Ethereal Names | 680+ Name Ideas From Fairies to Celestial and Nature

So many people are looking for ethereal names. Ethereal can mean many things: otherworldly, angelic, celestial, fairy, or nature-themed.

Of course, I went overboard and found over 600 ethereal name ideas for you!  They might inspire baby names, pet names, or fun names for games or creative writing! 

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139 Top Ethereal Names 

Here’s just a small selection of top ethereal names for girls and boys, including information about their meanings and origins. 

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Alastair (m)

Alastair is actually a form of Alexander and means defending men.

Angelica, Angelita (f)

These names both mean angelic. And if angelic names feel ethereal to you, then keep reading! 

Antoinette, Antonella (f)

These feminine versions of Anthony have great nickname potential, with names like Ann, Annie, Toni, Nettie, and Nella.

Apollonia (f), Apollonio (m)

Apollonia and Apollonio are forms of Apollo, the Greek god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, wisdom, the sun, and light.

Arden (e)

The unisex name Arden means great forest in Latin, or high in Celtic.

Arthur (m) 

If you associate ethereal names with fairies and fairy tales, look back to one of the oldest legends for inspiration- King Arthur!

Aveline (f)

The gorgeous and unique name Aveline means desired.

Bayard (m)

Bayard is an ancient French name meaning bay colored, as in a dark brown horse with a black mane. In medieval French poetry, Bayard was a magical horse who could adjust his size to carry more riders.

Briar (e)

Nature-themed names like Briar come straight from the plant! Briar is uncommon in the US, but is becoming more common recently! 

Caspian (m) 

Whether you’re thinking of Prince Caspian from CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, or the Caspian Sea, it makes a wonderfully unique name!

Cassandra (f)

Meaning: to shine

Cassiel (m)

In ancient Christian, Judaic, and Islamic legend, Cassiel was an angel. His name means speed of God.

Cedric (m)

Did you know that Sir Walter Scott invented the name Cedric for his novel Ivanhoe? It certainly sounds Celtic despite its true origin!

Celeste, Celestine, Celestina (f)

All of these names mean of the sky or heavenly. So both the sound and meaning are ethereal!

Clara, Clarabella (f)

Clara means clear, bright, or famous. It used to be very popular in the United States but is uncommon now and ready for a comeback! 

Cordelia (f) 

In Briton mythology, the name Cordelia originally began as Cordella, King Lear’s youngest daughter. But Shakespeare changed the spelling for his play and the rest is history! 

Cornelia (f) 

Although it sounds nearly identical to Cordelia, Cornelia is an ancient Roman name. In the New Testament, the centurion Cornelius met an angel who directed him to seek out Peter.

Daphne (f)

The ethereal name Daphne means laurel. In Greek mythology, she was a nymph who was turned into a laurel tree to escape from Apollo.

Delilah (f) 

Delilah comes from the Bible- she eas Sampson’s wife who cut his hair and took away his magical strength. Despite this backstory, it sounds flowery and natural to me!

Delphina, Delphine, Delphia, Delpha (f)

All of these names are inspired by the city of Delphi. In legend, Greeks would consult the oracle at Delphi before making important decisions. Its name comes from the dragon Delphyne who used to live there but was slain by Apollo.

Delyth (f)

The unique Welsh name Delyth means pretty.

Desmond (m) 

The Irish name Desmond began as a name to refer to someone from the region of South Munster in Ireland 

Destry (e)

The unisex name Destry was invented by Max Brand in his novel Destry Rides Again in the 1930s. It comes from the Anglo-Norman word for warhorse.

Diana, Diane (f)

These classic names mean heavenly or divine.

Dorian (m) 

Dorian was actually invented by Oscar Wilde for his 1891 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray

Eleanora, Eleonora (f)

Did you know Eleanor and its variations are ancient French names? They’re so gorgeous and light sounding, they make perfect ethereal names!

Elena, Alina, Alena, Helena (f)

All of these names are variations of Helen, which comes from the ancient Greek word for moon.

Elowen (f)

Elowen is a Cornish name that means elm tree.

Elspeth (f)

Elspeth is a Scottish form of Elizabeth and means my God is an oath.

Elysia, Elysant, Elysen (f)

These names all come from Elysium, the ancient Greek and Roman realm of the dead. Elysium means paradise.

Ephraim (m)

The biblical name Ephraim means fruitful. The soft sounds certainly give it an ethereal feel! 

Ethan (m)

Interestingly enough, Ethan actually means solid, enduring or firm. Those are the opposite of ethereal! 

