Names That Mean Carpenter | 67 Carpentry and Lumberjack Ideas for Girls and Boys 

Names that mean carpenter are hard to find! Luckily, I’ve researched quite a few options that will dovetail with your preferred naming styles! 

Plus, I’ve found names related to carpenters or carpentry, names that mean wood and lumberjack, and more! Let’s get started!

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Names that mean carpenter

First, we will dig into 24 names that mean “carpenter” for boys and girls!


names that mean carpenter - carpentry tools

In Hungarian, Asztalos means “carpenter.”

Carpentino, Carpintero

In Italian and Spanish, these names refer to people who work as carpenters.


The medieval girl’s name Dailida comes from the region that is now Latvia. Its origins are unclear, but it could come from the Lithuanian word for carpenter. It might also mean beautiful.

Frame, Framer

In construction, builders fit pieces together to give a structure support and shape. 


In German, this name literally means “sound the axe.” It referred to people who worked as journeymen, carpenters, shipwrights, and others who worked with axes.


names that mean carpenter - workshop

Madeira is a Portuguese surname that means carpenter and comes from the Portuguese word for wood. It would make a great girl’s name!


In Turkish, Marangoz means “carpenter.”


The Scottish Gaelic name means “son of the carpenter”


This variation of McIntyre also originates in Irish and Scottish, and means “the son of the carpenter.”


In German, Nagel means “nail” and is a name for carpenters.


In Arabic, Najjar means carpenter, and is often used as a surname.


In Japanese, the female name Naruyo means carpenter, artisan, or workman.

Sander, Saunder

Technically Sander and Saunder are forms of Alexander. But sanding wood certainly fits the bill for a name for a carpenter or woodworker. 


carpentry tools

The name Sawyer means “sawer of wood, woodcutter” and is a perfect fit for a carpenter! 


The Welsh surname Sayer means carpenter.

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The Japanese boys’ name Shounosuke means “artisan, workman, carpenter.”


And the similar Japanese boys’ name Shoutarou also comes from a root word that means “artisan, workman, carpenter.”


Stender is a German surname that refers to a carpenter.


Carpenters use tenon saws to make deep, accurate cuts. 


In Czech, Tesar means “carpenter.” It comes from the Slavic word tesla, which refers to the adze, a wood carving tool.


Tischner also refers to carpenters in German.


The occupational name Turner refers to someone who turns parts on a lathe. Carpenters often turn parts like spindles and table legs on a lathe.

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And our final name comes from the Germans too! The German surname Zimmerman means carpenter.

What names mean carpenter?

what names mean carpenter

The names Zimmerman, Nagel, Sawyer, Tesar, Turner, and Madeira mean carpenter. 

What names are related to carpenters or carpentry?

Next, lets look at names related to carpenters and carpentry. They’re inspired by famous carpenters. Many celebrities practiced carpentry before their acting careers, some became famous because of their skills, and some even still practice their trade! 

Norman, Abram

Master carpenter Norman Abram, aka Norm, hosted This Old House. And both make great names for carpenters!


Saint Joseph was a carpenter and is the patron saint of that profession. 


Did you know that Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter before he made it big as an actor? 

He actually wasn’t happy with the acting roles he was offered, so he taught himself carpentry to support his family! Ford did some woodworking. 


Radio personality Adam Carolla practiced carpentry when he was 18 and first looking for a way to make money. 


Carter Oosterhouse became famous for his carpentry skills on the tv show Trading Spaces.


Elias Disney, father of Roy and Walt Disney, was a carpenter. 


Actor Mark Harmon of NCIS fame is a carpenter and his character on the show even builds boats!


Master carpenter Nick Offerman showcases his woodworking skills as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation 


Ty Pennington of Trading Spaces is a TV host, carpenter, artist, and author.

What names mean wood?

what names mean wood

These names all mean wood and would be perfect for a carpenter:

  • Barclay
  • Boyce
  • Briscoe
  • Carver
  • Cochise
  • Haywood 
  • Horst
  • Keith
  • Kingsley 
  • Marley
  • Norwood
  • Roscoe 
  • Sawyer
  • Sylvanas 
  • Sylvester 
  • Walton
  • Widald
  • Woodrow

What names mean lumberjack?

what names mean lumberjack

These names mean lumberjack: Klingbeil, Sawyer.

Is Carpenter a German name?

Carpenter is not a German name. It comes from the Anglo- French word carpentier, which is related for the Latin word for cart, wagon, and chariot.

More names related to carpenters and carpentry

Finally, these names refer to tools, concepts, or other terms used in carpentry. However, they’re a little unusual, so might make the perfect middle name. In addition, they could be the first or last name for a character in a book or creative writing!

  • Arbor– the spindle or shaft that turns saw blades
  • Bevel – a sloped edge in carpentry or masonry
  • Caliper– a measuring tool
  • Chamfer– a type of bevel
  • Chisel – a type of cutting tool
  • Chuck– the part of a drill that holds the drill bit
  • Collett– a type of chuck 
  • Jig – an aid to clamp work pieces or act as a guide
  • Lathe – a tool used to turn wood
  • Miter – a type of woodworking joint
  • Mortise – a recess or hole cut into a part that accepts a tenon
  • Phillip– phillips head screwdriver
  • Rasp – a type of file
  • Tenon – a piece of wood that’s inserted into a mortise hole
  • Veneer– a thin piece of wood glued to a thicker piece

Wrap up- Names that Mean Carpenter

names that mean carpenter pin

To wrap things up, I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of names that mean carpenter! While there are only a handful of names that mean carpenter, you can creatively use other names to fit the same need.

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