Names that Mean Moon (141 Great Ideas for Boys and Girls that Mean Moon)

Whether you are trying to think of a name for your new baby, a band name, or a name for your new hamster, those names that describe the word, “Moon” are some of the most interesting.  Some people wish to apply some spiritual meaning to their moon name selections and will conduct research into spiritual folklore and its meanings.  Others may wish to find specific moon names that signify the moon in other countries.  

We have put together a list of names that mean moon, and invite you to explore it. You might find the exact name you’ve been looking for. 

Names That Mean Moon

Names For Boys That Mean “Moon”

The moon is among the most beloved of the celestial bodies.  It is the topic of books.  Songs and poems are written about it, and sometimes, people want to name their sons because of the moon’s significance in their lives. 

Here are some of the best names for boys that mean, “moon”.


Aku is a mythological name that originated in Babylonia.   It is also the mythological name given to the ‘Moon God’. The name, Aku,  also has Finnish origins, and means, “exulted: in that language.  This name is rarely used in the United States.  In the year, 2018, it was given only to ten children, five girls and five boys. 


The name, Apollo, is a stretch, in terms of meaning “moon” literally, but it has such a strong connection with the moon that it is being included on this list.  Spacebuffs love the name because of its close affiliation with the first human-manned moon mission by the Apollo 11 space rocket.  The name is of Greek origin, and because of its modern-day fame certainly belongs on a list of names that refer to the moon. 


Along the same lines as Apollo, another Greek name closely associated with the moon is Atlas, which is an inner satellite (moon) of the planet Saturn.   The name’s literal translation is “enduring” which the moon definitely is. 


The name, Artemis, is used primarily as a boy’s name, but actually comes from the name of the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt.  It is sometimes listed as a girl’s name and is also used as a unisex name, but much less frequently than it is used as a boy’s name. 


Chakor is a boy’s name that is derived from the Sanskrit meaning of a bird that is in love with the moon.  In Indian astrology, the name Chakor is often used because it is believed that this name will impart inner strength.  People named Chakor are thought to be honest, and to have many other positive qualities, which explains the name’s popularity in India. 


The planet, Pluto, has five natural satellites, or moons. It is also representative of the term, “fierce brightness,” which also refers to the moon.  Charon is the largest of them. Its literal name means “fierce brightness.” This name is not mentioned in the top 1-100 ranked baby names in the United States, so parents who are seeking a rare name might be interested in this one. 


Names That Mean Moon

The planet, Uranus, has many moons.  One of the most notable ones is called, Cupid, which translates to “desire” in the ancient Roman language. 


Depeendu comes from the Indian royal name for “moon” or, conversely, “bright moon”.  It is a rare name, especially in the United States. The name is used more in India than anywhere eise. 


Ehaan is the Islamic/Muslim/Arabic name that signifies a full moon. The word is sometimes used to describe the beautiful glow of the moonlight. Though once popular, it has rarely been used over the last century. 


Ferdinand is another of the boy names that mean moon, this time, like the name, Cupid, representing one of the moons that appear around the planet Uranus. 


Franciso is the third of the boy names that represents one of the moons that surround the planet Uranus. It originates from the Spanish and Portuguese.


Hang is a word that means “moon” in Vietnamese and is an Asian name, usually given to a boy, but that is now gaining popularity with female babies as well.  Vietnamese mythology holds that if the night sky causes a person’s heart to soar, or if that person has always dreamt of meeting the man on the moon, the name Hang will impart a companion with the same passion. 


Names That Mean Moon

The Egyptian name, Lah, is one of the boy names that mean moon in that language.  According to Egyptian mythology, he was the Moon God, whose name was later changed to Toth, a god who ruled over the moon, over science, magic, language, and writing.  


Llkay comes from the Turkish meaning for “first moon.”  


Isonoe represents the name of one of the planet Jupiter’s moons. 