Euphemia (f) 

Euphemia comes from ancient Greek and means to use words of good omen. Like Ethan, it has a soft feel!

Evander (m) 

In Roman mythology, Evander was a hero of the Trojan war. His name means good of man.

Evangelina, Evangeline (f) 

Evangeline means good news. This name was actually first used in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his epic poem Evangeline in 1847! In the poem, a girl named Evangeline searches for her lost love, Gabriel.

Everett (m) 

The name Everett means brave boar. This classic name is making a comeback in the US.

Felix (m)

Felix means lucky or successful. 

Flynn (m) 

Flynn comes from the Gaelic word for red. Many Gaelic names sound very ethereal! 

Francis (e)

Traditionally, the name Francis is used for males and Frances is for females. It originated as a way to refer to someone from France. 

Gabriel (m)

Gabriel comes from the archangel whose name means God is my hero. In the Bible, he interprets Daniel’s visions, and announces the births of Jesus and John to their parents. 

Gideon (m) 

This Biblical name means feller or hewer.

Ianthe (f) 

Ianthe means violet flower in Greek. And in Greek mythology, Ianthe was an ocean nymph. 

Imogen (f) 

Shakespeare used the name Imogen in his play Cymbaline. He actually based her on the legendary character Innogen, but it was mis-printed and never corrected! Innogen is probably Gaelic for maiden.

Iselda, Isolde, Yselda (f)

All of these names are forms of Isolde, an Irish princess from Arthurian legend. After she drank a love potion, she abandoned the king she was betrothed to and fell in love with a knight named Tristain.

Isidora, Isidore (f)

Isidore and its variations mean gift of Isis, referring to the Egyptian goddess of the sky and nature. 

Jasper (m) 

Jasper means treasurer from Latin and Persian. In the bible, Jasper is one of the three wise men who visits Jesus. And it can refer to the gemstone. 

Josephina, Josephine (f)

This feminine form of Joseph means he will add.

Julian (m) 

Julian is a form of Julius and refers to the Roman god Jupiter. 

Juniper (f)

This nature-themed name refers to the juniper tree.

Laurence, Lawrence (m)

Laurence means laurel.

Leander (m) 

Leander means lion man. In Greek legend, he swam across a river each night to meet his lover. 

Leonidas (m) 

Leonidas means lion. And in ancient Greece, Leonidas defended the pass of Thermopylae from the Persians.

Lysander (m) 

I love Lysander, it reminds me of Alexander but with a softer sound! It means a release. 

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Malachi (m) 

In Hebrew, Malachi means my angel or my messenger. In the Old Testament, Malachi is a prophet and author of the Book of Malachi.

Marceline (f) 

This gorgeous and unique name is a feminine French version of Marcus, a reference to Mars, the Roman god of war. 

Maribelle, Mariabella, Mirabella (f)

These names are combinations of Mary, Maria, and so on, combined with names like Isabella.

Marius (m) 

Like Marceline, Marius is a reference to Mars. It makes a great alternative to Mark or Marco, and has a soft feel. 

Micaiah (e) 

The unisex name Micaiah means who is like Yahweh? It’s actually the full name of the prophet Micah. 

Michael, Michaelangelo (m)

And Michael and Michelangelo fall in the same vein, meaning who is like God? ” Michelangelo actually means Michael the angel, referring to the archangel in the Bible. 

Morgan (e), Morgana (f)

The Welsh name Morgan means sea circle in Old Welsh. And its association with Morgan le Fay gives it an ethereal feel! 

Oberon (m) 

Oberon, which can also be spelled Auberon, means elf ruler. Fittingly, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon is the king of the fairies.

Oliver, Olivier (m)

Oliver,a and its French form, Olivier, actually were very common in medieval times. And they mean elf warrior.

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Olympia, Olympe (f)

These names come from the tallest mountain in Greece, where the legendary Greek gods live.

Ophelia (f) 

This name comes from the Greek word for help, advantage. Ophelia was Hamlet’s lover in Shakespeare’s play.

Orion (m) 

The ethereal name Orion means light of the heavens. In Greek mythology,  Orion was a legendary hunter. 

Orpha (f) 

Orpha is actually a Biblical name- she is Naomi’s daughter in law in the book of Ruth. It’s certainly a unique and beautiful name!

Oswin (m) 

In Old English, Oswin means friend of the gods. It was a common name from the ninth through the fourteenth century but is practically unheard of now! 

