Names That Mean Hunter- 129 Great Ideas For Girls and Boys

129 Cool Names That Mean Hunter

These names can inspire you if you’re looking for the perfect name that means hunter – a name that is unique, spectacular, and extraordinary. 

For girls and boys, names that mean hunter connote power, prowess, an inherent connection with their environment, and a smart mind. These names are majestic in their strength and beauty, and they’d be ideal for any huntress or hunter!

Names That mean Hunter

Boy Names that Mean Hunter


Aboderin is a Yoruba word that means “one who wanders with hunters.”


Abog is the god of hunters for the Balobo Filipino people.


In Greek mythology, Actaeon was a hunter who was transformed into a deer and later eaten by his own dogs when he witnessed goddess Artemis bathing.

Ah Tabai

Ah Tabai is a Mayan god of hunting. Tabai is a cool-sounding hunter’s name you can coin from Ah Tabai.


The name is derived from the Greek word (agreus), which means “hunter.” Agreus is the name of one of the Panes in Greek mythology.


In Mongolian, it means “hunter.”


In Georgian Mythology, Apsat is the god of hunting. He is often associated with birds and fishes.


The Welsh God of Hunting is known as Arawn. This unique name that means hunter is certainly one of a kind!


Arete is the name of a Greek god related to strong characteristics fit for a hunter such as greatness and being dauntless. The name Arete means “excellence”.


Aristaeus, the son of Apollo and Cyrene, was a well-known Greek hunter god. He was also revered for discovering a number of important arts.


It is a well-known Greek mythical name that means “gift of the god of the hunt.” You can make it a little shorter if you want. As you may have guessed, it comes from the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis. It certainly has great nickname potential, such as Art, Arty, Dorry, and many other ideas!

Related names include Artemios, Artem, Artemius, Artsiom, Artemi, and Artemon.

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Bakero is a forest spirit of the Ati people in the Philippines. The first fruits of every hunt are offered to Bakero for good fortune.


It means “hunter-trapper” and “fisherman” in the Yakut language spoken in northern Russia.


Bhadra is one of Shiva’s ganas and is the god of hunting. The name Bhadra is Sanskrit word that means “good” and “fortune”.


Bosomtwe is the god of fishing and sailors in Akan mythology.

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Canowicakte is a great name idea if you feel like going for something unique. It means “the good hunter of the forest”. You can also go for shorter name ideas from Canowicakte like Cano, Owi.


Cernunnos is of Celtic origin and means “god of the hunter”. He is a horned god associated with fertility and hunting.


This name originated in England as a nickname for a hunter.


The name Cocidius means “mythical hunter god” is the meaning of this name. It a bold, unique choice for a boy!


Fowler is a surname that used to be associated with “wild bird hunters.” It’s a unique name that’s actually simple to pronounce and spell.

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The name Gahiji is both attractive and expressive. It comes from the Rwandan language. It is not a very common name and it means hunter. It could be an excellent choice!

Gwyn Ap Nudd

Draw name inspiration from Gwyn Ap Nudd. In Welsh mythology, he is the king of Annwn associated with the Wild Hunt.


It was inherited as a surname from a member of the Norman-French family and means “mighty hunter.” It has an upper-class feel to it.

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For the Tungusic people in Siberia, Hinkon is the god of hunting and animal life. Hinkon is a great and unique name idea for boys. It sounds cool, not popular, and will make your kid stand out.


Holter, which means hunter,’ is an excellent choice for parents who want to keep the ‘hol’ sound but want something different from the more popular names like Holden and Holmes. It’s powerful, sassy, and astute, and it’s climbing the charts!


This is a clear and direct name. It was once popular, but not nearly as much as Hunter is now. It is short for hunter and can also be kept as a nickname. It could certainly work as a middle name too!

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This is a unique yet pronounceable and easily-spelled choice. It means “community of hunters” or “hunters’ town.”

Names That Mean Hunter


Huntley means “Hunter of the Meadow. ”

This name has other well-known bearers, including English actor Huntley Wright, Canadian actor Huntley Gordon, and American industrialist and politician Huntley Nowel Spaulding. 

This name goes well with names with ‘ly’ or ‘ley’ endings like Yardley, Molly, etc.

