How to Baby Proof Baseboard Heaters

How to Baby-Proof Baseboard Heaters

Having a new baby is a very exciting time in any person’s life. There is something so special about bringing a baby home and starting your life as a family. You’ve done 9 months of planning and waiting patiently, and now your baby is safely in your arms! What could be better? 

You’ve probably learned all about the many ways to baby proof your home. If you live in a colder climate, you may have electric or hot water baseboard heaters. 

While baseboard heaters aren’t used as much in newer homes, they are still a common way to heat a home. In this guide, we will cover how to baby proof baseboard heaters while your baby is small enough that they don’t pose a safety risk. 

Thesebaseboard heater covers promote safety in your home and maintain the integrity and functionality of its baseboard heaters. 

Summary- How to baby proof baseboard heaters

Here’s a quick summary of the products that can help you baby-proof your baseboard heaters. Or keep reading for our full reviews!

Best Cover for Electric and Hot Water Heaters – Baseboarders 

Keeping your baby warm and cozy during the colder months is a no-brainer. If you have baseboard heaters running in the winter and your baby is starting to crawl or walk, you need to implement a solution as soon as possible to prevent any injuries.

The more active babies become, the more you have to be aware of what they can access on the floor that could harm them or cause damage to your home.

Whether you have a hot water heater or an electric system, the Baseboarders Galvanized Steel Heater Cover (click to view the different sizes on Amazon) will give you the peace of mind that your baby can play on the floor and stay warm without giving much thought to the baseboard heater or trying to put their fingers or toys in the grooves. 


  • Covers come in various sizes, from 2 feet to 7 feet long
  • Easy DIY installation with no tools required 
  • For hot water and electric baseboard heaters
  • Panel holes are wide enough to stimulate heat and airflow, but small enough to prevent the baby’s fingers or toys from accessing it
  • Clean, modern appearance without sacrificing safety 
  • Galvanized steel is designed to prevent rusting over time


  • End caps and corner pieces are sold separately 
  • Expensive option if you need to buy covers for multiple rooms and units
  • Cover will project similar temperatures as the original electric heater 

It should be noted that while baseboard heater covers do protect babies’ hands from the heating system and will prevent them from sticking toys or other items inside, the cover will give off heat the same way the unit does. 

Currently, there aren’t any baseboard heater covers on the market that don’t project the same temperatures as the heater itself. Parents should always use caution when their children are near baseboard heaters for this reason. 

Best One Size Fits Most Cover – NeatHeat 

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

For families with hot water heaters, the NeatHeat baseboard heater cover is the ideal choice. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, these heater covers pop easily onto the existing heater in one click. 

While these baseboard covers do not work on electric heaters, they are an affordable option for families who run the heater often, particularly as your baby becomes more mobile and curious. 

They’re available in the following sizes: (click the links to check the prices on Amazon, and read the manufacturer’s measuring guide)


  • One-piece panel design eliminates exposed, sharp edges
  • Clean with regular household cleaners
  • Requires no tools for installation; one-click install
  • Since they are made of plastic, they are cooler to the touch than metal heater covers


  • Made of plastic, so they are not suitable for electric heaters
  • End caps and other pieces are sold separately 

Best One-Step Baseboard Heater Cover- Custom Baseboard Cover

Did you know you can buy a completely custom baseboard heater cover on Amazon? Yep, you can choose the dimensions you’ll need to enclose your heater. The seller recommends adding 2 inches to each dimension to ensure it will fit.

Then, choose the material you’d like, from PVC to paintable MDF to maple, cherry, oak, or walnut. If you’re feeling handy, you can stain and finish the wood yourself. 

Finally, for an additional fee, the seller will assemble the unit and ship it to you. Or you can put it together yourself. 

Put it in place over your heater and now your baseboard heater is child-proof!

Best Baseboard Heater Cover for Easy Installation – EZ Snap

This product is no longer available. Some babies wake up one day and start crawling out of nowhere, leaving parents in a pinch to find various baby proofing solutions for their home. 

EZ Snap baseboard heater covers are an effective safety product that can be installed quickly and efficiently. The covers slip on right over the existing baseboard heater, with no removal necessary. 

EZ Snap heater covers also have a safety edge design to prevent tiny fingers from getting cut or injured upon contact.


