Names That Mean Trickster | Plus Mischief, Cunning, and Deceit 

Names that mean trickster are perfect for parents who enjoy pranks, your creative writing, naming characters in tabletop gaming, online handles, and more! 

Enjoy our roundup of all the names that mean mischief, deceit and cunning. 

Names that mean trickster for boys

Names That Mean Trickster


  • Amaguq– Inuit trickster and wolf god
  • Anansi– trickster god from African and Caribbean folklore who often takes the form of a spider
  • Bart, Bartholomew- for everyone’s favorite prankster from The Simpsons 
  • Cegorach– trickster god from Warhammer 40k
  • Curupira– Brazilian genie who protects the trees and animals of the jungle through trickery
  • Dennis– as in Dennis the Menace
  • Dionysus- Greek god of wine, madness and ecstasy, known for his unpredictability 
  • Dolon– means bait or trickery in Greek. Similar Greek names are Dolios, Dolos, and Dolus
  • Dyl– Dyl Ugluspegill was an Icelandic folk hero known for his trickery
  • Eshu– Yoruban spirit of chaos and trickery
  • Hermes– Greek trickster and messenger god
  • Hiylar– Turkish (Karachay-Balkar) for trick, cunning 
  • Hobomock– a Native American trickster and death spirit
  • Jacob– biblical patriarch known for tricking his father into blessing him instead of his elder brother
  • Jareth– from the film The Labyrinth 

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  • Kokopelii– trickster flute player of southwestern Native American tribes
  • Loki- Norse god of trickery known for his magic and shapeshifting
  • Maui – mythological Hawaiian trickster
  • Maximon– trickster folk deity from Mayan culture 
  • Moritz– German trickster folk hero


Names That Mean Trickster
  • Nasreddin– Turkish legend based on a real man known for his trickery
  • Odysseus- Greek hero famed for his cunning ways of tricking his enemies, like the Trojan horse
  • Oliddamara– god of music, wine, revelry, and trickery in Dungeons and Dragons
  • Pan– and other satyrs- are known for their pranks and practical jokes
  • Patrick– contains the word trick 
  • Peter– Sly Peter is a mythic trickster in Bulgarian folklore 
  • Pedro– Pedro Urdemales is a Latin American trickster folk hero 
  • Premysl– Slavic for trick or strategy 
  • Prometheus- in Greek legend, he tricked Zeus and stole fire to give to humans
  • Pumphut– Slavic gnome famous for his tricks
  • Reynard- Reynard the Fox is a trickster figure in fables
  • Simeon– Maximon (see above) is sometimes known as San Simeon
  • Sosruko– Caucasian trickster god
  • Syrdon– Iranian (Ossetian) trickster character 
  • Tokoloshe– trickster from Zulu mythology 
  • Yehl– Tlingit creator and trickster god
  • Zomo– Trickster rabbit in Nigerian folklore 

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Names that mean trickster for girls

Names That Mean Trickster
  • Eris– Greek goddess of strife and discord
  • Indra– Hindu king of gods known for trickery
  • Kuma Lisa- fox and trickster in Bulgarian folklore
  • Mestra– from Greek mythology could change her shape at will and used her powers for trickery
  • Narada– trickster character from Hindu and Indian mythology
  • Robin– trickster and mischievous person in A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
  • Ruse– enough said
  • Sarka– maiden in Czech legend known for her cunning
  • Sigyn– Loki’s wife
  • Sivanah– patron goddess of illusions, tricksters, and those who keep secrets 

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  • Thokk– Loki once adopted this name while disguised as an old woman
  • Trixie– need we explain?

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Surnames that mean trickster 

  • Beffa– Italian nickname for a practical joker
  • Coyote– known as a trickster in many Native American cultures 
  • Discord
  • Fox– the slyest animal
  • Pratt- Old English for prank or trick
  • Quandt– Old German for prankster, joker
  • Raven– a trickster figure in the folklore of the indigenous people of the American Northwest 
  • Treacher– derived from a word meaning trickery. Shares the same root as treachery 

Japanese names that mean trickster

names that mean trickster- kitsune statue
  • Kitsune– these mythological and intelligent foxes are known for their cunning and tricks
  • Susanoo– trickster from Japanese mythology 

Names that mean cunning

names that mean cunning - chess board
  • Alcimedemighty cunning
  • Archimedes- comes from Ancient Greek for master and cunning 
  • Cheirisophuscunning in his handicraft
  • Daedalus- Greek for to work cunningly
  • Diomedes– Another Greek name, combining “of Zeus” and “cunning”
  • Ganymede– Greek for glad and cunning 
  • Lekomirhe who uses his cunning to make peace
  • Medea– plan, counsel, cunning. Also a sorceress from Greek mythology 
  • Metis– meaning wisdom, skill, cunning
  • Nikomedescunning victory, also the name of an early saint
  • Perimedevery cunning
  • Sly– could also be a nickname for Sylvester 
  • Tyrion– the manipulative Imp from Game of Thrones 

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  • Vasag– Armenian for treacherous 
  • Wiley– from the English word

Names that mean mischief 

Names That Mean Trickster
  • Afet– Azerbaijani for mischief 
  • Csintalan– Hungarian for mischievous, naughty
  • Gavroche– French slang for street urchin or mischievous child from Les Miserables 
  • Gvansta– Georgian for mischievous, wild
  • Naiche– Apache for mischief maker
  • Pettai– Estonian for “up to mischief”
  • Sinoe– possibly coming from the Greek word for mischief

What names mean deceit?

Names That Mean Trickster
  • Bullard– Middle English for fraud, deceit
  • Clooney– Irish for deceitful 
  • Cluanach– Irish for deceitful, rogue, flattering 
  • Dolion, Dolios, Dolon, Dolopion, Dolos– Greek for cunning, deceitful 
  • Yap– Middle English for deceitful, devious, shrewd

Wrap up- Names That Mean Trickster

83 names that mean trickster pin

I hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of names that mean trickster, cunning mischief and deceit. 

Looking for more inspiration? See this list of fictional tricksters on Wikipedia.

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