Where Do You Put Your Baby When You Shower? | Best Guide for New and Experienced Parents

Where Do You Put Your Baby When You Shower? | Guide for New and Experienced Parents

No matter if you are a new parent or you’re handling the challenges of a toddler, trying to take a shower with kids can seem like a daunting task! Nothing feels better than a hot shower, but you’ve probably questioned yourself many times over what to do with your baby or toddler. While having someone else at home is the easiest solution, that’s not always available for everybody. If you’ve found yourself asking, “where do I put my baby when I shower,” this helpful overview will guide you in the right direction!

Can I Shower While My Baby Is Sleeping? 

can i shower while my baby is sleeping

If you’re a stay at home parent, one of the best things to do is coordinate your showers when your baby is sleeping. Just ensure they get entirely nestled in before you begin your shower.

It’s understandably uneasy (and a natural feeling) for any parent to leave their baby unattended for a few minutes by themselves. However, safe spaces like a crib or pack ‘n play ensure keep them warm and happy.

Even if they aren’t fully asleep yet, a few minutes gazing at a baby mobile or sucking on their thumb is perfectly okay. If you still feel the need to have your baby close by, consider investing in a portable bassinet. You can have it near the doorway and peek at your precious one whenever you feel the need.

Is It Okay To Leave My Baby Unattended While I Shower? 

As long as your baby is in a safe place like a crib or bassinet, you can leave them unattended while you shower!

Your child’s safety and your comfort level are the critical considerations for leaving your baby unattended while you shower. It’s typically okay if you want to take a quick shower while your baby is in the crib.

However, it’s not a good idea to leave them in a car seat or swing by themselves without supervision. Any room should be 100 percent baby-proof (no spaces next to pools or water). It’s generally not recommended to leave a child in a room for a few minutes alone until around three years of age.

Can I Take The Baby In The Bathroom When I Shower? 

can i take the baby in the bathroom when i shower

You can take a baby in the bathroom while you shower, but there are a few precautions to take. First, you’ll want to ensure the bathroom itself gets cleaned thoroughly, as these spaces most often are associated as a place where germs spread. You may want to use organic cleaners free of bleach or other chemicals that can harm your baby. Secondly, pick up and safely stow items away that could create potential hazards, such as razors or curling irons with long cords. Finally, a child lock on the cabinets is never a bad idea!

When it comes time to shower, always have the door at least partway open for proper ventilation and to ensure the area doesn’t get too hot. It also is better to have a clear shower curtain so you can see your baby at all times. Space is typically limited in the bathroom, so a baby bouncer can usually work best to keep them entertained while you take a shower. If you get the feeling, try singing some of your favorite tunes to them as well!

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What If My Baby Cries While I’m Showering? 

what if my baby cries

It can be difficult for some parents, especially in the beginning to establish a nap schedule. Does your baby always seem to cry the instant you start the shower? If you’ve already ensured your baby has been changed and fed beforehand, your baby will be just fine while you finish bathing.

A mother’s brain has regions responsible for empathetic feelings, often which strongly correlate with increased anxiety after having a baby. Combine this with the hormone changes, and it’s understandable why fear levels spike when our baby starts to cry. Remember, it’s only temporary, and eventually, your baby will have a more regular schedule.

What Do You Do With Your Toddler When You Shower? 

what do you do with your toddler when you shower
If you don’t mind water all over the place, your toddler might enjoy playing in the sink while you shower

A see-through shower curtain allows you to keep an eye on your toddler while you take a much needed shower. Toddlers never seem to run out of energy, but you can keep them entertained for a few minutes with a few simple ideas.

  • Fill a big container with everyday items like dolls, toys, and toothbrushes, and let the creative juices flow!
  • Have a selection of blocks to play with that are “special” for when you shower.
  • Let them pick one safe toy to use in the bathroom and treat it as a special incentive.
  • Find tons more activity ideas for one-year-olds here!

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Can I Shower With My Baby Or Toddler? 

You can take a baby in the shower with you, but it’s important to wait until the umbilical cord falls off. Ensure the temperature is only lukewarm and not any hotter. For safety, use a baby wrap (sometimes called a carrier). For toddlers, it’s a good idea to use a toddler tub because they practice sitting upright while they are washing. Make sure you have every item you need to get a shower too. 

Key takeaways on where you can put your baby while you shower

What do you do with your baby while you shower? pin

Nearly every activity seems ten times harder when you have a baby or toddler. Using simple but effective solutions can help keep them safe and provide you a little sanity – and a few moments for personal hygiene- in the meantime.

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