Comprehensive Millie Moon Diaper Review

Hannah, mom of two, shares her Millie Moon diaper review so we can get a look at how they work for different families.

As a mom of two little ones who go through diapers like it’s going out of style, I love finding a new brand that offers clean ingredients and unbeatable absorbency for a fantastic price. 

When I try a new diaper brand, absorbency and material softness are the top two features I pay attention to. Affordability is also important; as a single-income family, we try to cut costs wherever we can to save a little extra money. 

In my experience, when you buy cheap diapers, you get what you pay for. I’ve lived through so many overnight leaks, inconvenient and messy blowouts during travel, and necessary clothing changes that I typically shy away from cheap diapers now. 

Millie Moon diapers run in the middle of the pack in terms of cost; they’re pricier than the standard Huggies or Pampers pack, but not quite as steep as Honest diapers.

The quality of absorbency that these diapers offer, along with the snug-fit and high-quality materials, make them a no-brainer for our family. I will continue purchasing Millie Moon diapers for my son because of these three features. 

Short Version: Millie Moon Diaper Review

Millie Moon is a luxury diaper brand found exclusively at Target that launched in 2021. 

Fairly new to the diaper scene, Millie Moon is making a big splash with families who want their children to experience the benefits of a luxurious, super-soft, non-toxic diaper without having to pay an arm and a leg. 

As a company, Millie Moon stands for transparency, clean ingredients, and doing less harm and more good to the planet. This brand also promotes quality materials that nourish and support babies throughout their young lives. 

So far, so good!

Pros and Cons of Millie Moon Diapers 

Here are the pros and cons of Millie Moon diapers, so you can decide for yourself if these diapers are worth trying out on your own baby. 

Pros of Millie Moon Diapers

Diaper Material

Millie Moon diapers are extremely soft, gentle, and cozy. In my own experience, diapers that are made of soft and gentle material are usually on the thinner side.

This is not the case with Millie Moon; they feel luxurious and are one of the thickest diapers I’ve used. They even rival the tried-and-true thickness of Kirkland diapers, which are my top choice of diapers for absorbency and thickness for my son. 


Millie Moon is totally transparent with its ingredients list. According to their website, here is what they include in their diapers: 

Totally chlorine-free fluff pulp, super absorbent material (SAP), polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, polyethylene film, and some fastening and elastic materials. 


For a luxury diaper brand, Millie Moon does not run as high in price as many of its competitors, like Honest and Coterie. 

For families who want to buy non-toxic diapers without spending their entire savings, Millie Moon is a fantastic alternative. They’re pricier than the average Huggies or Pampers pack, but consumers get total transparency with ingredients, softer diapers, and more absorbency power. 


Millie Moon diapers run on the larger side, which means you can stock up on the same size for much longer than you could a standard pack of diapers. We recommend sizing down at least one size to ensure you’re getting a size that will fit your baby with room to grow. 

The diaper sizing begins with newborns that weigh 6 to 11 pounds, up to size 6, which fits children up to 35 pounds.

Absorbency Power

The absorbency of Millie Moon diapers is impressive — they advertise 12-hour absorption and comfort, and I found that to be completely accurate for my son. 

My son is nearly two years old and normally wakes up with a very swollen diaper from a 10-hour overnight. When he wore a Millie Moon diaper to sleep in, it was noticeably less swollen and saggy on his bottom. 

Super-High Waist

Many diaper brands are notorious for sagging as they are filled up with fluid. As a parent of two little ones, I am used to at least one of my children having a saggy diaper bum at some point during the day. 

I’ve noticed that the higher-waisted the diaper, the less likely it is to sag throughout the day. This rang true with Millie Moon, partially thanks to its super-high-waist and snug fit.

Most diapers hit my 2-year-old under the belly button, but Millie Moon diapers sit much higher on his waist. This prevents sag and discomfort as he runs around and wets his diaper during the day. 

Cute Patterns and Prints 

Millie Moon’s diaper designs are subtle and stylish. They feature cute characters and subtle color schemes that are perfect for parents who don’t want characters or bright, splashy colors on their baby.

Cons of Millie Moon Diapers


Millie Moon diapers can only be purchased in Target stores or online at 

If you prefer purchasing your diapers at other retailers (whether online or in-store), these diapers may not be your first choice. 

Run Large

Readers should know that Millie Moon diapers do run large; I purchased size 4 for my 25-pound son, and they are definitely longer and wider than most size 4 diapers on the market today. 

With a larger size comes extra material, which I did notice around the waistband of my son’s diaper. There just seemed to be more material on this diaper that got in the way when trying to change the diaper. It didn’t seem to bother my son at all, however.

Millie Moon recommends sizing down if your child is in between sizes or is at a lower percentile for weight. 

No Training Pants

At this time, Millie Moon only offers diapers for children up to 35 pounds and sensitive wipes. 

If you are looking for a diaper brand that will grow with your child through potty training, you won’t find a Millie Moon training pant option (yet). 

Key features of Millie Moon Diapers

Here are some of the key features and benefits of Millie Moon diapers. 

