Parent’s Choice Diaper Review | How Does Walmart’s Store Brand Stack up?

Every family’s diapering needs are different, so we’ve interviewed Hannah, mother of two, for our Parent’s Choice diaper review.

As the mother of a very active 2-year-old boy, finding and testing the best diapers that will keep him dry and comfortable has become one of the greatest challenges of this phase of my life. 

Families with young children can probably relate — every brand claims to have the best absorbency, cleanest materials, and eco-friendly manufacturing. Oftentimes the marketing is accurate, but you can only really find out by purchasing a pack and testing it out for yourself. 

Launched in 2017, Parent’s Choice diapers is one of Walmart’s in-house brands that offers premium quality products at a fraction of the price. 

The unique selling point of Parent’s Choice diapers is without a doubt its price point; these diapers are sold at a considerably lower price than the average pack of Huggies or Pampers

If affordability is at the top of your list when shopping for diapers, Parent’s Choice by Walmart is a solid option to test out on your baby or toddler. 

Here is my honest Parent’s Choice diaper review, unfiltered and unbiased, to help you decide if they are worth trying for your little one. 

Parent’s Choice Diaper Review: Short Version

Parent’s Choice is the Walmart brand of diapers sold exclusively in Walmart stores, online, and can frequently be found on Amazon.  

Walmart is known for offering cost-effective products for families without sacrificing quality. When it comes to diapers, parents of little ones want quality, absorbency, and a great fit at an affordable price. 

Parent’s Choice diapers are a solid option for those looking for an affordable baby diaper line that offers some absorption, soft materials, and somewhat clean ingredients.

While Walmart’s line of diapers does check some of these boxes, Parent’s Choice falls short when it comes to a few key features. 

Let’s get into this Parent’s Choice diaper review so you can make an informed decision on whether these diapers may be a good fit for your baby.

Pros and Cons of Parent’s Choice Diapers

The pros and cons of Parent’s Choice diapers will help you determine what matters most to you when shopping for diapers, based on quality, price, and materials. 

Pros of Parent’s Choice Diapers 

1. Cost-effective diaper 

The most efficient way to determine a cost-effective diaper is to determine the price per diaper. Many diaper brands’ prices vary from store to store, so finding a quality diaper with an affordable price tag takes a fair amount of effort and research.

Parent’s Choice diapers fall on the low end of the spectrum regarding cost, making them a competitive choice in the affordability category. They’re the most affordable diapers I’ve purchased since having kids, and I think that reason alone makes them worth trying.

2. Slim fit 

Parent’s Choice diapers are a slim-fit, non-bulky option that hugs your baby’s hips and thighs without slowing them down. 

The material isn’t super-stretchy, which means once your baby has grown out of their current size, you’ll have to get the next size fairly quickly.

I’ve found that I can still use the remaining diapers in the box with other diaper brands, even if it’s time to size up. The stretchiness of the material gives parents a bit of a grace period, which you don’t have with Parent’s Choice. However, they fit like a dream when you have the right size! 

3. Design

Parent’s Choice diapers have a cute, subtle pattern on the front and back of the diapers. They also include the yellow wetness indicator stripe down the front and back of the diaper to let you know when the diaper is wet. 

The blue grip strips are pretty durable for fastening the diaper in place. While my son experienced a lot of diaper sag, the grip strips held on tight, even as the diaper slipped beneath his hips. 

There’s a helpful size-up indicator on the waistband of the diapers. It can be difficult to tell when it’s time to size up, but this helpful strip shows parents when the diapers are too tight around their baby’s waist.  

parent's choice diaper review

4. Sizing

Parent’s Choice diapers are available in newborn size to size 7 (over 41 pounds). You can purchase Parent’s Choice from the time your baby is born up to 41 pounds, the average weight of a 4-year-old

Parent's Choice Diaper Size Chart

The sizing inclusivity of this brand is fantastic for families looking to save money on this monthly expense, without testing out various brands and price points.

5. Softness of material

Parent’s Choice diapers are very soft and comfortable on my son’s skin. Some low-cost diapers are rough and scratchy, and I can’t imagine putting them on a baby’s sensitive skin. 

My son’s skin is easily irritated by particular materials, but these diapers left his skin clear and dry, even when the diaper was gigantic and swollen with liquid. 

The breathable outer cover is softer than most, which helps vent air throughout the diaper so your baby’s skin won’t get too damp or become irritated.  

Cons of Parent’s Choice Diapers

1. Availability

If you’re an avid Walmart shopper, the availability of Parent’s Choice diapers won’t affect you as much as families who don’t have access to the store. Parent’s Choice diapers are sold in Walmart stores,, and Amazon. 

While Walmart is in most major cities, it could be difficult to plan around having enough stock of this brand if you are in a pinch. 

2. Absorbency 

Absorbency is my biggest qualm with Parent’s Choice diapers. Walmart claims they are “super absorbent” and offer 12-hour leak protection day and night, a bold statement to make when offering some of the slimmest diapers money can buy.

From my own experience with my always-in-motion son, Parent’s Choice diapers do not stand the test of time where absorbency is concerned. 