Janus is a Roman name that represents the name of one of the moons orbiting Saturn.   It also represents the word, “doorway” which is intended in a spiritual sense. 


Jerico is not only the name of an ancient West Bank city.  It is also an Israeli name that means, “Moon City”.


Koray comes from the Turkish language and means, “ember moon”.  It is a very popular name in that country and is quickly becoming popular globally, too.  Though rarely, it is sometimes used as a girl’s name as well as a boy’s name. 


Kerberos is a name that represents yet another one of the moons that shine over the planet, Pluto.  This is a tiny, irregularly-shaped moon. 


Luan is the Portuguese name for “moon” and is a popular name in that country.  The name Luan also has an Albanian meaning, which is, “lion” and a Vietnamese meaning, which is “justice and ethics. It has a Gaelic meaning as well, which is “warrior or hound.”


Mayank originated in India, and is Sanskrit for “Moon.”  In recent years, the name has risen in popularity, possibly because of the fame of Indian cricketer, Mayank Agarwal. 

Names That Mean Moon


This Turkish name signifies the beautiful glow of the full moon. Mayar is also a Turkish surname that has the same meaning. 


Most commonly used as a boy’s name, Muraco is quickly gaining popularity as a unisex name.  It means, “White Moon” and originates in America from the Native Americans.  It is not a widely-used name in the United States and does not appear in the top 100 names. 


Even though the name, “Neil” comes from the Gaelic language, its meaning changed to an affiliation with the moon on the day that Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon as the first human being to do so. 


Oberon is named for one of the planet Uranus’ largest moons, and is also famous as a character’s name from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ” by William Shakespeare. 


Prospero is another of the boy names that mean moon because of its connection to the planet Uranus, as one of its many moons. It is a Spanish word that literally means “To flourish.”


The Arabic word for moon is Qamar. It is also said to mean, “being like a moon,” or “having the qualities of a moon,” such as a baby with a particularly round face.  It is a common first name and surname in Arabic countries and is typically considered a name for a boy.  However, it is gaining popularity as a girl’s name, also. 


This is yet another of the boys’ names that mean moon because it appears as one that belongs to the planet Uranus. It is famously connected with Shakespeare’s The Tempest, where it is the name of a Patagonian god and the god of Sycorax. 

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This popular East Indian name means, “Moon” in the Sanskrit language.


Titan represents the largest moon belonging to the planet Saturn.  In Greek mythology, it refers to the primordial giants who are thought to have once ruled the earth until they were overthrown by the Greek god, Zeus. Mythology holds that the Titans were the children of Gaea and Uranus. 


The moons associated with the planet Uranus are very popular in terms of their use as boy names that mean moon. It is a popular name that also means, “shadow”.


Zunair comes from the Islamic word that means, “light of the moon.” It is a common Muslim boy’s name. that also refers to radiance, as in a person with a radiant personality. 

Names That Mean Moon

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Baby Girl Names That Mean “Moon

The stigma that surrounds the moon is one full of delight and wonder.  These terms could also be used to describe the delight and wonder of a newborn baby girl.  Let’s take a look at some of the girl names that mean moon. 


Abuk comes from South Sudan and is a name given to one of the symbols of the goddess of women and gardens, which was the moon. 


Atalune one of the most popular girl names that mean moon, comes from the Latin term that literally translates to, “Over the moon.”  The shortened version of Atalunne is the more popular form, Luna, which means “moon” in several languages. 


The Arabic moon Goddess was named Aisha.  Now, the moon-related name is freely given to many newborn baby girls across the world. 


The name Ayla comes from the white circle of light that can be noted around the parameter of the moon, otherwise referred to as the moon’s glow.  It is not unusual to see this name used in the place of the word, “moonlight”.  Conversely, it could mean a “halo”.

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Similar to Ayla, the name Aylin is another popular girl’s name that means moon or “moon glow”, the beautiful glow of the moon. 


Belinay is the Turkish word, now a popular name for girls, that literally means, “reflection on the lake.”