Percival (m) 

Percival, the legendary knight of the Round Table sought the Holy Grail. His name might mean pierce the valley in French or hard spear in Welsh.

Philip (m) 

The name Philip means friend of horses. Did you know that Alexander the Great’s father was named Philip?

Phoebe (f) 

Phoebe means “bright” in Greek. It was the name of a mythological titan associated with the moon

Raphael (m) 

Archangel Rafael’s name means God heals. This ethereal name is common in Europe but not in English- speaking countries. 

Regina, Reginella (f)

Regina and its variations mean queen. It has great nickname potential- Reggie, Reg, Rain, Gina, Ginny, Gigi, and Jean.

Rhydian (m)

Welsh names like Rhydian (also spelled Rhidian) naturally have an ethereal feel! This particular name means red.

Rosella, Rosalia (f)

These names mean rose. I love the feel of a floral name like Rose with a gorgeous ending added on! 

Rowan (e) 

The unisex name Rowan can refer to the tree of the same name. Or it can refer to the Irish surname O’Ruadhain, meaning descendant of Ruidhain.

Saphira, Sapphire (f)

As you likely guessed, these names refer to the sapphire gemstone. 

Sebastian (m)

The name Sebastian originally referred to someone from Sebaste, a town in Asia Minor. And it’s the name of an early Christian saint. 

Seraphina, Seraphine (f) 

In the Bible, the Seraphim were an order of angels with six wings each. In Hebrew, Seraphim means fiery ones.

Seren (e), Serena (f), Serenella (f)

These names mean tranquil, calm, or serene. And Edmund Spencer used the name Serena in his poem The Faerie Queene.

Sibyl (f) 

In Ancient Greece, sibyls were prophetesses. And in Christianity, they were thought to have divine knowledge. It used to be a common name in the late 1800s in the US, but is rarely used today. 

Sophronia, Sophonisba, Sofronisba (f) 

This unusual group of names means self- controlled or sensible. 

Titania (f) 

Shakespeare first used the name Titania for the Faerie Queen in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her name means of the titans.

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Theodosia (f) 

Theodosia means giving to god. It can be pronounced teh-o-do-see-a, or thee-a-do-see-a.

Tristan (m) 

The story of Tristan and Isolde is an ancient part of Arthurian Legend. His name means sad. This name has some unique variations, including the Welsh version Drystan, and the British version Tristram.

Uriel (m) 

Archangel Uriel warns Noah of the flood in the Bible. His name means God is my light

Victoria, Victoriana, Victorine (f), Vittoria (f)

This family of names means victory or conqueror in Latin.

Viviana, Viviette (f)

Viviana and Viviette mean alive in Latin.

Zeffirina (f), Zeffrino (m)

These nature- themed names mean west wind. In Greek mythology, Zephyros was the god of the west wind. 

Zilpha (f) 

This rare biblical name means delicate, which I definitely associate with ethereal names! 

Ethereal Fairy Names 

These ethereal fairy names come from famous fay, ranging from English literature like the Legend of King Arthur, to TV shows, manga and video games.

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  • Adicia (f)
  • Adilyn (f)
  • Aemylia (f)
  • Aisha (f)
  • Aladine
  • Aldus (m)
  • Alma 
  • Amoretta (f)
  • Amren
  • Ariel (f)
  • Asmaghiah (m)
  • Caelia (f)
  • Calidore (m)
  • Cambina (f)
  • Chloris (f)
  • Ciela (f)
  • Corona (f)
  • Elaine (f)
  • Florimell (f)
  • Fauna (f)
  • Flora (f)
  • Genesta (f)
  • Gloriadas (f)
  • Gloriande (f)
  • Gloriana (f)
  • Goldemar (m)
  • Herodias (f)
  • Iolanthe (f)
  • Irodiada (f)
  • Julian (e)
  • Kenna (f)
  • Lempatrix (m)
  • Lier (m)
  • Lucifera (f)
  • Lumina (f)
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  • Mab (f)
  • Magotine (f)
  • Margale
  • Marinell (m)
  • Marsontine (f)
  • Maurella (f)
  • Melinette (f)
  • Mercilla (m)
  • Merriweather (f)
  • Micol (f)
  • Milkah (f)
  • Morgan (f)
  • Navi (f)
  • Niall (m)
  • Nuala (f)
  • Oberon (m)
  • Oriande (f)
  • Oriel (m)
  • Oryane (f)
  • Paribanou (f)
  • Paridamie (f)
  • Peri (e)
  • Pheradzoye (f)
  • Puck (m)
  • Robin (e)
  • Saradine (f)
  • Saria (f)
  • Sookie (f)
  • Soussio (f)
  • Surcantine (f)
  • Sybilla (f)
  • Taboret (f)
  • Tamlane (m)
  • Titania (f)
  • Translyne (f)
  • Triamour (f)
  • Tristram (m)
  • Una (f)
  • Voro (f)
  • Xamet (f)
  • Zephyrus (m)

Names that mean Ethereal 

The names below mean ethereal, heavenly, or celestial. And they come from a variety of cultures around the world! 

