Family Holiday Memes and Jokes [2021 Edition!]

The holidays can be stressful, so sit back, relax, and laugh with some hilarious family holiday memes and jokes! You might pick up some interesting parenting tips too!

First, let’s talk about kids and sleep.

Away in a manger

I’m totally feeling this one since my 8 month old is just learning to crawl and pull herself up! And then she gets stuck standing up in her crib and I have to go rescue her…

The war on Christmas

Do you prefer putting a baby gate around the Christmas tree? Or would you rather just hang all the ornaments out of reach?

With the baby gate they’ll have a harder time knocking it down, but it does take up more room…

Must be magic!

I love Fowl Language Comics, they have some hilarious stuff! Check them out on Facebook!

Little Drummer Boy (Part 1)

I never understood how the little drummer boy's parents could just send him outside alone at night to play his drum until my daughter brought a recorder home from school
Source: @simoncholland on Twitter

We still face the same problems as parents 2000 years ago! Never thought about it that way! But what happened once the Little Drummer Boy got to the manger?

Little Drummer Boy, Part 2

Mary, exhausted, having just gotten Jesus to sleep, is approached by a young man who thinks to himself What this girl needs is a drum solo

Sounds like the Little Drummer Boy’s playing improved by the time he got to see Mary and Jesus!

Where the tree tops glisten…

tree tops glisten & children listen to nothing. Children literally don't listen to anything.

I haven’t heard this version of White Christmas, but I’d love to hear the whole thing!

Holiday parenting tip memes

And now we have several holiday-themed parenting tips!

Fake presents

It’s educational for the kids and cathartic for the parents!

Snow days

I may be a little late to the party, but #funnyparents on Twitter has some real gems.

The silver lining

And @bombingatmomming has some hilarious stuff on Twitter too!

I love how she finds the silver lining here!

Every mum on Christmas

It’s even funnier since it’s a kid in the picture!

Educational Toys

you can't give her that! It's not safe! It's a sword. They're not meant to be safe.
Sadly, I can’t find the artist who drew this one

You can count on Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather for all sorts of holiday wisdom!

The Holiday Boar

family holiday meme holiday boar
Source: guavajagular

Sick of Santa and Elf on the Shelf? Spice things up by teaching your child about the Holiday Boar! Author Guava Jagular has more comics featuring this giant pig on his website here!

Family Holiday Memes wrap-up

Get it? Wrap up? Alrighty, back to wrapping presents for me! Need some more humor? Check out these other funny posts!

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