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Isonash is a Japanese name that means great hunter. The popular half-wolf anime character Inuyasha is believed to have taken name inspiration from the name Isonash.


Katuri refers to a “hunter” for the South American-Indian Aymara people.


Khonvoum means the great hunter and is the supreme god of the Mbuti people in central America. Some of the shorter name ideas we can coin from Khonvoum are Khovou, Khon or Kon, and Onvo.


This two-syllable name, which means ‘eagle hunter,’ is quite common among Native American tribes. It’s a Native American name that refers to those who hunt eagles.


In Karachay-Balkar, it means “hunter, tracker.”


Namatindo means hunter for the Ijaw people.


Necirvan is a Kurdish word and name that means hunter.


Meaning is uncertain, most likely Akkadian in origin or possibly Hebrew for “rebel.” Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, is a well-known hunter in the Old Testament. Use caution choosing this name as it often is used as a term for an inept person.


Nodens or Nodons is a Celtic healing god worshipped in Ancient Britain. He was also the god of the sea, hunting and dogs.


This mystical sounding name is from the god of hunting and cattle in Finnish mythology.


Okot is a Filipino forest god. It is believed that he would whistle to lead the hunters to their prey.


Oguon is a two-spirit deity of fire, iron, hunting, politics and war.


Opochtli is the Aztec god of fishing.


Orion is a Greek mythological hunter and is the inspiration for Orion the Hunter constellation with the seeming appearance of a person with a bow.


Oshosi is a forest deity and is also known as “the hunter of a single arrow”. He is associated with lightness, wisdom and being resourceful in hunting.


Pan is a hunting god and is also the god of the wild and shepherds.


In Hittite mythology, Rundas is the god of hunting and of good fortune. His emblem is of a double eagle with a hare on its talon.


Sasan, the eponymous founder of Persia’s Sasanian Dynasty, was a Zoroastrian high priest in Pars and “a superb fighter and hunter.”


Shecar is a Kurdish name that means hunter.


Shikari is an Indian name that means hunter or a guide on hunting trips. This can also be used as a girl’s name.


Sip is a hunting god in Mayan mythology. He is envisioned as an elderly man with deer ears and antlers.


Sugudun or Sugujun is the god of hunters and trappers for the Manobo tribe in the Philippines.

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Tapio is a Finnish forest spirit. Hunters offer their prayers to Tapio for his blessing before going on a hunt.


Tekkeitsertok is the god of hunting in the Inuit mythology. He is also considered as the master of reindeers or caribou.


Theron is most recognizable as Charlize Theron’s surname, but it has a lengthy history as a first name. In the early twentieth century, it was listed in the top 500, but by the turn of the century, it had plummeted out of the top 1000. 

It has a similar sound to Theon, although the two names have very distinct meanings. Theron’s meaning is ‘hunter.’


Vosegus, or Vosagus, is a Celtic god of hunting and forestation. He is often represented with a bow and a shield, and he has a dog with him.

Names That Mean Hunter


Possibly derived from the Greek word (zagreus), which referred to a hunter who caught live animals. Since it was derived from the Greek prefix (za) meaning “very” mixed with Greek (agreus) meaning “hunter,” the phrase would technically mean “great hunter.” 

Another explanation for the name Zagreus is that it is derived from the Greek word (zagre), which means “barefoot.” In Greek mythology, Zagreus was a mysterious god who was thought to be related to the god Dionysus.

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Girl Names that Mean Hunter

Names That Mean Hunter


Abnoba is a goddess of hunting in Celtic mythology. Her name means divine waters.


Ahosu is the goddess of hunting and protecting wildlife for the Akan people. Prayers are offered to her for successful hunts. She is believed to kill people who overhunted or overharvested.


Aife or Aoife is a great warrior queen in Irish myth. Her name means beautiful and radiant, and she is known as the goddess of archery.


Airmed is another Irish goddess famous in wars and battles. She’s known for being the goddess of healing and herbal medicines in ancient wars.


Aimend means sunburn. This is the name of a legendary hunter and the Irish goddess of the sun.


