Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Review

I’m writing my Avalon A4 water dispenser review after using it every day since May 2020. I love this water cooler because it fits my needs and I want to help you understand if it will work for you! 

I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a bottom-loading, child-safe water dispenser. 

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Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Review


  • Child-proof
  • Attractive black or stainless steel design
  • Water bottle stores underneath for easy loading
  • Hot, cold, and cool temperature options
  • Includes a nightlight and a light indicating when the water jug is low


  • More expensive than basic top-loading water dispensers 
  • Hot water takes 10-15 minutes to get to temperature
  • Cold water takes 45-60 minutes to get cold
  • Pump can be slightly noisy, so don’t put it where the noise will bother you
  • Requires some disassembly to fully clean 
  • Some users report the buttons are damaged during shipping. But the manufacturer has a super simple video explaining how to fix it

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Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Review Summary

I love the Avalon A4 water dispenser. I started researching baby-proof water coolers when my regular old water cooler suddenly started leaking. With a 1 year old who was constantly getting into more stuff every day, I decided I wanted a dispenser where she couldn’t reach the taps.

Besides being child-proof, the Avalon A4 was a huge upgrade for so many reasons!  It looks much nicer. No more lifting heavy bottles, flipping them, and spilling water when I replaced the jug. And it has nice features, like the nightlight and low water indicator. 

Like I mentioned above, it’s definitely more expensive than a traditional no-frills top loading cooler. But it’s totally worth it, for the peace of mind with my daughter. And even once she’s older, I know I’ll still be glad I purchased it! 

I leave the cold water turned on all the time, so the cooling time isn’t an issue. And I don’t use the hot water. 

The dispenser is in my kitchen, but I don’t notice the noise of the pump.

avalon a4 water cooler review- here's my baby's opinion!
My daughter loves looking at the Avalon A4 and watching adults dispense the water! Click the image to learn more about the Avalon A4 on Amazon!

Avalon A4 Water Cooler Setup

It took about 20 minutes to set up the water cooler. Most of the time was spent cleaning the unit!

Unpack the dispenser 

First, unpack the dispenser and put it where you want it to go, on a hard level surface with about 4 inches of clearance around the back and sides. Install the drip tray.

Cleaning the unit

Next, clean the unit. This is a little confusing since the instruction manual has a whole separate section on cleaning several pages later.

To clean the outside, use disinfectant to wipe off the outside. 

Although the cooler is sanitized before it ships from the factory, the manufacturer recommends rinsing and draining it in case anything happened during shipping. Remove the top lid by unscrewing 2 screws and then take the lid off the cold water tank.

Clean the cold tank by pouring half a gallon of water in, then drain it out through the drain outlet in the back. Put the drain cover, cold tank cover, and water dispenser lid back on. 

Install the Water Bottle

First, open the cabinet door, remove the cap from your bottle, and put the probe in the bottle.

Next, push the probe collar into place on the neck of the bottle.  Push the probe in until it hits the bottom.  Finally, slide the bottle into the cabinet and close the door.

Power up the dispenser 

Almost done! Plug the cord in.  Now the pump will run for 10-15 minutes to fill the tanks.

If you want to use the hot and cold water dispensers, wait until the pump stops. Try dispensing a drop or two from the spouts. Once you know they’re working correctly, you can turn the hot and cold water switches on (or off) on the back of the cooler.

And that’s it! You’re ready to use the dispenser.

Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Features

Child Safety

The hot water button has a child safety lock.

All buttons are on top of the cooler, out of the reach of children 

avalon a4 water cooler buttons are on top out of the reach of children

Attractive Design 

This water cooler doesn’t look like the regular old top loading coolers! It has a sleek stainless steel or black design.

Bottom Loading

Now you don’t have to lift, flip, or try not to spill the water when loading a new jug! To me, this is another safety feature- I don’t have to worry about my little one somehow knocking over a top-heavy, top loading cooler!

Built-in Nightlight

The built- in nightlight is a handy feature to make sure you’ve placed your cup in the right spot when it’s dark. And it provides faint light to the room with the water cooler! If you don’t like the nightlight, you can easily turn it off with a switch on the back.

Empty Bottle Indicator 

With a top-loading cooler, you can just look at the jug to see when it needs to be replaced. Since the jug on the Avalon A4 is hidden away, the handy empty bottle indicator light will let you know when to refill!

Water Temperatures 

Dispenses hot water at 180F, cold water at 47F, and room temperature water. 

The hot water takes about 10 minutes to heat up, and the cold water takes about 45-60 minutes to cool down if you turn it off between uses. 

If you decide you don’t want to use the hot or cold water, there’s a switch to turn each one on or off on the back of the cooler. Or you can turn them off at night to save on electricity.

Energy Star Approved 

Energy Star certified to save you money on electricity and help the environment

UL Listed

Manufactured to meet standard safety requirements. 

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Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Technical Specifications

Water Output

The hot and cold water dispense at 1.2 liters per minute, and the room temperature water dispenses at 1.0 liters per minute 

Hot Water Capacity 

The Avalon A4 can heat up 4 liters of water to 180F per hour

Hot Water Tank Volume 

The hot water tank holds 1.16 liters of water.

Cold Water Capacity 

The Avalon A4 can cool down up to 2.5 liters of water to 47F per hour.

Cold Tank Volume

The cold water tank holds 3.6 liters of water.

Avalon A4 Water Dispenser Size

Once unpacked, the cooler is 13 x 12 x 41 inches (length x width x height)

Water Dispenser Package Size

When packed for shipping, the cooler is 16 x 15 x 45 inches (length x width x height) 


Net weight: The water cooler itself weighs 36.15 pounds 

Gross weight: The water cooler plus the packaging weighs 46.5 pounds

Electrical Specifications 

You can plug the Avalon A4 water dispenser into a standard 3 prong wall outlet 

Voltage: 115 V

Frequency: 60 Hz

How is the water cooled?

The water is cooled with a compressor 

How is the water heated?

The water is heated with an internal heating element 

What is the wattage of the heating and cooling systems? 

The internal heating element is 420 W

The compressor is 100 W

How much power does the Avalon A4 consume? 

520 W

Avalon A4 Water Cooler Review Wrap-Up

In conclusion, I love the Avalon A4 water cooler! It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a baby proof water dispenser, or want something more attractive than the traditional office water cooler

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