  • Aadrika (f)
  • Acoran (m)
  • Alya (f)
  • Amara (f)
  • Anjum (e)
  • Caelus (m)
  • Celeste (f)
  • Celestus (m)
  • Celica (f)
  • Chesa (f)
  • Chitrangda (f)
  • Diana (f)
  • Diantha (f)
  • Gimli (m)
  • Heaven (f)
  • Kailani (f)
  • Khasamuth (m)
  • Neamh (f)
  • Neven (m)
  • Orion (m)
  • Rakia (e)
  • Savane (e)
  • Semira (f)
  • Sepehr (m)
  • Taivo (m)
  • Tieresias (m)
  • Zenith (m)

Names like Ethereal

Naming someone Ethereal is unconventional. But these names like ethereal sound similar or have a similar feel!

  • Adriel (e)
  • Arthur (m)
  • Autherine (f)
  • Cassiel (m)
  • Cathereau (f)
  • Cecile (f)
  • Elutherius (m)
  • Ethan (m)
  • Ethel (f)
  • Ethelinda (f)
  • Ethelyn (f)
  • Etherea (f)
  • Floreal (m)
  • Heather (f)
  • Hester (f)
  • Jether (m)
  • Kythereia (f)
  • Muriel (f)
  • Tenille (f)
  • Thera (f)
  • Therion (m)
  • Uther (m)

Ethereal names from Reddit 

Redditors shared so many ethereal names you’ll love to browse through! I really appreciate the variety, one person could never come up with all these creative ideas on their own! 

