Over 81 Lord of the Rings Baby Names for Your Girl or Boy

If you are looking for unique names, look no further than this list of Lord of the Rings baby names! JRR Tolkien invented several beautiful languages that are used in Middle Earth. Luckily for you, this means the names range from normal-sounding to fantastical, and everything in between! 

These Lord of the Rings baby names also are a great resources for writing, naming characters, gaming, and so on!

lord of the rings baby names

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The Top 10 Lord of the Rings Baby Names

  • Amras
  • Anarion
  • Beren
  • Brandir
  • Cirdan
  • Gwenniel
  • Haleth
  • Luthien
  • Melian
  • Rian

Lord of the Rings Boy Names


Adar is a Hebrew name that means noble, exalted, praised. And in Sindarin, it means father.  He is considered the “Lord Father” of the orcs


Tal-Aldarion is a king of Numenor in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. And Aldarion means “son of the trees”


Amras is a First Age elf and Amrod’s twin in Middle Earth. Meaning: russet.


Amrod is a First Age elf who traveled to Middle Earth. Meaning: “upwards-exalted” in Quenya


Anarion is the younger son of Elendil in Middle Earth. This name means “sun” in Quenya.


The warden Aragorn, Ranger of the North, is heir of Isildur and King of Gondor. This Sindarin name means noble warrior, Lord of the Tree, or kingly valour.


The elf Arondir fell in love with the human Bronwyn in the Rings of Power series. He is played by Ismael Cruz Cordova.


God and Master Smith Aule created the world of Middle Earth, along with dwarves. His name means invention. And he is also known as Oli and Mahal, which mean dream and maker, respectively. 


Beren the One Handed, is a distant ancestor of Aragorn. Readers and scholars suspect that Beren’s romance with Luthien is based on Tolkien’s relationship with his wife, Edith. What do you think- is this one of the Lord of the Rings names usable for a baby?


Boromir means jewelled hand in JRR Tolkien’s fiction Sindarin language. And you probably know, he is one of the nine of the fellowship of the ring. 



Boromir’s son Bregor became Lord of Ladros after his father’s death. And he had interesting names in his family: son Bregil (meaning: quick tree), son-in-law Arachon, and grandsons Brandir (meaning: noble man) and Beren (meaning: smart).


Bruno Bracegirdle, Hobbit of the Shire, has a younger sister named Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, who is Bilbo Baggin’s adversary. The name Bruno means “armor” or “protection”


The elf Celebrimbor created the Rings of Power. His name means silver fist.


Cirdan is an elven mariner from Middle Earth.  This name means ship maker in Sindarin.

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High King Dior Eluchil is a half elf in The Silmarillion from Middle Earth. Meaning: successor. He was also known as Aranel, which means king of elves


Durin is the oldest dwarf in Tolkein’s works. He was inspired by The Catalogue of Dwarves in part of the Norse Poetic Edda.

In fact, Tolkein chose all of the names of Thorin’s Company from the Dvergatal, also translated as The Reckoning of the Dwarves.


Eladrion is Aragorn’s son in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Meaning: son of the Elves in Quenya


Elendil is Isildur’s father in Lord of the Rings. His name means lover of the stars.

Elendil is High King of Arnor and Gondor in Middle Earth.   Meaning: student of stars or elf friend in Quenya


Elphir means prince of swans in Sindarin. In JRR Tolkien’s works, he was a prince of the city Dol Amroth.


In Sindarin, Elrond means star dome. He’s the ruler of Rivendell in Lord of the Rings. 


Elros, Elrond’s brother, makes one of the best Sindarin baby names- it means glitter of stars.

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Eomer is a warrior of Rohan in Middle Earth.  Meaning: Eomer comes from the Anglo Saxon words for grand war horse.


Boromir’s brother Faramir, had a similar name meaning- adequate jewel. This one tops the list of cool LotR names in my book! 


Feanor means spirit of fire. In The Silmarillion, he created the legendary silmarils.


Finrod is Galadriel’s brother. His name means golden-haired champion.


In the Silmarillion, Gil-galad means star of radiance. If you’re considering Middle Earth names, you may want to leave the dash out of this one.


