Game of Thrones Handprint Art on Canvas with your Kids!

I wanted to make some fun and simple handprint art on canvas with my little one, and I got to thinking, how can I make some nerdy handprint art on canvas?  Well, I’ll show you, and it’s super easy! 

This handprint art on canvas will work for any age of kid, from newborn to, well, you could even make one of your own hand!

Game of Thrones Handprint Art on Canvas
So simple that even Hodor could make this!

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First, you’ll need a canvas. I like these canvas boards from Amazon. They’re cheap, so if you mess up, or your direwolf chews it up, no big deal. Plus, actual canvases are stretchy. These are stiff pieces of firm cardboard wrapped in canvas. I had better luck getting my daughter’s handprint to come out clearly on these firm boards. Want to save yourself a step? Check out these pre-painted black canvases on Amazon! I went with a small 5×7 inch size, but you can go larger if you’d like.

Second, you’ll need to paint the whole canvas black. If you bought a black canvas, skip to the next step. I just use $1 black paint, but really, any paint (and any color) will do! If you need some paint, click the picture below to buy it on Amazon!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Any kind of brush will work, you can even use a kitchen sponge or one of those foam squeegee things. I put on two coats for good coverage. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes, or until it is dry to the touch.

Third, you’ll need your kid’s handprint. This is the hardest part of handprint art on canvas. Once my daughter is older, it’ll be easier to get good handprints, but then she’ll want to pick the designs herself. Or she’ll want to watch Game of Thrones…

I use this gold paint (click to see on Amazon). It’s non-toxic, so I didn’t have to worry about my daughter accidentally eating any of it if I didn’t get every single drop off of her hands! When I’m ready for the handprint,I get a wet washcloth ready to go, and pour some gold paint onto my palette (okay, it’s just a paper plate). I dab a thin layer on my daughter’s hand. 

And now, the very hardest part- getting her to put her hand flat on the canvas board and press down. Bonus points if you can get their hand anywhere near the middle of the canvas. But don’t worry- if you mess up, just paint over it in black and try again! Or if it’s only a small mistake, paint over the spot you don’t want with black!

After 2 tries, I was able to get this

handprint art on canvas - a faint print!
It’s in the middle of the canvas and her fingers are spread out! I’ll take it!

Not quite as defined as I wanted, so I used my paint brush to add more paint and touch it up. 

And now, the lettering! Go to this website and type in your caption to see it in different Game of Thrones style fonts. I wrote out my letters in chalk on the canvas first.  That way, if I messed up, I just wet my paintbrush or a paper towel and wipe off any chalk lines I don’t like. You can also use Posca Paint Pens, click to view on Amazon. That honestly probably would have been easier than “writing” with a paint brush!   I like the gold, personally. 

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Finally, write or paint on your caption. Here’s how mine turned out!

game of thrones handprint art on canvas- turned out great!

I went with the caption Hand of the Queen. But with Game of Thrones, you have so many options! 

  • Name of House Last Name
  • Soandso, First of His Name (add other titles as you please!)
  • A Girl Has No Name
  • Ser Suchandsuch
  • Lord, Lady, King, Queen, or Ser Whatshisname
  • Wildling (would look great with green colors, or gray!)

Conclusions: Game of Thrones Handprint Art on Canvas

Wasn’t that handprint art on canvas simple and fun? My six month old daughter was fascinated when I put the paint on her hand. Stay tuned for more handprint art on canvas, I have other fun and fairly simple projects coming soon!

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