  • Easy installation, no tools required 
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to measure the heater for appropriate size covers 
  • Safe edge design eliminates any risk of injury 
  • No-rust guarantee 


  • One of the more expensive options
  • Only for hot water heaters. They do not work on electric
  • All brackets and widgets are sold separately 

The bottom line- The Best baby proof baseboard heater cover

To protect your baby, you must take the essential first step in purchasing baseboard heater covers to prevent accidents or injury in your home. 

If you are looking for the best baby proof baseboard heater cover, we recommend the NeatHeat baseboard cover heater for hot water heaters. And the Baseboarders galvanized steel cover for electric heaters.

We also recommend the EZ Snap brand for families who need quick baby proof solutions in a hurry. 

Budget baseboard heater covers

Most baseboard heater covers are affordable. The cost increases when you have to buy additional parts and pieces to complete the installation. These might include end pieces, brackets, and corner pieces. 

NeatHeat is the best budget baseboard heater cover, but only works for hot water heaters. 

Keep the cost down by prioritizing the rooms where your family spends the most time. Chances are, your baby will be more likely to want to explore the heaters in this room versus any other. 

Then, you can save money and invest in covers for the remaining rooms to fully baby proof your home. 

DIY baby proof baseboard heaters 

There are several products that require minimal effort when it comes to installing baseboard heater covers. In fact, the EZSnap brand can be installed in just a few minutes. 

Moving furniture or other large items in front of baseboard heaters is the best option for a quick fix.  

Step by step- how to baby proof a baseboard heater

  1. First, measure the length, width, and height of your baseboard heaters. This is important since some covers only fit certain sizes of heaters!
  2. Next, check the products above to see which will fit your heaters.
    1. NeatHeat covers fit taller-than-average heaters
    2. EZSnap and Baseboarders come in many different lengths to suit any heater length
  3. Prioritize which heaters you’ll baby proof first. Choose the ones in rooms your child spends the most time in.
  4. Order your heater covers
  5. Install
  6. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your child can’t hurt themselves on the baseboard heater!

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Can you block a baseboard heater?

how to baby proof baseboard heaters

There are a few ways you can block a baseboard heater if you have a baby or toddler. 

You can safely block a baseboard heater by putting a couch, table, or another piece of furniture in front of it to block your baby from getting close enough to the heater. 

However, doing this can pose other risks. You can create a fire hazard if the furniture is too close to the baseboard heater. Be sure to place any items at least one foot away from the heater. 

Make sure furniture you choose is safe to be near a heating panel so it won’t overheat or catch fire.

This option should be a temporary fix until you can find a safer, more permanent solution to protect your child and home. 

Are baseboard heaters safe for babies?

If baseboard heaters have covers that are properly installed, they don’t pose a major threat to babies. 

The threat comes when they are uncovered and exposed, so children can stick their fingers inside the heating system or drop toys into the heater, which can start a fire.

You can avoid these scenarios (for the most part) by staying vigilant and ensuring all your heaters are properly covered. 

For electric heaters, however, the covers can get just as hot as the heater and can burn a child.

How can I keep my baby away from the heater?

Baseboard heater covers are the best way to keep a baby away from the heater itself. 

There are a few other ways you can protect your baby from coming into contact with baseboard heaters. 

  • Install an extended safety gate around the heater to prevent your baby from putting toys into the unit, or burning themselves through direct contact.
  • Place your baby in a playpen when they are in a room with baseboard heaters. Put their favorite toys in the playpen so they are entertained and won’t try to get out and explore the room.
  • Teach your children not to touch heating units. 

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Is it possible for a modern baseboard heater to catch fire?

A modern baseboard heater can catch fire.

This can happen if: 

  • Flammable furniture or other objects are too close to the heater
  • Toys or other small items fall into the heating system or are left there unattended
  • The airflow is blocked from the heater  

Wrap Up – How to Baby proof baseboard heaters

how to baby proof baseboard heaters pin

Your main job as a parent is to love and protect your children, and you don’t take that job lightly. 

Be sure to check on any baseboard heaters in your home. Make sure they are baby-proofed with covers installed or are out of reach of babies and young children. Prioritize babyproofing the rooms and areas with heavy traffic. They are more likely to catch your baby’s eye and spark their curiosity.

Baseboard heater covers are the most affordable and efficient way to stay warm all winter while knowing your children are safe. 

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