We’ll go into great detail on the fit and feel, diaper quality, absorbency power, waistband, and other details you should know about these diapers before purchasing.

Diaper Feel

This diaper brand is designed for babies with sensitive and delicate skin. 

Millie Moon uses safe, premium materials that are free of latex, lotions, and chlorine. These diapers and wipes are certified by some of the world’s leading organizations, including Dermatest, an independent dermatological testing program.

Millie Moon diapers feel very soft to the touch, both on the outside and the inside of the diaper. The liner is extremely soft and sits gently on the skin without irritating or rubbing, as some liners do. 

millie moon diaper review

Pictured: the inner liner of the diaper, featuring a soft, quilted material to absorb properly and keep your baby’s skin dry and cozy.

The feather-soft material of Millie Moon diapers will keep your baby content, dry, and comfortable all day and night. 

Diaper Fit

My son is tall and lean for his age, weighing about 25 pounds at 2 years old. He wears a size 4 in other diaper brands but could’ve easily fit in a size 3 with Millie Moon.

I purchased his normal size 4 diaper, and while they were bigger than other diapers of the same size, they still hugged him comfortably tight in the hips and thighs. 

I’ve purchased diapers too big for my son in the past and they quickly became baggy, saggy, with many more leaks. With these, I simply fastened the stretchy diaper tabs a little tighter than normal, and he was ready to play. 

The diaper itself is definitely longer and made with more material than other brands, but to me, that just means more absorbency power and less chance of leaks or blowouts. 

Diaper slimness or bulkiness

Overall, Millie Moon’s diapers are on the bulkier side, but I don’t find this to be a negative feature. In my own experience, the thinner or slimmer the diaper, the more it will leak or blow out. What parent wants to deal with that? 

Millie Moon may offer a more bulky diaper, but the perks of the bulk are worth it. We did not experience one leak, one saggy diaper butt, and zero blowouts. 

I give much of the credit to the thickness of the diaper and its absorbency power. Without it, I’m sure leaks would be much more common. 

Leg Cuffs

While the leg cuffs are understated on these diapers, they are definitely effective at preventing leaks. 

The cuffs don’t need to be fluffed out as much as other brands (like Kirkland and Huggies), so you don’t have to worry about manually fluffing them when you’re changing your child’s diaper. The less we have to remember to do during diaper changes, the better! 

Wetness Indicators

Even with the cute prints on Millie Moon diapers, they still feature a handy wetness indicator stripe to let parents and caretakers know when it’s time for a fresh diaper.

millie moon diaper review
millie moon diaper review


The high waistband on Millie Moon diapers was one of the first features I noticed; they sit much higher up on my son’s waist, whereas most other diapers sit low, near, or just under the belly button. 

millie moon diaper review

My son has a long torso, so most diapers fit him fairly low in the waist. Millie Moon’s diaper covered his belly button and sat high on his hips. This level of coverage provides parents with peace of mind that no matter what happens in that diaper, it will stay high up on the baby’s waist and is extremely effective at preventing leaks while remaining comfortable. 

The back of the waistband that rests on the baby’s back has a great level of stretch and is made of super-soft material. In my experience, some waistbands are made of an itchier, rougher material that causes my son’s skin to become red and irritated.

The Millie Moon diaper waistband is like a soft, gentle hug.

Diaper Tabs

Millie Moon’s diaper tabs are super-stretchy and flexible; there were a few times that I needed to readjust my son’s diaper during the day, and they re-attached to the diaper easily without any sag.

millie moon diaper review

The tabs are designed to fasten closer to the hips than the belly button, allowing for a snug fit and reducing the risk of leaks.


The absorbency power of these diapers is undoubtedly their best feature, and it makes them worth trying if your child is experiencing leaks or blowouts of any caliber. 

Millie Moon diapers are designed with a double leak guard and unique deep pocket that feature 12-hour absorption technology. The unique ingredients include super absorbent material (SAP) and a sustainable wood pulp blend that offers greater absorbency power for babies all day and all night. 

As a mom, Millie Moon is easily the most absorbent diaper I’ve used by a landslide. Not only do they absorb over 12 hours of liquid, but they don’t sag, hang off my son’s hips, or start to feel damp on the outside (as many other brands do). 

My son never seemed uncomfortable while wearing these, even when they were full. He usually tugs at his diaper or puts his hands down his back, trying to get it off. With Millie Moon, he was totally content and comfortable having them on.

While some diapers absorb well, they still may feel damp to the touch. Millie Moon diapers felt dry after every long stretch of sleep my son had, varying from 10 to 14 hours at a time. 

We did not experience one leak; my son is notorious for blowouts at the most inopportune moments, and while he definitely had some messy diapers, they were all totally contained by Millie Moon diapers. 

If absorbency is the biggest selling point in a diaper for your child, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed in the quality Millie Moon has to offer.

The Verdict: Millie Moon Diaper Review 

For families who want a luxury diaper without breaking the bank, Millie Moon diapers are a solid choice. More affordable than its luxury diaper competitors like Honest and Coterie, Millie Moon offers a high-quality, powerfully absorbent, and super-soft alternative. 

