Parenting Jokes and Memes

Here’s just a small portion of the parenting jokes and memes I’ve collected. I’ve attributed the authors to the best of my knowledge, let me know if I missed someone!

First up, crying babies:

I wish my baby would be more specific, specifically at 3am.

how to calm a baby

From seebangnow on Facebook. If only it were that easy.

Next up is babies and food!

I love this tip from r/beyondthebump. I’m definitely taking notes.

Poor mom. McSweeny’s Internet Tendency is full of hilarious lists, like Memorials to Those We Have Lost to Parenting.

ArtfulNight on Twitter has it right. Even when baby is only drinking milk, they love to refuse the bottle or the boob! But then cry because they’re hungry.

And now that baby has eaten, it’s time for…

You guessed it! Spit up!

And now we have some general parenting tips and observations.

Not sure if flipprior is the original artist here, but I love this picture so much!

NathanWPyle’s Instagram account with the comic Strange Planet is amazing. Not all of his comics are about parenting, but they are all hilarious!

This person has it right!

This tumblr post has great advice. Why celebrate Halloween only once a year?!

And finally, it is time for baby to go to sleep. Or to make jokes about babies sleeping. Or not sleeping.

I admit, I’ve fallen asleep in some pretty strange times and places once I had a kid!

tiny_vice has tons of awesome comics on Instagram. My baby loves to do the roller coaster. I think she’s practicing to go to the amusement park rides with me once she’s tall enough!

Melisandre knows best! Diapers are coming!

And we’ll finish this post with a lullaby.

Looking for more humor? Check out some hilarious pacifiers, or awesome nerdy baby onesies.

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