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  • Aadya (f)
  • Aaron (m)
  • Abel (m)
  • Abilene (f)
  • Abram (m)
  • Adelaide (f)
  • Adelfrid (f)
  • Adrian (m)
  • Ælfflæd (f)
  • Aenor (f)
  • Aeronwen (f)
  • Agnesia (f)
  • Aiken (m)
  • Ailill (f)
  • Aisling (f)
  • Ajax (m)
  • Alaric (m)
  • Alban (m)
  • Alberich (m)
  • Alden (m)
  • Aldith (f)
  • Alexander (m)
  • Alexandrina (f)
  • Alexis (f)
  • Alfred (m)
  • Alice (f)
  • Alina/Alena (f)
  • Alpha (e)
  • Alphonse (m)
  • Altair (m)
  • Alun (e)
  • Alwyn (f)
  • Alyssa (f)
  • Amandine (f)
  • Amaris (f)
  • Amaryllis (f)
  • Ambrose (m)
  • Amethyst (f)
  • Amity (f)
  • Anastasiya (f)
  • Ancelote (f)
  • Anders (m)
  • Aneirin (f)
  • Anemone (f)
  • Anna (f)
  • Annabella (f)
  • Annora (f)
  • Anton (m)
  • Aoife (EE-fa) (f)
  • Aphrodite (f)
  • Apphia (f)
  • Aquila (e)
  • Arabella (f)
  • Arden (f)
  • Ariadne (f)
  • Arlo (m)
  • Arthfael (m)
  • Arwel (f)
  • Arwyn (f)
  • Aster, Astra (f)
  • Astrophel (m)
  • Athena (f)
  • Atlas (m)
  • Atticus (m)
  • Aubrey (m)
  • August (m)
  • Aurelian (m)
  • Auriel (f)
  • Aurora (f)
  • Autumn (f)
  • Avery (m)
  • Azalea (f)
  • Balfour (m)
  • Beatrix (f)
  • Beckett (m)
  • Benedict (m)
  • Benjamin (m)
  • Betony (f)
  • Blaise (m)
  • Bryn (m)
  • Bryony (f)
  • Burgundy (e)
  • Bystron (m)
  • Cadence (f)
  • Cadfael (m)
  • Cadwgan (m)
  • Caerwyn (m)
  • Calanthe (f)
  • Caleb (m)
  • Camellia (f)
  • Casimir (e)
  • Cassian (e)
  • Cassius (m)
  • Castiel (m)
  • Cecily (f)
  • Ceridwen (m)
  • Chess (e)
  • Christabel (f)
  • Christiana (f)
  • Christopher (m)
  • Clara, Clarabella (f)
  • Columbine (f)
  • Constance (f)
  • Coralia (f)
  • Coraline (f)
  • Corbin (m)
  • Cressida (f)
  • Cymbeline (f)
  • Cyndal (f)
  • Cyprian (m)
  • Cyra (f)
  • Cyrus (m)
  • Dahlia (f)
  • Damiana (f)
  • Danica (f)
  • Daniel (m)
  • Darius (m)
  • Dashiell (m)
  • Datura (f)
  • David (m)
  • Delgatie (f)
  • Destry (f)
  • Diantha (f)
  • Dicentra (f)
  • Dierdre (f)
  • Dina (f)
  • Dolphus (m)
  • Dominic (m)
  • Dunphy​ (m)
  • Edith (f)
  • Edmund (m)
  • Edurne (f)
  • Eifion (e)
  • Eirian (f)
  • Eirwen (f)
  • Eithne (f)
  • Electra (f)
  • Eleftheria (f)
  • Eleri (f)
  • Elias (m)
  • Elijah (m)
  • Elodie (f)
  • Elric (m)
  • Eluned (e)
  • Elwood (m)
  • Embrun (m)
  • Emeraude (f)
  • Emerly (f)
  • Emery (e)
  • Emil (m)
  • Emiliana (f)
  • Emily (f)
  • Emmalina (f)
  • Emmanuel (m)
  • Enya (f)
  • Erasmus (m)
  • Esteban (m)
  • Estella (f)
  • Esther (f)
  • Eteri (f)
  • Ethelinda (f)
  • Eulalia (f)
  • Evadne (f)
  • Evariste (f)
  • Evelina (f)
  • Everard (m)
  • Evren (e)
  • Ezekiel (m)
  • Faendal (m)
  • Fallon (e)
  • Faolan (m)
  • Fasendil (m)
  • Faunus (m)
  • Faye (f)
  • Felicity (f)
  • Ferdinand (m)
  • Ferelith (f)
  • Fern (f)
  • Fiera (f)
  • Fiona (f)
  • Firmin (m)
  • Francesca (f)
  • Francesco (m)
  • Freya (f)
  • Gadiel (m)
  • Gaia (f)
  • Galahad (m)
  • Galen (m)
  • Gallien (m)
  • Gardenia (f)
  • Gareth (m)
  • Garrett (m)
  • Garsea (m)
  • Gawain (m)
  • Genevieve (f)
  • Geoffrey (m)
  • Georgiana (f)
  • Gervais (m)
  • Ghislaine (f)
  • Giselle (f)
  • Gloriana (f)
  • Gregoria (f)
  • Gregorio (m)
  • Gregory (m)
  • Greta (f)
  • Griffin, Griffith (m)
  • Guinevere (f)
  • Gwendolyn (f)
  • Gwyneira (f)
  • Gwynplaine (m)
  • Hazel (f)
  • Heidi (f)
  • Hemlock (e)
  • Hemphill (m)
  • Henry (m)
  • Heulwen (f)
  • Hugo (m)
  • Humphrey (m)
  • Hyacinth (f)
  • Hypatia (f)
  • Ignatius (m)
  • Iris (f)
  • Irving (m)
  • Isaac (m)
  • Isaiah (m)
  • Isolde (f)
  • Iva (f)
  • Jephthah, Japheth (m)
  • Jeremiah (m)
  • Jeremiel (m)
  • Jeremy (m)
  • Jocelyn (f)
  • Jonah (m)
