Names that Mean Alone | 92 ideas for Alone, Solitary, Lost, and Abandoned

You might be looking for names that mean alone, solitary, lost, abandoned, empty, or despair for many different reasons. 

Are you looking for a meaningful name for creative writing? As a middle name for a baby? 

Whatever the reason, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for names that mean alone, or have related meanings here! They come from a variety of cultures around the world and range from ancient to modern.

Boy names that mean alone 

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In Old Norse, Aeilaeifr meana lone descendant 


Did you know Ainsley actually originated as a last name? It means lone woodland and is also the name of a town in England. 


Bakar comes from the Basque word bakarrik, which means alone. 


The Norse name Eilif means lone descendant in Medieval Scandinavian. 


Here’s a gorgeous fantasy name! In JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Eru means he that is alone. Eru is the supreme god and creator of all. 

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The unisex name Hitori means alone in Japanese. 


In Korean, Honja means alone. And it’s a unisex name. 


In Shona, this name means one who is alone


Kissimi means alone in the Inuit Native American language. 


Another unisex name, Payekha means he/she is alone in Tumbuka


In Karachay-Balkar, Qazaq means alone.


The name Sambor means to fight alone.


In Polish, Samogost means lone guest.


And this Polish name means alone in thought


Our final Polish name means lone glory


In Uzbek, Tanho is a boy’s name meaning solitary, lone.

Girls names that mean alone

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Abique is an Ojibwe name that means she lives alone.


Before researching this post, I had no idea Ainsley meant alone!  It comes from the Old English word anne for alone, solitary, and leah, meaning woodland


This unique girl’s name comes from the Basque word for alone.


The name Dubiwe means left alone in the Ngoni language. 


In the Native American Omaha-Ponca language, Ezhno means lone, solitary, or only. It’s typically used as part of a longer name but can be used by itself. 


In Old Norse, this name means lone goddess.


Enola spelled backwards is alone! It was first invented for the novel Enola; or, Her Fatal Mistake, by Mary Young Ridenbaugh, published in 1886. 

It may also be a Cherokee name that means silver fox


This Uzbek name means lone, solitary. 


In the Nahuatl language, Isel means alone, unique, or only.


This interesting variation of Isabella changes the first syllable to isola, which means alone. It reminds me of the word isolation. 


This unisex name means solitude, detachment, or isolation in Sanskrit. 


Marisol is a Spanish name and is short for Maria de Soledad, which means Mary of Solitude. 


This Polish name means one who fights alone.


Solavita is an Italian name and means life alone


Soledad is the Spanish word for solitude and makes a pretty name! 

Names that mean solitary 

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  • Ainsley (unisex)
  • Akela (female)
  • Alphard (male)
  • Ezhno (female)
  • Farda (female)
  • Inaie (female)
  • Monisha (female)
  • Reia (female)
  • Rento (male)
  • Soledad (unisex)
  • Solitaire (unisex) 
  • Tanho (male)

Solitary is another word for alone, so some of these may fit the bill!

Names that mean lost

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  • Chilufya (male)
  • Diggory (male)
  • Perdita (female)

There aren’t many names that mean lost, but here are the few I found. 

Names that mean abandoned

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  • Azubah (female)
  • Desamperada (female)
  • Forsaken (unisex)
  • Hokee (male)
  • Lepadat (male)
  • Tai (male)
  • Yuutai (male)

I found a handful of names that mean abandoned

Names that mean despair

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  • Anaira (female) – This name comes from the Greek word for despair. Swedish author Harry Martinson invented it for a poem. 
  • Anguish
  • Blue
  • Despond
  • Gloom
  • Melancholy 

Names that mean empty

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  • Akeru (unisex) – this Japanese name has many possible meanings, including to empty
  • Blank
  • Cassius (male) – Roman name meaning empty, vain
  • Chaos (unisex) – the Greek word kaos means abyss, empty void
  • Chikara (unisex) – like most Japanese names, Chikara has many possible meanings, including empty, void
  • Clear
  • Desert
  • Devoid
  • Hollow
  • Kuuga (male) – Japanese name that may mean empty
  • Stark
  • Utsuho (unisex) – this unisex Japanese name means emptiness, empty hole, cave
  • Vacant
  • Zero (unisex) – ultimately derived from Arabic and Sanskrit words that mean empty
  • Zhali (male) – this Arabic name means empty, free, open

More names that remind us of being alone 

These names have “sol” in them, reminding us of solitary, or solo

  • Absolom (male)- a Biblical name. But the spelling reminds me of absence
  • Basolus (male)- a Roman name
  • Desoline (female)- uncommon French or Italian name that sounds similar to desolation
  • Eisolf (male)- medieval Dutch name
  • Isolde (female)- a princess of Arthurian legend 
  • Isotta, Isolina, Issolt, Isola (female)- possibly variations of Isolde
  • Orsolya (female)- Hungarian version of Ursula 
  • Saul
  • Solo
  • Soldis (female)- an Icelandic name
  • Solene (female) – French name
  • Solomon (male)- Biblical name meaning peace

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Famous characters who are known for being alone

  • Arthur “Boo” Radley – To Kill a Mockingbird 
  • Booker – The Expendables 2
  • Chuck Noland – Cast Away
  • Cosette- Les Miserables 
  • Don Quixote – Don Quixote 
  • Edward Scissorhands – Edward Scissorhands 
  • Miss Havisham – Great Expectations 
  • Holden Caulfield – Catcher in the Rye
  • India – India Stoker
  • Jay Gatsby – The Great Gatsby 
  • Marv – Sin City
  • Mersault – The Outsider
  • Norman Bates – Psycho
  • Olive Pendergast – Easy A
  • Phil Connors – Groundhog Day
  • Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
  • Rick Deckard – Blade Runner
  • Riddick – Pitch Black
  • Robert Neville- I am Legend
  • Sam Bell – Moon
  • Trevor Reznik – The Machinist 
  • Willy Wonka – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 
  • Zeke Tyler – The Faculty 

These names are related to secrets

  • Adelrun (female)- noble secret 
  • Alfrun (female) – elf secret
  • Albrun (female)- supernatural secret
  • Arun (female)- successful secret
  • Asrar (unisex) – secret
  • Asrora (female) – secret
  • Dalrun (female)- secret valley
  • Damira (female)- heart, mind, secret 
  • Falin (male)- my secret
  • Himiko (female)- secret
  • Hisoka (unisex) – secretive
  • Irmrun (female)- universal secret
  • Kauane (female)- keeper of secrets
  • Leofrun (female) – beloved secret
  • Maxfiya (female) – secret
  • Mystery (unisex) 
  • Nahimana (female)- secret
  • Razi (unisex) – my secret
  • Runolf (male) – secret wolf
  • Secret (unisex)
  • Shiraz (female) – secret song
  • Stigrun (female) – secret wandering
  • Syrym (male) – secret
  • Tajna (female) – secret

Wrap up – Names that mean alone

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Now you have dozens of ideas for names that mean alone. 

Please share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear which names you like and where you’re using them! 

Resources for names that mean alone

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