Haldir, an Elf of Lothlorien and marchwarden, guides the Fellowship of the Ring. His name means hidden man.


Haldan is the Chieftain of the Haladin in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. This name means “hidden hero”


Haleth is a boy in the Battle at Helm’s Deep. Meaning: hero in Old English


Eru Iluvatar, the supreme deity of Middle Earth, is responsible for the creation of life. And Eru means The One, and Iluvatar means Father of All.


The King of Gondor, Isildur, cut the One Ring off of Sauron’s hand. The name means devoted to the moon.


Kemen means courage, vigor, in Basque.In Rings of Power, he is the son of Pharazon.


The Harfoot hobbit Largo Brandyfoot is Dilly and Elanor’s father. 

While this Largo doesn’t appear in Tolkien’s works, Largo Baggins is canonically Frodo’s great grandfather.


God of Dreams and Visions Lorien is associated with hope, inspiration, love, desire, dreams, sleep, and visions. In addition, he is also known as Irmo and Lurin. His name means master of desires. 

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Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck is a hobbit in Lord of the Rings. This name means joyful or cheerful. Merry makes a great nickname, don’t you think? In the hobbits’ language, his name is Kalimac.


Is Gandalf a little too much for your baby? Old Greybeard’s elven name means dreamer.


Ontamo, a man of Numenor, is a friend to Isildur and Valandil, and becomes part of the Sea Guard.

He does not appear in any of Tolkien’s works.


The mighty lord and god of the hunt Orome was also called Lord of the Forest. He had many names, including Orome, Araw, and Aromez (meaning horn-blower), Tauron (meaning forester), and Bema (meaning lord of the forests)


Although he isn’t as well- known as Gandalf, Saruman, and Radagast, Pallando the Blue is one of the five wizards of Middle Earth. His name means far.


In The Silmarillion, King Pharazon was the last king of Numenor. He brought Sauron to Numenor amd caused its downfall.

His name comes from a word that means gold.


“Pippin” Peregrine Took is a hobbit in Lord of the Rings. Peregrin means traveler. In the tongue of the hobbits, his name is Razanur Tuk.


Revion is the Watchwarden of the Silvan Elves. He even fights a warg!However, his character was created for The Rings of Power.


Sadoc Burrow’s name comes from a Greek and Hebrew name that means righteous. In The Rings of Power, he is the leader of the Harfoot clan.

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Samwise Gamgee is the loyal companion of Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, and many readers believe he is the true hero of the story. Meaning: Simple


After the silver lamp Illuin was destroyed, the Great Tree Telperion shed silver light over the world at night in its place. Later, its flower became the moon, and one of its fruits became the White Tree of Gondor. The tree was also known as Silpion (meaning: silver light), Ninquelote (meaning white blossom), Bansil (meaning beautiful moon), and Belthil (meaning divine radiance)

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As guardian of the moon, Tilion took the last flower of the Great Tree Telperion and carried it to the heavens. Tilion means the horned one.


The Elf of Lindon, Thondir, was a subject of Gil-galad, and assisted Galadriel.He was created for The Rings of Power.


Tuor means strength vigor in Sindarin. In The Silmarillion, he visited the hidden city of Gondolin to warn the citizens of their impending doom.


Played by Alex Tarrant, Valandil is a human from Numenor.His character was created for The Rings of Power.

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Lord of the Rings Girl Names


Adanel tells the story of Man’s original sin to Andreth. The meaning of her name is unknown. 


The elf Amarie remained at home when her beloved went to Middle Earth in the Silmarillion. But her name’s meaning is unknown. 


Andreth “the wise-hearted” is Boromir’s daughter. Her name means patience.


The beautiful maiden Arien guides the vessel of the sun. Her name means maiden of sunlight. Tolkien named her Urien in early drafts.


Half-elf Arwen is the daughter of Elrond in Lord of the Rings. And her name means noble.


In Sindarin, Aranel means princess. Lord of the Rings inspired names like Aranel sound unique but fit with the modern trend of soft-sounding names with lots of vowels.


Bilbo’s mother Belladonna Took appears in The Hobbit movie. This Italian name means beautiful woman. 


