger inside your Lazy Susan revolving cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom.

Prevent any children from getting inside the Lazy Susan cabinet by installing a Safety 1st locking mechanism to keep them out. This lock installs easily on the outside of the cabinet with two screws and will deter curious fingers from opening the door. 

It’s also easy for parents to use; the dual-release button makes opening your cabinet a breeze when you need to grab something, and then re-locks once you shut the drawer again.

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DIY Options

how to babyproof drawers without handles

We’ve seen many clever DIY baby-proofing options for cabinets and drawers with handles or knobs, like zip ties, sticking a yardstick through the handles, or simply tying the doors together with a hair tie, rope, or rubber bands.

If you don’t have access to the baby-proofing products you need, you can simply remove anything dangerous from the drawers or cabinets and put them high up where your children can’t reach them. 

You can also temporarily install a baby gate around appliances or areas in the kitchen that your baby tries to access. These temporary solutions will work when you’re in a pinch, but for the long-term safety of your kids, be sure to research the best products for your home and get them installed ASAP. 

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Wrap Up- How to babyproof drawers and cabinets without handles

Baby-proofing can be stressful, especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, where many heavy items, appliances, and chemicals can be dangerous if a child interacts with them. Proper baby-proofing will keep your baby safe and the items in your home secure (babies can be destructive!). 

Whether they’re playing in the toilet, trying to open the oven, or pulling open every drawer and cabinet they can, the sooner you can get them locked out, the better. You’ll find so much relief knowing that your baby-proofing products will prevent anything bad from happening because your little one has no way of hurting him or herself.

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