Alala is the daughter of Polemos, the personification of war in Greek mythology. Her name means “battle-cry” or “war-cry”, and soldiers often cry out her name in order to intimidate enemies.


Andromanche was a warrior queen in Greek legends. Her name means man fighter.


Anlabban is a Filipino deity and the protector of hunters for the Isnag people. Laban means “to fight” and can be a good hunter’s name as a shorter version of Anlabban.


Arnakuagsak is an Inuit goddess who takes care of the general welfare of her people. Through her favors it is believed that hunters catch enough food, and the people remain healthy.


Arnapkapfaaluk is a sea goddess for the Inuit people who inspired fear in hunters. Her name translates to “big bad woman”. Hunters are careful not to offend her or violate any rituals for she might decide to take revenge upon the entire group or tribe.

Arna can be a great short name idea for either of Arnakuagsak or Arnapkapfaaluk – two goddesses extremely opposite of each other.


She is a Greek-Egyptian goddess associated with abundance and war. The name Astarte has Babylonian origins and also means “myrtle”, the plant used to make wreaths and crowns for gods and goddesses.


In Greek mythology, Atalanta is a virgin huntress who is Meleager’s lover. She is the daughter of Iasus, Schoeneus, and Mainlo. Her father desired a male and was dissatisfied with her birth, so she was abandoned on a mountaintop to die. She grew up in the woods, took a pledge of virginity, and went on to become a legendary huntress.


One of the most important figures in Greek mythology is Artemis. One of Mount Olympus’ 12 deities, this Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, childbirth, and animals is Apollo’s twin sister. The name Artemis means ‘goddess of the hunt.’ You might also enjoy the name Artemisia

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Auryon, a rising American ‘huntress’ baby name, has established a name for herself, and in a big way! Since this name is only used by a few girls, it has an aristocratic feel to it.

It is a feminine version of the name of the Greek god Orion.

Banka Mundi

Banka Mundi is a Hindu goddess of hunting and fertility. She is worshipped for her protection against wild animals.


Bastet is a cat goddess and hunter of reptiles and rodents in the Egyptian myths. Her Greek counterpart is Ailuros.


Belisama is a Norse goddess of hunt, lakes and rivers. Her name means “shining one”.


The Roman goddess of war and hunt, Bellona is the wife of the Roman god Mars.


Bendis is the name of the Thracian Goddess of the Moon and Hunt. She was a huntress who travelled with maenads. It’s a lovely name for your little daughter.


In Greek myths, Britomartis is the goddess of hunting and mountains. It means “lady of the nets”.


Ceto, or Keto, is a sea goddess of dangers, sea monsters and marine life in Greek myths.


Hypseus’s daughter, who was a formidable huntress, was given this name. She is famed for wrestling with lions!

In Greek mythology, she was Apollo’s lover. He carried her away from Mount Pelion in Thessaly to Libya where he founded the ancient city Cyrene in her honor. Her name means “supreme power,” certainly fitting for a hunter!

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Dali is a Georgian goddess of the hunt and the patron of the horned beasts of the mountains like ibexes and deer. Hunters are careful not to offend her so they can gain her favors for successful hunting and avoid harsh punishment from her.


Diane is an alternative to Diana, the Roman Goddess of Hunting and the Moon. It has a pleasant ring to it and is simple to spell and pronounce.

Similar names with the same meaning include Deanne, Kiana, and Divinia.


Elbereth is an Elvish hymn in The Lord of the Rings. It is like a chant for a goddess who is omniscient in the Tolkien world.

This sweet-sounding name is a great idea for someone looking for a hunter’s name with mysticism.


This modern Irish name for girls means “band of warriors” and is perfect for a hunter.


It is the name of a goddess who is associated with hunting, woodlands, and animals. She is similar to the Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana. She is the Goddess of the Beasts of the Wild. This is a fantastic and unique name!


Jemmahor means treasure hunter. Jemma can be a modern and shorter version for this name.

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She is a Filipino moon goddess who cuts off heads. Kabigat is the origin of headhunting for the Bontoc people.


Kainda is a beautiful African name that means “hunter’s daughter”. This is a great name idea if you’re looking for a name that bears some kind of warning and protection for your child. Imagine having to explain your daughter’s name and saying that it means you’re a hunter looking out for her. (Insert Liam Neeson’s Taken monologue – “I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you”).


