Parenting Memes and Jokes

Enjoy a laugh with dozens of parenting memes and jokes. From kids and sleep to food, to every type of parenting humor in between!

Here’s just a small portion of the parenting jokes and memes I’ve collected. I’ve attributed the authors to the best of my knowledge, let me know if I missed someone!

Crying baby memes

First up, crying babies:

Can you be more specific?

baby crying meme

I wish my baby would be more specific, specifically at 3am.

How to calm a baby

how to calm a baby joke

From seebangnow on Facebook. If only it were that easy!

Parenting memes about kids and food

Next up is memes about kids and food!

Would you like lunch?

I love this tip from r/beyondthebump. I’m definitely taking notes.

She lived as she died

Poor mom. McSweeny’s Internet Tendency is full of hilarious lists, like Memorials to Those We Have Lost to Parenting.

Kids complaining about dinner

ArtfulNight on Twitter has it right. Even when baby is only drinking milk, they love to refuse the bottle or the boob! But then cry because they’re hungry.

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Too dang high!

And now that baby has eaten, it’s time for…

You guessed it! Spit up!

Ready for lunch?

parenting meme who packed your lunch

Life without kids memes

Do you even remember your life before you had kids? Me neither.

The adventures of Lady No-Kids

Not sure if flipprior is the original artist here, but I love this picture so much!

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How to kidnap a parent

parenting meme - kidnap

This person has it right!

Hypothetical children

parenting meme on hypothetical children
Yep, this was me before I had kids!

At my funeral

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“I can’t wait until they talk,” I once said! Little did I know…

Baby sleep memes

And finally, it is time for baby to go to sleep. Or to make jokes about babies sleeping. Or not sleeping.

Sleep when your baby sleeps

I admit, I’ve fallen asleep in some pretty strange times and places once I had a kid!

Eat when the baby eats

baby sleep meme
I made this version myself, but I’ve heard that quote all around the internet!

Sleeping baby types

tiny_vice has tons of awesome comics on Instagram. My baby loves to do the roller coaster. I think she’s practicing to go to the amusement park rides with me once she’s tall enough!

Wasted sleep

baby sleep meme

I knew about conservation of energy, but I never thought about conservation of sleep!

The best laid plans

How much should my baby sleep?

parenting meme about sleep schedules
Courtesy of Tons of hilarious posts there!

Why do babies cry when they’re tired?

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I cry when I’m tired sometimes… this is some solid advice right here!

Life with a newborn in Game of Thrones

Melisandre knows best! Diapers are coming!

Revenge of the dad

Why can I see my husband doing this?

Icelandic lullaby

And we’ll finish this section with a lullaby.

Baby Milestones

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No idea where this is from, but I’m afraid to find out if the author is right!

Parenting advice memes

What’s the most difficult part of being a parent?

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Dieting tips

So that’s where I was going wrong…. I was eating when my daughter was napping. I’ll make sure I sit right next to her from now on!

I love you!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 51ff8ee2151615151028720142.jpg

Usually, I don’t like these signs with sayings on them. But I love this one!

Choosing gender-neutral clothes

parenting meme- dressing your kids

This tumblr post has great advice. Why celebrate Halloween only once a year?!

Disney World

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a283a498989333351026935734.jpg

Sometimes kids are just the best!

Kids toys memes

Kids party ideas on a budget

kids party ideas parenting meme

Shopping with kids memes

The youngling securement zone

NathanWPyle’s Instagram account with the comic Strange Planet is amazing. Not all of his comics are about parenting, but they are all hilarious!

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