Hilarious Ideas to Give Your Baby Milestone Calendar a Nerdy Twist!

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My mom gave me a special baby milestone calendar with stickers like this to track my baby’s firsts for every. Personally, I like it better than a baby book. I have the calendar hung up in the kitchen, next to the regular calendar. And whenever my daughter does something new, I write it down. Super simple. It even comes with stickers to give you ideas – first bath, first laugh, first time rolling over- you get the idea.  It will make a great keepsake when she gets older, too!

hilarious ideas to give your baby milestone calendar a nerdy twist

And it got me thinking, what milestones do modern parents look for in their kids? What kind of nerdy and geeky milestones can I add? Here are my ideas, I’d love to hear yours too! 

Give Your Baby Milestone Calendar a Nerdy Twist with Technology Stuff

First video call

Looking at my baby milestone calendar, it has a sticker for “first time talking on the phone.” I’m sure my little one will do that as she gets older, but we needed to add some more modern versions. 

First video chat

We video chatted through Snapchat with family who lives far away soon after she was born. 

Mooooom leave me alone, I’m video chatting with Grandma!

First Discord Session

Later, around 2 months, my daughter joined me while I was video chatting with friends remotely while we played Dungeons & Dragons. She’s also joined us for games of DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classic) and Starfinder. She even adds helpful commentary to our games! 

First text message

I was so proud when my daughter grabbed my husband’s phone around 4 months and sent her first text! I think he was “helping” though, I see the word “dad” in there…

First Podcast 

My daughter and I often listen to Welcome to Nightvale or Every Little Thing while we’re driving somewhere! 

Nerd Culture Ideas for Your Baby Milestone Calendar 

New moves 

My baby calendar has a sticker for the first time baby dances. Well, this is an easy one to update with some modern dances and moves. As a newborn, she did all kinds of silly things with her hands, so that was easy to add to the baby milestone calendar too!

  • Baby’s first dab
  • First floss 
  • First plank (or is that too 2000s?)
  • Funny hand motions – first finger guns
  • First peace sign

First Cosplay

Have you dressed your baby up in a nerdy costume, or at least a nerdy onesie? 

First cryptocurrency 

Some people set up savings accounts or college funds for their kids. I wonder if there’s any kids out there with Bitcoin. Or Paypal accounts. 

Nerdy Science Milestones for Your Baby’s Milestone Calendar

Testing the Theory of Gravity

I’ve already added this one to the calendar! My daughter loves to throw things on the floor.

Replicating Pavlov’s Dogs Experiment 

My daughter has just started sitting in her high chair and eating solid foods. She’s replicating Pavlov’s dogs experiment by giving my dogs her food. After a few weeks, now, when I put her in the high chair, the dogs run over and start drooling. Well done! 

Moh’s Hardness Testing

Remember that test from high school geology where you scratch a rock with another rock to see how hard it is?

Well since I wouldn’t buy my daughter a hardness testing kit, she’s had to resort to using her gums and now her teeth to assess how tough everything is. She’s continuing to develop better methods as her teeth grow in!

First Time Eating Cholecalciferol

Many parents give their babies Vitamin D supplements per their pediatrician’s recommendation. Why not call it by its actual chemical name to sound fancier?  

Learning About Louis Pasteur

My daughter learned about vaccines and immunizations right away! 

Need a baby milestone calendar? Check out this one with some cute dinosaurs!

Conclusions: Nerdy Baby Milestones 

I’ve had so much fun recording these silly milestones and I hope my daughter has a good laugh about them when she’s older. Or is at least embarrassed at all the weird stuff people did back in 2019!

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