  • Jonathan (m)
  • Josiah (m)
  • Jude (m)
  • Juliet (f)
  • Julius (m)
  • Kenneth (m)
  • Kushiel (f)
  • Lachlan (m)
  • Laila (f)
  • Laszlo (m)
  • Laurence, Laurence (m)
  • Laurent (m)
  • Lavender (f)
  • Lavinia (f)
  • Lenore (f)
  • Leofdæg (m)
  • Leon (m)
  • Leontine (f)
  • Letitia (f)
  • Leucothea (f)
  • Lilia (f)
  • Lilith (f)
  • Lindirich (m)
  • Linnaea (f)
  • Linus (m)
  • Lionel (m)
  • Livius (m)
  • Lucas (m)
  • Lucien (m)
  • Luther (m)
  • Lyle (m)
  • Lyra (f)
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  • Mabel (f)
  • Madeline (f)
  • Maiolaine (f)
  • Mairwen (e)
  • Malachite (m)
  • Malcolm (m)
  • Malthael (m)
  • Mara (f)
  • Marigold (f)
  • Marlena (f)
  • Matteo (m)
  • Matthias (m)
  • Mavis (f)
  • Maxwell (m)
  • Mcpherson (m)
  • Melisande (f)
  • Melody (f)
  • Memphis (m)
  • Merope (f)
  • Milton (m)
  • Mina (f)
  • Mireille (f)
  • Moira (f)
  • Morgan, Morgana (f)
  • Morwenna (f)
  • Murphy (m)
  • Natalia (f)
  • Natasha (f)
  • Nathaniel (m)
  • Nereida (f)
  • Niamh (f)
  • Nicholas (m)
  • Nicodemus (m)
  • Nimue (f)
  • Nona (f)
  • Oceana (f)
  • Odessa (f)
  • Odette (f)
  • Oliphant (m)
  • Oliphantia (f)
  • Orlaithe (f)
  • Oscar (m)
  • Osric (m)
  • Ossian (e)
  • Padraigin (f)
  • Peregrine (m)
  • Perrick (m)
  • Phaedra (f)
  • Phaethon (m)
  • Pharr (m)
  • Phelan (m)
  • Phelp (m)
  • Phifer (m)
  • Philbrick (m)
  • Philomena (f)
  • Phipps (m)
  • Phoenix (e)
  • Phyllisa (f)
  • Pomeline (f)
  • Quentin (m)
  • Rainier (m)
  • Ralph (m)
  • Ramiel (m)
  • Remington (m)
  • Reuben (m)
  • Rhydderch (m)
  • Rhydian (f)
  • Rhys (m)
  • Rohaise (f)
  • Roisin (f)
  • Roland (m)
  • Romina (f)
  • Romlyn (m)
  • Ronja (f)
  • Rosabella (f)
  • Rosamund (f)
  • Rosangela (f)
  • Roselle (f)
  • Rosenda (f)
  • Rosendo (m)
  • Rubina (f)
  • Rue (f)
  • Rupert (m)
  • Sabina (f)
  • Sabriel (f)
  • Sabrina (f)
  • Samantha (f)
  • Saphira, Sapphire (f)
  • Sariah (f)
  • Sefora (f)
  • Selena (f)
  • Seneca (e)
  • Severin (m)
  • Shepherd (m)
  • Silas (m)
  • Sinclair (m)
  • Siofra (f)
  • Solange (e)
  • Solomon (m)
  • Solstice (f)
  • Sophiana (f)
  • Spencer (m)
  • Suvi (f)
  • Sveinn (m)
  • Taavi (m)
  • Tabitha (f)
  • Talfryn (m)
  • Taliesin (f)
  • Tanith, Tanis (f)
  • Tarquin (m)
  • Tasmin (f)
  • Thaddeus (m)
  • Theodore (m)
  • Theresia (f)
  • Theron (m)
  • Thomasin (f)
  • Thora (f)
  • Thorin (m)
  • Tinka (f)
  • Tiva (f)
  • Tobias (m)
  • Tuuli (f)
  • Twila (f)
  • Tyrael (m)
  • Tyrone (m)
  • Valentina (f)
  • Valeriane (f)
  • Verena (f)
  • Veronica (f)
  • Vesta (f)
  • Victorine (f)
  • Violet (f)
  • Violetta (f)
  • Vittoria (f)
  • Wesley (m)
  • Westphal (m)
  • Wilhelmina (f)
  • Willow (f)
  • Wisteria (f)
  • Xanthe (f)
  • Xavier (m)
  • Xemino (m)
  • Xerifa (f)
  • Zachary (m)
  • Zairi (f)
  • Zelpha (f)
  • Zenobia (f)
  • Zenon (m)
  • Zephaniah (m)
  • Zephon (m)
  • Zephyrine (f)
  • Ziva (f)
  • Zora (f)
  • Zuriel (f)

Ethereal definition

Google defines ethereal as 

extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

And Merriam Webster gives this definition:

1 a : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth

b : celestial, heavenly

c : unworldly, spiritual

2a : lacking material substance : immaterial, intangible

b : marked by unusual delicacy or refinement this smallest, most ethereal, and daintiest of birds— William Beebe

c : suggesting the heavens or heaven

Resources for Ethereal Names 

Wrap up- Ethereal Names 

ethereal names for girls and boys pin

I hope you were inspired by my extensive list of ethereal names! If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments!

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