3. Smell 

Along with absorbency quality, the smell of urine is very apparent as soon as my son wet his diaper. Whatever absorbent materials Parent’s Choice uses, they certainly aren’t equipped to deal with more than a small amount of liquid before requiring a fresh diaper. 

4. Diaper sag

Once Parent’s Choice diapers are wet or soiled, not only is the smell overwhelming, but the diaper begins to sag far below the waist. When I checked my son’s diaper to see if he had gone poop, I found the diaper had sagged down to his bottom in the front and the back. 

Diaper sagginess looks uncomfortable and leads to grumpy kids. While some babies can go on with their day unaffected by a saggy diaper, my son gets irritable and tugs at the waistband until I change him. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: My son’s diaper sagging after about an hour of wear.

Diaper sag also inevitably leads to more leaks and blow-outs, which any parent tries to avoid at all costs. 

5. Transparency of ingredients

Walmart shares that their diapers are hypoallergenic, perfume-free, lotion-free, and made without latex.  

As one of the largest global retail chains, Walmart should be participating in the adoption of offering greener, cleaner products and ingredients. All we know about Parent’s Choice diapers is they are hypoallergenic and free of some ingredients commonly used in baby products. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: The only ingredients mentioned on the diaper package.

Parent’s Choice diapers aren’t biodegradable or made with any plant-based materials. Walmart does not share its stance on chlorine bleaching, which has a harmful impact on the environment. 

As brands are held more accountable by consumers who want products that are safe for the environment and families, the fact that Walmart doesn’t acknowledge or discourage chlorine bleaching likely means they use this process in the manufacturing of Parent’s Choice diapers. 

Key Features of Parent’s Choice Diapers

Here are a few of the important key features and benefits of Parent’s Choice diapers, based on my own experience and the qualities I look for in reliable diaper solutions for my young children. 

Wetness indicator

The wetness indicator on Parent’s Choice diapers are helpful; but honestly, I could almost always smell the pee in my son’s diaper before I could check the stripe to see if it had changed color.

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: front of diaper with the yellow strip wetness indicator (meaning the diaper is dry)

Wetness indicators are helpful for younger babies; at my son’s age, any time I change his diaper I know it’s going to be wet. Whereas with a newborn baby, their bathroom schedule is all over the place, so the wetness indicator is much more helpful. 

Diaper tabs

The diaper tabs on Parent’s Choice diapers are a vivid blue, and they have no trouble sticking to the diaper itself to guarantee a secure fit. 

While the absorbency in these diapers is lacking, the tabs to secure the diaper are very impressive. Even when my son’s diaper was bulging overnight, the tabs were still very securely stuck to the diaper and kept everything in place.

parent's choice diaper review

Diaper feel

The outside of the diaper is extremely soft and comfortable; for being such a thin diaper, I expected it to be more scratchy. The inner liner that sits on the baby’s skin, along with the stretchy waistband, is also soft and gentle. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: Inside of the diaper, soft waistband and gentle liner

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: back of diaper, soft outer cover

Diaper fit 

My son is tall and lean for his age; he’s in the 90th percentile for height and 30th for weight. We tried both size 3 and size 4 diapers because his weight is right on the cusp of each size. The size 3 was a little tight and did droop when he had filled the diaper, but the size 4 was far too baggy for him to wear all day and be comfortable.  

The bigger size worked better at night, and he didn’t have any leaks when wearing the bigger size. If you are thinking of trying these diapers but are concerned about overnight leaks, I recommend going up a size for nighttime usage.

Diaper slimness or bulkiness

These are definitely slim-fit diapers — when compared to the Kirkland diapers I typically use, the Parent’s Choice diapers are nearly half the size in width. 

While bulky diapers do appear uncomfortable when they’re full, you can almost always count on a bulky diaper to have excellent absorbency capabilities. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured above: Kirkland size 3 diapers on the left, and Parent’s Choice size 3 diapers on the right. 

Leg Cuffs

I was pleasantly surprised by the leg cuffs on these diapers. My son is right between sizes 3 and 4, and he wore size 3 in Parent’s Choice. They fit a little tight, but the leg cuffs saved me from a huge blow out one day. 

Once a diaper prevents a blow out and the panic that comes along with it, I will always have a soft spot for that brand. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: the surprisingly effective leg cuffs that prevent blow outs from the back.


The waistband on Parent’s Choice diapers fits pretty low on my son’s waist. I’m used to other diapers having a much higher waistband, so I worried about leak prevention and blow-outs when we started using them.

parent's choice diaper review

The inner waistband fits snugly and holds any messes inside the diaper. The waistband was excellent for preventing up-the-back messes, which can be a nightmare if you are running errands, traveling, or on the go. 

parent's choice diaper review

Pictured: Inner waistband with soft, stretchy material designed for comfort.


Absorbency is my #1 priority in a diaper for my son. He is a very busy, active toddler and does not have time to stop playing during the day to get his diaper changed. It’s a battle every single time. 

We did experience some leaks, usually from the back of the diaper near my son’s bottom and upper thighs. The leaks occurred from overnight use, which I expected just based on the absorbency during daywear. 