The diaper’s most impressive features include the transparent ingredients list, material softness, and how gentle the diapers are on sensitive skin. 

Millie Moon products, both diapers and wipes, were designed for delicate baby skin that needs extra love and attention. 

If your baby’s skin gets easily irritated by the chemicals and ingredients used in standard diapers, Millie Moon is a seriously worthy alternative. 

While Millie Moon offers a diaper size that should fit most newborns (as small as 6 pounds), these diapers do run large. If your baby was born premature or your child is on the smaller side, these diapers may be too big for the time being.

We recommend trying these diapers once your baby weighs 10 pounds to ensure that they fit properly and will keep your baby dry and comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Millie Moon Diapers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Millie Moon diapers.  

What ingredients are used in Millie Moon diapers?

Millie Moon diapers contain the following ingredients: 
Totally chlorine-free fluff pulp, super absorbent material (SAP), polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, polyethylene film, together with some fastening and elastic materials. 

What ingredients are Millie Moon diapers free from?

Millie Moon diapers are free of chlorine, lotions, latex, and fragrance. 

Are Millie Moon diapers non-toxic?

The materials used in Millie Moon diapers are certified safe and clean by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. They’re free of lotions, latex, chlorine, and phthalates. They have a pH-balanced layer and are dermatologically tested for babies with sensitive skin.

Because the brand doesn’t state what percent of their diapers are plant-based, they aren’t technically considered non-toxic. 

Where are Millie Moon diapers made?

millie moon diaper review

Millie Moon diapers are developed in New Zealand, with premium ingredients sourced from all over the world. The diapers are assembled in China.

Who manufactures Millie Moon diapers? 

millie moon diaper review

Millie Moon diapers are manufactured and distributed by Zuru, a China-based company. 

Where can I buy Millie Moon diapers? 

Millie Moon diapers are sold exclusively at Target stores and at

What sizes does Millie Moon’s diaper come in? 

Millie Moon’s sizing is as follows:
*Size 1 (6-11 pounds)
*Size 2 (9-18 pounds)
*Size 3 (13-24 pounds)
*Size 4 (22-33 pounds)
*Size 5 (28-39 pounds)
*Size 6 (35+ pounds) 

Millie Moon Diaper Size Chart
Millie Moon Diaper Size Chart

Millie Moon vs Pampers

Pampers diapers have been around for decades, making them a trusted brand for families all over the country. 

Pampers are available for purchase at most big box stores like Target and Walmart, drugstores like CVS and Walgreens, and grocery stores around the country. Millie Moon is a much newer brand (launched in 2021) and is only available at Target (for now).

In terms of quality, Pampers may offer slightly better absorbency, thanks to its dual leak-guard barriers and LockAway channels to keep moisture off your baby’s skin. 

Since Millie Moon diapers do run larger, it’s worth noting you may experience leaks if you buy your baby’s normal size. We recommend sizing down in Millie Moon to avoid leaks and blow outs. Pampers run true to size.

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Millie Moon diaper ingredients

Millie Moon is very transparent about the ingredients they use in their diapers and wipes. This luxury diaper line is made without latex, lotions, fragrance, and chlorine. 

They also contain totally chlorine-free fluff pulp, super absorbent material (SAP), polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, and polyethylene film.

Millie Moon vs Honest

When compared to Honest brand, Millie Moon has a few similarities to the expensive, non-toxic diaper. Honest and Millie Moon diapers both contain clean ingredients and transparent manufacturing processes. 

Millie Moon diapers are significantly thicker than Honest, but the two brands both absorb wetness about the same. Honest diapers are thinner and not as soft, while Millie Moon diapers are quite thick. 

Honest diapers typically run true to size while Millie Moon is on the bigger side.

Both diapers have wetness indicators, fun prints, and are considered luxury diapers. The biggest difference between Honest and Millie Moon diapers is the price. Honest diapers are significantly more expensive than Millie Moon.

Millie Moon vs Huggies

When compared to the popular Huggies diaper, Millie Moon has a few standout differences that make it worth exploring. 

Huggies ingredients list is improving with time, but Millie Moon’s luxury diaper offers a much cleaner diaper for babies with sensitive skin. 

Millie Moon has one line of diapers that are sold in newborn size through size 6. Huggies have several different diaper lines that give parents more options to choose from. 

When it comes to absorbency and softness, Huggies and Millie Moon are about the same quality. Huggies runs true to size while Millie Moon runs large.

Millie Moon size chart

While most reviewers agree that Millie Moon diapers run large, the size chart on their website is helpful when determining what size is most appropriate for your baby. 

The size chart is as follows:

  • Size 1 (6-11 pounds)
  • Size 2 (9-18 pounds)
  • Size 3 (13-24 pounds)
  • Size 4 (22-33 pounds)
  • Size 5 (28-39 pounds)
  • Size 6 (35+ pounds) 

Wrap up- Millie Moon Diaper Review

We hope you’ve enjoyed our thorough Millie Moon diaper review! We’ve given you every exhaustive detail so you can understand if these eco-friendly diapers are right for you and your family. Let us know what you thought of these diapers in the comments!

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