Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Diaper Review

members mark diaper review- front
Front of Member’s Mark diaper

This Sam’s Club Member’s Mark diaper review roundup dives into over 3,500 reviews, plus my experience! Sure, Sam’s diapers are cheap, but are they any good?  I’ll summarize what parents all over the US have to say about these low cost diapers. That way, you can make the right choice for your baby!

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Are Members Mark diapers good? 

sams club diaper
Check out the triple-wide wetness indicator on the diaper!

Member’s Mark diapers are comparable to other store brand diapers like Walmart’s Parents Choice, Aldi, and Target’s Up and Up.

This is based on my experience, along with thousands of reviews from Sam’s Clubs website, Amazon, and forums like Reddit.

Let’s dig into the features of Members Mark diapers to decide if they’re right for you. 

Sam’s Club Diapers Features 

members mark diaper review - interior of diaper
Elastic waistbands, like the ones on Members Mark diapers, are great for preventing leaks and blowouts!
  • Sam’s Club diapers do have a wetness indicator. It’s actually wider than most other brands and has three separate stripes!
  • Newborn size diapers have umbilical cord cutouts. 
  • All diapers have an elastic waistband, great for preventing blowouts!
  • Size 3 and up have sticky FitGrip tabs to help hold the diaper in place
sams club diaper tabs
Only a small part of the diaper tab is sticky, similar to the tabs on Pampers. But they still fasten well and stay in place!

Member’s Mark diaper ingredients 

Similar to other store brand diapers, Members Mark diapers are free from some ingredients, like chlorine bleaching, lotions, and latex. But they may not be the best for babies with sensitive skin. 

Overall, their diapers feel soft, similar to other store brands.


  • Overall, Sam’s Club diapers have amazing reviews! On Sam’s website, 72% of reviews are 5 stars!
  • The sizes are accurate. These diapers don’t run big or small.
  • They absorb well for most babies


  • Some parents found they weren’t absorbent enough for overnight use. They use a different brand at night like Pampers or Huggies, or even a special overnight diaper like Pampers Baby Dry. This is true of many store brand diapers!
  • The wetness indicator doesn’t always turn blue when it gets wet
  • Member’s Mark diapers sold on Amazon are much more expensive than the ones you buy directly from Sam’s Club stores or their website 
Click the image to see more details on Amazon

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Environmental Friendliness

Watching the video on the Sam’s Club website, their diapers are made in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility, and a tree is planted for each diaper that is produced!

That’s a lot more than most other store brands can say!

Members Mark size chart

Sam's Club Member's Mark Diaper Size Chart
Member’s Mark diaper sizing chart

Member’s Mark diapers use the same weight ranges to determine diaper sizes as most other major diaper brands. They tend to run true to size. That is to say, they aren’t bigger or smaller than you’d expect

Some parents did note that the leg cuffs don’t tend to fit skinny babies well. In that case, you can try angling the diapers tabs downward for a tighter fit.

Who makes Sam’s Club diapers?

Sam’s Club diapers are manufactured by Paragon Trade Brands. They make store brand diapers, training pants, and feminine hygiene products.

I emailed Sam’s Club to find out who manufactures their diapers, but they did not share the information themselves. Instead, I found it on the box- see the image below.

Where are Member’s Mark diapers made?

Sam’s Club Member’s Mark diapers are manufactured in the USA

Source: Sam’s Club website 

What diaper brands does Sam’s Club sell?

Sam’s Club sells their Member’s Mark brand, along with Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs.

So if you have a Sam’s Club membership, but Member’s Mark diapers aren’t for you, you can still get some good deals on other brands!

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The Sam’s Club website has the most ratings and Members Mark Diaper reviews, by far- over 3,500! While there are a around a hundred ratings on Amazon, I didn’t take those into account here

  • Five star ratings: 72% (2,599 ratings)
  • Four star ratings: 10% (376 ratings)
  • Three star ratings: 4% (155 ratings)
  • Two star ratings: 4% (129 ratings
  • One star ratings: 9% (330 ratings)

Resources- Member’s Mark Diaper Review 

Wrap up- Sam’s Club Diaper Review

sam's club member's mark diaper review roundup pin

All in all, Sam’s Club diapers are similar to other store-brand diapers. They don’t have all the bells and whistles of brand names like Huggies and Pampers. But they have the necessary features to get the job done!

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