The name of Boromir’s eldest daughter, Beril, comes from the pale green precious stone. Interesting names run in their family: she has a niece named Beldis.


Bronwyn, sometimes spelled Bronwen, comes from the Welsh words for breast and white, fair, blessed.

In The Rings of Power, she’s the village healer of Tirharad. She does not appear in Tolkien’s own works.


Dilly can be short for Delia, Adelia, or Bedelia. In The Rings of Power, she’s Nori’s sister.


The unique yet totally usable name Disa comes from Old Norse and means goddess.Dwarven princess Disa was created for The Rings of Power.


In Quenya, Earien means Daughter of the Sea. Her character was created for The Rings of Power.


In The Lord of the Rings, Elanor is Samwise’s daughter. It means star sun, and is also a type of star-shaped golden flower.And Elanor “Nori” Brandyfoot is a Harfoot hobbit in The Rings of Power.


Half-elf Elwing possessed a Silmaril and is Elrond’s mother. Her name means star foam.


Eowyn is a shield maiden in Lord of the Rings, who slays the Lord of the Nazghul. Her name means horse love.


Este is the goddess of healing. Her fountains and gardens refreshed and eased all who visited. Meaning: rest


Estel is a unisex name that means hope. When Aragorn lived with the elves in Rivendell and Imladris, they gave him this name.


Young Rohirrim Freda alerts Theoden that Rohan is under attack in Lord of The Rings. Freda means blessed peace.


Galadriel is queen of the elves in  Middle Earth. Her name means maiden crowned with a radiant garland. She is also known as Alatariel.

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Gildis was the wife of Hador in Tolkein’s book The War of the Jewels.


Haleth is a female warrior in the First Age in the Silmarillon. 


Idril is an elven princess in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. Her name means dear, beloved, or sweet.


Morwen’s daughter Urwin, is later called Lalaith, which means laughter.


The Gold Tree of Valinor, known as Laurelin, brought light to the world. Later, its fruit became the sun. And the great tree had many other beautiful names, including Malinalda (meaning tree of gold) and Culurien (meaning golden red). Laurelin means land of the valley of singing gold.


Would you use totally gorgeous LOTR female names like this or are they too exotic? Lotheriel is one of the most beautiful names from Lord of the Rings. Her name means flower-garlanded maiden. She married Eomer after the War of the Ring.

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Luthien is the first elf to marry a human in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. This beautiful name means enchantress.


Malva can be a nickname for Malvina, which is Gaelic for smooth brow. And in Latin, Swedish and Finnish, malva refers to the mallow or hollyhock flower. 

She was the first female to be recorded in JRR Tolkien’s hobbit genealogies.  Like many female hobbit names, it comes from a flower.


Marigold‘s moniker comes from the name of the flower. And the flower gets its name from a combination of the words Mary and gold.

In Lord of the Rings, Marigold (Gamgee) Cotton is Samwise’s youngest sister. And Marigold Brandyfoot is Dilly and Nori’s mother in The Rings of Power.


Queen of Doriath and mother of Luthien, Melian was a wise woman who loved the deep shadows of the great trees. JRR Tolkien first used the names Gwenniel and Gwenethlin, but later settled on the name Melian, which means dear gift.


Queen Miriel of Noldor, also known as Sinde, was skilled at weaving and needlework. And her names mean jewel-daughter and broideress, respectively. 


This name appears twice in Tolkein’s works. Morwen is the wife of Hurin and mother of Turin and Nienor. And Morwen Steelsheen is a Gondorian woman who becomes Theoden’s mother. This Welsh name means maiden.

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Nessa the Swift was a dancer and cared for the flowers and trees, keeping them green and in bloom. Her name means young. Tolkien considered naming her Helinyetille, meaning violet, or Melesta, meaning to love.


Lady of Mercy, Nienna the Compassionate, is the goddess of mourning. Yet she teaches pity, hope, and the endurance of spirit. In Quenya, her name means she who weeps.


Hurin and Morwen’s child Nienor suffers from amnesia at the hands of the worm Glaurung. Her name means mourning.