When the diaper gets full, you can feel the wetness coming through the front of the diaper as it swells up. The wetness indicator actually blurs with wetness, making it difficult to see, but you can easily tell it’s time for a change. 

After using Parent’s Choice diapers for several weeks and in two sizes, I will only put these on my son for day wear, when we’re around the house and I have access to his changing table and can quickly swap out a wet diaper for a clean one. 

There are much better absorbent diaper options out there that are reliable for overnight use and still don’t break the bank. 


These diapers are latex-free, perfume-free, and hypoallergenic. The rest of the ingredients are not listed on the packaging, which means they probably use chemicals in the manufacturing process. 

Most diaper companies share the steps they’re taking towards offering a non-toxic and eco-friendly product, so the fact that Walmart doesn’t use this verbiage means they haven’t changed their ingredients or processes.


If price and cost-savings are the most important factors for your family, it doesn’t get much better than Parent’s Choice. They’re one of the most affordable options money can buy.

Prices on and Amazon are very consistent, so you can rest assured you aren’t spending more when shopping in one place over another.

Parent’s Choice Diapers vs Pampers

When compared to Pampers, Parent’s Choice offers families a lower quality diaper for a much more affordable price. Pampers falls in the middle of the pack on price, while Parent’s Choice is on the lower end. 

In terms of absorbency, Pampers offers a more reliable diaper that can be worn overnight with no concerns of leaks or blow-outs. Parent’s Choice is ideal for daywear, but I won’t use these on my son for an overnight again unless I’m in a pinch.

Pampers diapers are much more bulky than Parent’s Choice, with many reviewers reporting their baby seemed uncomfortable trying to move around while wearing their Swaddlers. Parent’s Choice offers a much slimmer diaper, but you sacrifice absorbency for a slim, contoured fit. 

The fit of Parent’s Choice and Pampers is consistent with normal sizing based on weight, but Parent’s Choice has less wiggle room once it’s time to size up. 

Pampers is much more transparent with their ingredients, listing each one they use and its purpose, while Parent’s Choice only mentions the three ingredients they are free of: lotions, fragrance, and latex. 

The Verdict: Parent’s Choice Diaper Review 

For the price, Parent’s Choice diapers get the job done and save money in the process. I think the value of the diaper is equivalent to the price I paid.

If you have an active baby who is rolling, walking, crawling, or running around, you’ll want to keep an eye on the absorbency after an hour or so. If your baby fills up diapers quickly, these may not be the best choice for you.

If you have a newborn or a baby who isn’t very active yet, Parent’s Choice will keep them dry and comfortable and can prevent leaks. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Parent’s Choice Diaper Review 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Parent’s Choice diapers. 

What ingredients are used in Parent’s Choice diapers?

From the information on Walmart’s website, Parent’s Choice diapers contain the following ingredients:
*SAP (Absorbent polymers)
*Nonwoven adhesives

What ingredients are Parent’s Choice diapers free from?

Parent’s Choice diapers are free of lotions, fragrance, and latex.  

Are Parent’s Choice diapers non-toxic?

Parent’s Choice diapers are not non-toxic. We can’t make this determination without knowing more about their manufacturing process and the ingredients they do not use, which Walmart is not entirely transparent about.

However, they are hypoallergenic and are made without natural latex. 

Where are Parent’s Choice diapers made? 

where is parents choice made

Parent’s Choice diapers are made in the USA. 

Who manufactures Parent’s Choice diapers? 

Parent’s Choice diapers are manufactured by the Walmart company in Arkansas. Parent’s Choice is one of Walmart’s many in-house brands that offers economical prices for its baby products. 

Where can I buy Parent’s Choice diapers? 

Parent’s Choice diapers can be purchased at any Walmart retail store and on They are also available on Amazon. 

What sizes does Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diaper come in? 

Parent’s Choice diapers come in the following sizes:

Newborn — Up to 10 pounds
*Size 1 — 8-14 pounds
*Size 2 — 12-18 pounds
*Size 3 — 16-28 pounds
*Size 4 — 22-37 pounds
*Size 5 — 27+ pounds
*Size 6 — 35+ pounds
*Size 7 — 41+ pounds

Are Parents Choice diapers Walmart brand?

Yes, Parent’s Choice diapers are created by the Walmart brand and sold exclusively in Walmart stores,, and Amazon. 

Are Members Mark and Parent’s Choice diapers the same?

Members Mark and Parent’s Choice diapers are not the same diapers. Members Mark are sold by Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart. They may be manufactured in the same place but they are labeled for different stores. 

Who manufactures Parent’s Choice diapers?

Parent’s Choice diapers are manufactured by Walmart and distributed from their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Are Parents Choice diapers made in the USA?

Parent’s Choice diapers are made in the USA, using 75% or more American materials. 

Are Parents Choice diapers plant-based?

Parent’s Choice diapers are not plant-based or made with any ingredients that would define them as non-toxic. 

The only information they share about their manufacturing process and ingredients list is that the diapers are latex-free, lotion-free, perfume-free, and hypoallergenic.

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