The meaning of this name is hunter, and it’s an appealing choice!


This gorgeous name comes from the Finnish goddess of the forest and the hunt. She is a gifted healer who can mend animal paws in a matter of seconds.


Neith, the Egyptian goddess of the hunt, would be an unique name for your little girl, as featured in Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles trilogy. The name Neith means ‘divine mother.’


The term Nerrivik refers to the sea mother and benefactor of fishermen and hunters. She helped the Inuits by providing food. She is claimed to have married a storm god who once caused a sea storm while Nerrivik’s loved ones were hunting.


Nujalik is the name of the Goddess of Hunting in Inuit Mythology. It is a unique name bestowed on baby girl names in Canada. It has a powerful ring to it.


Oringo is the name of an Inuit moon goddess. It also has an African meaning “hunter”.


Pakhet is the name of an Ancient Egyptian Goddess who is associated with hunting and warfare. She is famed for having a feline head and killing snakes with her claws.


Pinga is the Inuit goddess of hunting, fertility and medicine.


Rudra is an awesome idea for a hunter name. It means “the roarer” and is a deity of strong winds, storms, medicine and hunting.


Known as the Sea’s Mother. In Inuit mythology, she is the Goddess of aquatic animals and sea hunting.


In Inuit myths, Sidon is known as the Mother of the Ocean. She is also a moon goddess in Greek myths, and her name means “fish hunting”.


In Norse mythology, the giantess or jotunn Skadi was associated with bow hunting, skiing, winter, mountains, and hunting.


Winda is one of those baby girl names that looks adorable on a tiny girl but grows into a lovely adult name. Winda is a word that means ‘hunter.’ It reminds me of Wanda or Wendy.


Zarola is a beautiful and classic name that is overlooked by many people, owing to its rarity. The word Zarola means ‘hunter’ in Arabian.

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Famous Real Life Hunters

Here are some real life hunters who made their name in history and can be great references for hunter names.

Art Young

An adventurer who went on a hunting expedition in 1922 Alaska. With only a bow, he took down a sheep, moose, and a brown bear. He is one of the pioneers of modern bowhunting.

Ben Lilly

“Anyone can kill a deer, but it takes a man to kill a varmint.”

Colonel John Henry Patterson

He earned a reputation as a hunter after killing two man-eating lions in Kenya.

Ernest Hemingway

He is a famous wilderness writer and big-game hunter.

Fred Bear

Father of Modern Bowhunting

Howard Hill

He is a Bowhunting Hall of Famer and is one of the first hunters to take lions and leopards with a bow caught on cam.

Iqbal Mauladad

An African professional hunter whose close encounters with dangerous animals such as getting caught in a stampede of elephants and getting attacked by a leopard earned him a legendary reputation.


Ishi is the last surviving member of the Yahi tribe, and could move silently through the woods and mimic animal sounds. He taught Art Young how to make archery tackle, shoot accurately and hunt.

Jack O’Connor

He is a famous writer and skilled sheep hunter.

Jim Corbett

He is deemed as “the most famous dangerous game hunter of all time”.

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

This American president was a known hunter, and even was the name inspiration for the Teddy Bear toys after refusing to kill a bear they captured on a bear-hunting trip.

William Cody

Also known as “Buffalo Bill”. He earned his title as the most famous buffalo runner of all time after killing over 4000 bison in eight months!

Hunters and Huntresses from Pop Culture

  • Anna Williams (Tekken)
  • Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Baiken (Guilty Gear)
  • Felicia (Darkstalkers)
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Illumi (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
  • Killua (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Kya (Where The Crawdads Sing)
  • Nina Williams (Tekken)
  • Van Helsing (Vampire Hunter)

Wrap Up- Names that mean Hunter

Names That Mean Hunter

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of names that mean hunter! Whether your looking for a name for your hunting dog, child, middle name inspiration, an RPG character, or anything else, we’ve given you a lot to scout through and track down!

Got suggestions for other hunter names? Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature them on this list!

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Resource: The website Behind the Name is a fantastic resource for finding more names based on uniqueness, similarity to other names, and meaning.

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