Poppy Proudfellow’s name comes from the red flower, the poppy. She was created for The Rings of Power.

In The Lord of the Rings, Poppy was a hobbit who attended Bilbo’s Farewell Party.


Gentle-hearted Rian loved nature, trees, and flowers, and sung and composed songs. This name means crowned gift.


Peter Jackson created the name Tauriel for The Hobbit. Although he created the name, he stayed true to Tolkien’s extensive world building. It means young women of the forest in Sindarin.


Vaire the Weaver wove the story of Middle Earth. She is also known as Gwir. Her name means weaver.


Vilma is a form of Wilma, or Wilhelmina, which come from the German words meaning will helmet. She is a hobbit ancestor of the Harfoot clan.

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Lord of the Rings Dwarven Names

As we mentioned earlier, Tolkein selected dwarven names from the Norse Reckoning of Dwarves. Names from that list include:

  • Ai
  • Albjofe
  • Alfr
  • An
  • Anarr
  • Andvari
  • Austri
  • Bafurr
  • Billingr
  • Bomburr
  • Bruni
  • Bufurr
  • Buldr
  • Buri
  • Dainn
  • Dilgbrasir
  • Dori
  • Draupnir
  • Dufr
  • Durinn
  • Dvalinn
  • Eikinskjaldi
  • Fili
  • Finnr
  • Flalarr
  • Frar
  • Frawgr
  • Frosti
  • Fundinn
  • Gandalfr
  • Ginnarr
  • Gloinn
  • Hanarr
  • Har
  • Haugspori
  • Hepti
  • Hirnbori
  • Hlevangr
  • Jari
  • Kili
  • Litr
  • Lofarr
  • Lofarr
  • Loni
  • Motsognir
  • Nainn
  • Nali
  • Nar
  • Narr
  • Nioi
  • Nipingr
  • Nori
  • Norori
  • Nyraor
  • Nyu
  • Ori
  • Pekkr
  • Porinn
  • Prainn
  • Pror
  • Qurvangr
  • Raosvidr
  • Reginn
  • Skafidr
  • Skirvir
  • Suori
  • Sviorr
  • Veigr
  • Vestri
  • Vievir
  • Vili
  • Vindalfr
  • Vitr
  • Yngvi

Frequently Asked Questions

What elvish language is used in Lord of the Rings?

J. R. R. Tolkien invented the language Quenya, or High Elven, which he used in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Some elves speak Sindarin, which you might call Common Elvish.

What other languages are used in Middle Earth?

In addition to Quenya and Sindarin, the people of Middle Earth speak Adunaic (the common “English” tongue of humans), Rohirric (the language of Rohan), Khuzdul (the language of the dwarves), Melkian (the language of the orcs), and Entish (the language of the tree-people like Tree-Beard).

How many people are named after characters from Lord of the Rings?

Many people are named after characters from Lord of the Rings!
-Between 2003-2007, about 100 children per year were named Arwen
-Rian is a traditional Irish name, about 200 children per year receive this name
-In the 1940-1960s, Merry was common name! Each year, about 200-300 children were named Merry during this time!
And if you start to consider names like Sam (Samwise) or Bill (Bilbo), you’ll find names from Middle Earth are quite common!

What is the name of the female elf in Lord of the Rings?

The name of the female elf in Lothlorien is named Galadriel. After the Fellowship of the Ring escapes the Mines of Moria, she allows Frodo and Sam to look into the Mirror of Galadriel to see possible events of the future. She is Arwen’s grandmother. Her name means lady of light.

What is the longest name in Lord of the Rings?

The longest name in Lord of the Rings is Wormtongue, which is 10 letters long. Both Galadriel and Treebeard are 9 letters long. 

Although Treebeard does explain: “For I am not going to tell you my name, not yet at any rate. For one thing it would take a long while: my name is growing all the time, and I’ve lived a very long, long time; so my name is like a story.”

Conclusions: Lord of the Rings Baby Names 

Would you use any of these names for a baby? If you have, what sort of reactions did you get? Did many people understand the reference? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments! 

References: OneWikiToRuleThemAll, ElfDictionary.

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