22 Things to do with a Newborn in the Winter

New moms and dads are always looking for things to do with a newborn in winter. How do you keep yourselves sane, maybe get out of the house, and combine that with something your newborn can do, all while it looks like the land beyond The Wall outside?

I’ve come up with places to go with your baby in winter, as well as fun activities you can do at home! If you have older children and a newborn, you can even all go together! So let’s get into things to do with a newborn in the winter! 

22 things to do with a newborn in the winter

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9 Things to do with a Newborn in the Winter At Home

If it’s too cold outside, you may want to stay home but still need to entertain yourself and the kids. Of course these activities aren’t limited to winter only, you can do many of these year round. 

 It's important to make sure your baby doesn't get attacked by white walkers while venturing out this winter!
Things to do with a newborn in the winter: Not get eaten by white walkers.
  • Read out loud. Related: Learn about my recommendations for the Best Books for Babies Under 6 Months and what books will help your baby’s brain develop!
  • Have a photo shoot. Dress your baby up, get out the cute blankets to use as a background and snap away! Friends and family will love seeing photos and videos of your little one! 
  • Play in the bathtub together. Even if your baby is too young to sit up on their own, put them on your lap and prop them up in the tub with you. This sounds like a great way to stay warm on a cold day!
  • Have one of those baby handprint or footprint kits? Today’s as good a day as any to use it!
  • I liked doing other arts and crafts with my baby. Check out some other fun handprint crafts we did, like this Game of Thrones handprint art on canvas
  • Play some games on your phone or tablet! Check out my suggestions for the best infant learning apps on Android.
  • Print out some high contrast images and look at them with your baby! See how they are fascinated by patterns and bright colors. Check out my Infant Visual Development post for more ideas!
  • Listen to music and other sounds, sing, and copy the noises your baby makes to help them develop their hearing. Related post: Infant Hearing Development.
  • Have fun with smells! Let your baby smell some new things, like cheese, mint (toothpaste), spices, and other things you have around the house. Read more in my article Do Newborns Have Taste Buds?

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Out and About: 12 Places to go with Your Baby in the Winter

Want to get out and about with your newborn or other kids this winter? These indoor activities will keep you warm and cozy, entertained, and from feeling cooped up!

  • Visit the library. Pick out a few books to read to your newborn, or go to story time! 
  • Aquarium. Unlike the zoo, you’ll be indoors! 
  • Baby gym class. Many gyms offer infant classes or Mommy and Me swimming, yoga and other classes. It’s a great way to meet other new moms too!
  • Play group or new moms group. Speaking of meeting other new moms, get together with a playgroup or new moms group near you. Check Facebook for local get togethers. 
  • Children’s museum. Children’s museums often have areas specifically for infants with large, colorful objects, as well as sections for toddlers and older children. Check out the options near your house!
  • Speaking of museums, check out your local art museum, history museum, science museum, and so on! Your baby will love looking around at everything!
  • Visit a pet store. Babies love animals. When my daughter was six weeks old, she would stare at the dog for hours if he was nearby! To a newborn, the pet store is just as good as the zoo. As a bonus, the pet store has free admission and is indoors! 
Things to do with a newborn in the winter: Find and tame their first direwolf
Things to do with a newborn in the winter: Find and tame their first direwolf
  • Take the stroller and walk the mall. A good way to stretch your legs and maybe get some shopping done! Invite a friend and walk around for awhile. (related post: check out my recommendations for adorable princess-themed car seats and strollers for your little girl!)
  • I love hiking and being outdoors in good weather, and guess what? There are some options that are almost like being outdoors in the winter! Do you have a botanical garden or arboretum near you? They often have special winter events.
  • Go check out the Christmas lights! It gets dark early in the winter. Or is your newborn up at all hours of the night? Take a drive around town to see the lights near you.
  • Train ride! Many places have Polar Express events in the winter. However, it’s important to think through the reality that you’ll be on the train with your newborn and can’t leave or go somewhere private if you or your baby need a break!
  • Hot Chocolate Crawl! This one is really for the parents, but newborns will love it too! You’ve heard of a bar crawl, right? How about a kid-friendly version? Take your little one to different coffee shops around town and sample the hot cocoa to stay warm! Your newborn will love seeing all the people, sights, and smells. A big thanks to my friend at Erie Activities for recommending this!
  • Check out winter events in your area, especially for kids!
Things to do with a newborn in the winter: Sneak aboard the Hogwarts Express!
Things to do with a newborn in the winter: Sneak aboard the Hogwarts Express!

And of course, there’s always the option to do what you normally like to do and take your baby and a stroller. They will enjoy looking around at new environments. Talk or sing while you’re doing everyday stuff and show them the world around you! 

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Tips for taking a newborn out during winter

Babies, especially newborns, can’t regulate their temperature well. What does that mean? When you go out to do things with your newborn in winter, make sure they are dressed appropriately. When going out in the cold, they should be bundled up. If you are inside and it’s warm, make sure they don’t overheat with too many layers. Think about how you are dressed and dress your newborn in a similar number of layers and type of clothing.

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However, it is important not to put too many layers on your baby when they will be in a car seat. Lots of added layers mean the car seat straps may not fit quite right and make the car seat less safe for your baby. If your baby is wearing a coat that’s the thickness of a hoodie, or a fleece jacket, like this one or this one on Amazon, you can strap them in just fine. A big fluffy outfit, or a puffy parka is probably too thick to let you strap your baby in safely. When in doubt, you can buckle your baby into the car seat while wearing a regular outfit, then wrap a blanket around them to keep them warm.

I love outfits called “buntings” or prams to put on babies in the winter. This full woolly body suit is like pajamas with footies, and a hood! Perfect for trips where your baby will be in and out of the car, or outdoors for a short time. Check out these cute but affordable buntings from Carters on Amazon!

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You may also want a car seat cover when doing things with your newborn in winter. It will keep the cold wind and snow off your baby.  When you’re in a store, you can also keep it closed if your baby is sleeping, and to protect them from germs. Car seat covers, like my favorite from JJ Cole, is available on Amazon in a variety of colors!

And of course, you probably want to pre-heat your car to get it nice and toasty for your baby!

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Conclusions: Things to do with a newborn in winter

Don’t feel cooped up this winter! Get out and about with your newborn and enjoy yourself by trying a variety of things to do with a newborn in winter! Newborns are happy to go and look at new things, whether it is a trip to a place like a children’s museum, or something simple like going to the library, mall, or grocery store.

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