Hello Bello Diaper Review | Are these low cost, eco friendly diapers any good?

Hello Bello Diaper Review | Compare Hello Bello vs Huggies, Dyper, Pampers, Kirkland and more!

I wrote this Hello Bello diaper review to help parents understand if they’re right for their children. After all, diapers are one of the most expensive items parents buy for their children. 

Are Hello Bello diapers any good? How do they compare to other brands? Let’s dive in!

Hello Bello Diaper Review 

To sum it up, Hello Bello diapers are soft, fairly eco-conscious, and low cost compared to other eco- friendly diapers.

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Diaper design

hello bello diaper review- outside

Hello Bello diapers wetness indicator

Hello Bello diapers have wetness indicators on size newborn through size 2. When they are yellow, the wetness indicators can be difficult to see with the colorful diaper designs. 

However, once the diaper is wet, the wetness indicator is very visible. 


hello bello diaper design with guitars

Hello Bello diapers have very bright and colorful patterns. In fact, each box has two different designs. They’re pretty fun but personally, I think some of them are kinda dark and often visible through a baby’s clothes.

With the dark blue guitar design, if my daughter wore a light color, you could definitely see the diaper.

Size up indicators 

Hello Bello diapers do not have size up indicators. Keep an eye for red marks from the diaper being too tight. These mean your child is ready to go up a diaper size.

Diaper fit

Both of my kids are big for their age. Hello Bello diapers fit them well. 

The only leak I had was when my 8 week old pooped and then peed while in her car seat. The diaper took the poop just fine but the pee leaked out the top of the diaper. 


back of hello bello diaper
You can kind of see the slightly elastic waistband on the back of this Hello Bello diaper

The waistband is a little bit stretchy, which can help hold in messes! It’s not as elastic as Huggies or Kirkland. But it’s more stretchy than Pampers.

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Leg cuffs

The leg cuffs are nice and elasticy to hold in messes and keep the diaper snugly on your little one. 

Diaper feel

Hello Bello diapers are very soft, both inside and out! They feel as soft as Pampers.


interior of hello bello diaper

These diapers are pretty absorbent! They aren’t as good as name brands like Huggies or Pampers. But they’re much better than store brands like Target’s Up and Up or Aldi Little Journey. 

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Environmental Friendliness 

Are Hello Bello diapers biodegradable?

No, Hello Bello diapers are not biodegradable. 

However, they are made using some plant-based materials. 

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Where are Hello Bello diapers made?

Hello Bello diapers are manufactured in Canada


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What ingredients are in Hello Bello diapers?

  • The top sheet, also known as the inside lining:  polypropylene
  • Backsheet (the outside cover): polypropylene and polyethylene fiber 
  • Absorbent core:
    • Chlorine- free fluff pulp
    • SAP (super absorbent polymer)
    • Lined with corn-derived PLA fiber
  • Waistband and leg cuffs: polypropylene nonwoven fiber, spandex strands, and elastomeric film
  • Fasteners: elastic

What isn’t in Hello Bello diapers? 

Hello Bello diapers do not contain

  • Lotions
  • Fragrance
  • Phthalates
  • Latex
  • They are cruelty free and never tested on animals 

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Hello Bello diaper size chart

hello bello size chart

Hello Bello diapers go up to Size 6. They follow the same sizing of most other US diaper brands.

Hello Bello cost per diaper

Hello Bello diapers cost around $0.25 each when you purchase the largest size box available. (Calculation based on Size 3 diapers).

Hello Bello offers a subscription discount from their website. And other stores may offer discounts too!

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FAQ- Hello Bello diaper review

Does Target sell Hello Bello diapers? 

No, Target does not sell Hello Bello diapers. 

Does Costco sell Hello Bello diapers?

No, Costco does not sell Hello Bello diapers. 

Where can I buy Hello Bello diapers? 

You can purchase Hello Bello diapers at CVS, Walmart Meijer, CVS, Kohl’s, Albertsons, and Hyvee.
Hello Bello’s website also offers a tool for finding other stores near you. 

What is the tape for on Hello Bello pull ups?

The tape on Hello Bello pull ups is a tape  tab. After the diaper is soiled, roll it up and use the tape to secure the roll. 

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Kirkland diapers vs Hello Bello

Hello Bello are perfect for parents looking for low-cost eco-friendly diapers. Kirkland diapers are great for parents who want very absorbent diapers that prevent leaks and blowouts. 

The detailed differences between Kirkland diapers vs Hello Bello:

  • Kirkland diapers have a pocketed, very stretchy waistband that prevents leaks and blowouts better
  • Hello Bello diapers are thinner and less bulky than Kirkland 
  • Kirkland are slightly more expensive
  • Hello Bello are made with more eco- friendly ingredients 
  • Kirkland are slightly more absorbent 
  • Hello Bello is softer
  • Kirkland have size up indicators
  • Hello Bello has more fun designs and patterns. 
  • And finally, Kirkland has wetness indicators on all diaper sizes. Hello Bello only has them in sizes N-2.

For a more in-depth look at Kirkland diapers, read more here! 

Hello Bello vs Huggies diapers

Huggies are premium diapers with lots of features to help parents stop diaper leaks. On the other hand, Hello Bello are lower cost eco-friendly diapers that still get the job done. 

  • Huggies have a pocketed, very stretchy waistband that prevents leaks and blowouts better
  • Huggies size 3 and up have purple “double grip tape” to help keep diapers on active babies
  • Hello Bello diapers are thinner and less bulky versus Huggies 
  • Huggies are more expensive
  • Hello Bello are made with more eco- friendly ingredients 
  • Huggies are much more absorbent 
  • Hello Bello diapers have a softer feel
  • Huggies have size up indicators
  • Hello Bello has more fun designs and patterns. 
  • Last of all, Huggies have wetness indicators on all diaper sizes. Hello Bello only has them in sizes N-2.

To learn more about Huggies, check out this post!

Hello Bello vs Pampers

Pampers are the most popular diapers because they are soft and absorbent. But Hello Bello diapers are equally soft, pretty absorbent, use more environmentally friendly ingredients, and are much lower cost.

  • Pampers are much more expensive
  • Pampers diapers are scented, vs Hello Bello, which are not
  • Hello Bello are made with eco- friendly ingredients and Pampers are not
  • Both Pampers and Hello Bello are very soft!
  • Pampers are much more absorbent 
  • Pampers have size up indicators
  • Hello Bello diapers have designs and patterns. Pampers are pretty plain
  • Finally, Pampers have wetness indicators on all diapers. But Hello Bello only has them in sizes N-2.

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Hello Bello vs Dyper

Dyper diapers are perfect for parents who want to spend a little bit more while helping the environment a lot more. Hello Bello are great if you’re looking for more affordable eco-friendly diapers.

  • Dyper are much more expensive
  • Hello Bello diapers are made with some eco- friendly ingredients. Dyper diapers are much more environmentally conscious but have a price tag to match.
  • Both Dyper and Hello Bello are very soft!
  • Comparing the absorbency of Dyper vs Hello Bello, they’re about the same 
  • Hello Bello diapers have designs and patterns. The only design on Dyper is the wetness indicator 
  • Dyper has fewer sizes than Hello Bello. This means Hello Bello might provide a better fit for your baby
  • Last of all, Dyper diapers have wetness indicators on all diapers. But Hello Bello only has them in sizes N-2.

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Wrap up- Hello Bello diaper review 

hello bello diaper review pin

There you have it! Hello Bello diapers are pretty soft, and fairly absorbent and eco- friendly. And they’re a good choice for parents looking for low cost, environmentally friendly diapers. 

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