25 Pregnancy Memes and Jokes

25 Pregnancy Memes and Jokes

Being pregnant may mean exhaustion, frustration, and mood swings, but these pregnancy memes and jokes will lighten your day. Hopefully they don’t make you laugh so hard that you pee!

Finding out you’re pregnant

Dad Jokes

Pregnancy Memes and Jokes
Dad jokes may be an earLy sign of pregnancy

Pregnancy Q&A

You may want to share this very helpful guide with your partner so that you both have all the facts straight!

Crazy Pregnancy Facts

Feats of the Human Body

twisted ankle vs pregnancy meme
Source: @thenatewolf on Twitter

Aren’t our bodies amazing?!

When a pregnant woman goes swimming

I never thought about this! Maybe I should buy a maternity swimsuit and get to the pool!

Spooky Skeletons

This spooky fact is great to share with your friends at Halloween!

Pregnancy Fitness Memes

I am exhausted!

fitness during pregnancy meme

During pregnancy, I get most of my exercise running to the bathroom to pee!

Pregnancy fitness goals

During pregnancy, you have to look for the small wins and silver linings!

Pregnancy Symptoms and Cravings Memes

Not sure if hungry

nausea or hunger pregnancy meme

This is so true, especially during the first trimester. And the third trimester. And whenever I have heartburn. So basically most of pregnancy. Hmm…

Put the snacks where I can’t reach them!

Touche husband, touche! For revenge, I will make you trim my toenails.

Daydreaming while pregnant meme

daydreaming while pregnant meme
Source: romperdotcom

I really miss sushi! I have some mom friends who brought a bottle of wine to the hospital to celebrate as soon as the baby was born!

Not sure if pregnancy is making me mean

I try not to think too hard about it and enjoy the feeling!

You’re a rockstar!

I mean, before pregnancy, I took my multivitamin and climbed into bed at 10:00pm. So not too different…

If heartburn means a hairy baby…

Did you know there’s actually scientific evidence showing that there is a slight correlation between pregnant women who have heartburn and the baby having hair at birth?

Unrealistic pregnancies in the movies

I’m glad someone is watching the Star Wars movies and looking for inaccuracies!

Whatcha doing in there?

I wish I could see what that crazy little baby is up to! Although, you know what, maybe it’s better if I don’t know if she’s kicking, punching, or headbutting my bladder.

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That Pregnancy Glow

How I think I look pregnant vs how I actually look

This is my favorite pregnancy meme on this list! I will never look at the Grinch the same way again!

Is it a boy or a girl?

Source: Amandaoleander.com

Isn’t the first trimester great?

How long does pregnancy last?

When people ask me how far along I am

It sure feels that way, especially when I am in bed for 8 hours but get up to pee 7 times.

The last month of pregnancy

To tell the joke above in a different way!

The trimesters of pregnancy meme

I totally agree with this one!

You’re tired of waiting for me to go into labor?

I should keep this meme handy to show people when they make this comment!

Gender Reveal Pregnancy Memes

Don’t play coy

gender reveal pregnancy meme
Source: James L Sutter on Twitter

Labor Memes

Mrs Incredible labor meme

mrs incredible pregnancy meme
Source: Carly Uninemclite on Twitter

I never thought about this perk of having super powers!

My wife lost a bet

This is amazing! I want to know what the bet was… Can you just imagine the noises the wife is making during labor, and how much the Chewbacca mask makes all the doctors and nurses laugh? How long do you think it took for the wife to kick the husband out of the delivery room?

Push, woman, push!

Source: @thesquarecomics on Instagram

Humans certainly have unique pregnancies compared to animals!

Holidays during pregnancy memes

Christmas while pregnant meme

christmas while pregnant meme
Source: another one from romper.com

Oooh, a perfectly good excuse to chow down on cookies and delicious holiday treats!

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Do you have any other fun pregnancy-related or other meme posts?

Absolutely, I love sharing the best humor I find on the internet!

Conclusions – Pregnancy memes and jokes

And there we have it! If you have other pregnancy memes and jokes to share, please let me know in the comments below!

25 pregnancy memes and jokes pin

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