What are names that mean magic?| 44 Unique Names for Girls and Boys

As a huge name nerd, I often find people asking me for names that mean magic! My (very nerdy) friends may be using them when writing a book, choosing a name for a child, or making up a character for an RPG!

I’ve compiled this massive list of unique magical names for girls and magical names for boys for you! They come from pop culture, Norse and Greek origins, movies, video games and more.

Girl names that mean magic


This ancient Germanic name for females means magical elf or shining magic. It is pronounced Al-broon. And another form of it is Alrun (pronounced Al-roon). 

This is a fun name since it is extremely uncommon, but a person named Albrun or Alrun could go by a more common nickname like Allie


Althea comes from Greek mythology and means with healing power. In Greek legend, when Althea’s son was born, she was told he would die as soon as a piece of wood that was burning in her fire was fully consumed.

This name is fairly uncommon. Around 100-200 girls in the US are named Althea each year. And she could use the nicknames Allie or Thea.


Araminta comes from the Greek word for defender, and the male Italian version, Amintas,was first used in a play where a shepherd falls in love with a nymph

The Harry Potter books had a minor character named Araminta, and this name has been used in literature since the 1600s! Araminta was actually abolitionist Harriet Tubman’s real first name.

This unique name for a baby girl has so many nickname possibilities: Ara, Minty, Mindy, and Mint are just a few!


This female Khmer name means magical power.


The name Calypso comes from a nymph from Greek mythology and means she that conceals. This referred to how she used her magical powers to sing Odysseus into staying with her for seven years!


Another name from Greek mythology Circe (pronounced sir-sea) means hawk. In the Odyssey, she was a powerful sorceress who enchanted Odysseus’s crew and turned them into pigs! 

This name also reminds me of Cercei from Game of Thrones.


Cassandra means prophetess. And in ancient Greek legend, Cassandra was a famous prophet and Trojan princess.

Cassandra is a gorgeous name with lots of nickname potential: Cassie, Casey, Sandra, Sandy, and Ann.


This female Breton name means good magic. In Celtic legend, Dahud was a princess of a sunken city called Ys.


Does it get more magical than naming a baby or character for Elysium, the Roman or Greek version of heaven? 

While Elysia is somewhat known in England and Wales, it isn’t common in the United States. And you could use the nicknames Ellie, Elsie, Elsa, Lisa, Lysa, or Sia.


The unisex name Faye or Fay means fairy. It’s often associated with Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from Athurian times.

It used to be common in the US but has declined in the last 50 years. It’s also a nickname for Faith.


This ancient Scandinavian name for girls means magic. And Gondul is a valkyrie in Norse mythology. 


The name Guinevere comes from Norman French and Welsh, and means white phantom or blessed magical being.

You may know of Guinevere from the Legend of King Arthur. And of course, Harry Potter fans know the Italian version of this name, Ginevera! In modern times, these names have evolved into the more common and easier to spell Jennifer.


Another name from Greek mythology, Hecate (pronounced heck-ah-tee) means far off. In Greek myth, she was a goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, and the underworld


Derived from the ancient German words for magic and battle, Hildirun certainly has a magical sound to it.


I love this unisex Hebrew name that means magic. It’s unique but also easy to pronounce and spell!


Kimaya is a name of Marathi origin, from India, and means magic or sleight of hand. 


Did you know that in Peter Pan, Wendy’s middle name is Moira? It means fate or destiny, certainly magical topics!

Although many people have heard the name before, it’s very uncommon in the US and given to fewer than 100 baby girls every year.

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Taika (pronounced TAH-ee-kah) is a Finnish name that means magic or spell.


Did you know that Zinta means magic, charm in Latvian? I love the exotic way it sounds!

Boy names that mean magic

Here are a wide range of names for boys that mean magic.


This Latin name means immortal one. It’s uncommon yet familiar since people know it from the famous saint and from the tv show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


A name with a Greek origin, Apollo means father light. This god is associated with prophecy, music, art, and medicine.


While the meaning of Arthur is unknown, the Legend of King Arthur certainly makes this a magical name in my book! Once you consider Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter books, it’s definitely magical!

This classic name is making a comeback in the US and is becoming more popular each year. Common nicknames are Artie and Art.


The name Draco comes from the Greek word drakon, and means dragon. It’s also a consetllation in the northern sky.

Many people have moved past Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter and now consider this a perfectly useable name! In fact, about 100 baby boys receive this name every year in the US! And actress Danica McKellar named her son Draco, after the constellation.


This unisex name means east facing town, but could also mean magical power. It isn’t popular at the moment, but fits with the trendy names ending in -son, like Grayson and Madison.


This gorgeous name comes from Lord of the Rings, where it means elf friend or student of the stars in Quenya, the language of the elves.

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Fionn comes from Irish mythology and means fair or white. The Irish hero Fionn became a legend when he ate a magical salmon and became the wisest and greatest man in all of Ireland.


Galdur is a male Icelandic name meaning magic.


Of course, you know of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. But Gandulf is actually an Ancient Germanic name meaning magic wolf.


Gwydion is a Welsh name meaning born of trees. In Welsh mythology, Gwydion was a powerful magician


For me, the name Harold conjures magic! Of course, there’s Harry Potter, and Harry Houdini. Harold comes from Old English and means power. Although most people are familiar with the name Harold, it’s actually not very common in the US. Only 200-300 baby boys receive this name each year!


Hermes is the Greek god of speed and good luck. In Greek mythology, he’s also associated with magic. The female version of this name is Hermia. 


Magus means sorcerer in Old English. This quirky name is popular in Scandinavia . If it’s too off-beat for your tastes, it could be used as s middle name, or you could consider the more common name Magnus.


This name means noble. And it’s definitely a magical name- it’s the name of the King of Faeries in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Derived from the Arabic word for magical, wonderful, Ramil is another unique but interesting name that means magic!


This Thai name for boys means peaceful, magical. 

Sources for names that mean magic

I extensively use the website BehindtheName to research magical names, their origins, meanings, and usage.

I also use the Social Security Administration’s database to understand baby name popularity.

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44 names that mean magic - magical names for boys and girls

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