Names That Mean Moon

Bendis was a name in Thracian mythology that meant, “goddess of the moon.”


Bulan is a popular  Indonesian name that means, “moon.”


Jupiter’s moon is called, “Callisto”.  The feminine letter A is added to turn it into one of the prettiest girl names, which means moon. 


Channary, which rhymes with canary, is a Kher name and means moon, woman, or girl. 


According to mythology, Cynthia, a Greek name,  was used as an adjective to describe Artemis, the Greek moon goddess.


Dia is the name of one of the many moons that circle Jupiter. 


Names That Mean Moon

The name Diana means, “heavenly” or “divine.”…just like the moon. It’s also the name of the Roman moon goddess.


Elara is one more of the names given to the moon of Jupiter. 


Feray refers to the radiance of the moon in the Turkish language.


Hala is the Arabic word that signifies the beautiful glow around the moon’s circumference. 


Hanwi comes from the native Sioux tribe and means, “night sun” or moon. 


Helene means, “bright, shining light” and is the name of one of Saturn’s moons. 

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Jaci is another way of spelling “Jackie” and means, “moon” in the Tupian languages. 


Larissa is a graceful-sounding name that represents one of Neptune’s moons.


Lindumathi means full moon in Tamil. 


Llargi is from the Basque language and means moon or moonlight. 


Luna is one of the most popular baby names for girls! Other variations include Lune (the French form), Lunetta, Lunette, Luni, and Lunika (Russian).


In the Hawaiian language, Mahina means “moon”.


Marama is translated from the Maori word for moon. 


The beautiful name, Menodora, translates from the Ancient Greek language to mean, “gift” or “moon”. 


The name Monday translates from Old English to mean, “day of the moon” or “moon day.”


In the Hawaiian language, the name Namaka comes from one of the two moons that orbit Humea.


Neoma is a Hebrew or Greek languages, and signifies the “new moon”.


Nuray is one of the several girl names that mean moon or bright moon in the Turkish language. 


Ophelia is one of the Greek words that represents one of the many moons that orbit around the planet Uranus. 


The name, Portia, is one of the names given to baby girls that represents a specific moon over the planet, Uranus. 


Purnama is a Malaysian word that means, “full moon”. It is pronounced, “poor-NO-ma. 


Purnima is translated from the Sanskrit language to mean, “full moon.”  A tithing day, called the Day of Purnima, is the day of the full moon occurrence, which marks a decision between the two lumbar pasha, or fortnights when the moon is aligned in what is called a syzygy, or straight line, with the Earth and the Sun. 


Quesarae (also spelled “Quaesara” is an Old English word for moon and is becoming a popular name for baby girls, primarily in Europe. 


Quana is from North Sudan and means “bright moon,” or “lunar glow.”


Raithe is a name for one of the lunar (moon) goddesses that are worshiped in Java and Bali. 


Rosalind is the name of yet another of the many moons on the planet, Uranus. 


Sanda comes from the Sanskrit word for “moon”.


Selene is Greek for “moon”.  The name can also begin with the letter C. And a beautiful alternative is Selena.


Sponde is the Greek word that represents the 36th moon of the planet, Jupiter”.

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Tsukiko is a girl’s name known in Japan as meaning “moon child.”


Tülay is a Turkish word that signifies the full moon. 


Uvonne comes from the Scottish word Uvonneah, meaning “white moon” or “brilliant moon”. 


Urselia comes from the Gaelic word that means “moon planet” or “pale moon”.  It can also represent one of the many moons that orbit the planet Uranus. 


Victoranu comes from the Old English language and means “victorious moon”. 


Wadnse comes from the Gaelic language and signifies the white sail of a ship or the moon’s reflection on the water. 



Pronounced, “Thana”, the name comes from Ancient Greek and means “moon glow.”


Yvonneh is a Scottish girl’s name that has numerous meanings.  Among them is “the moonbeam” or “brilliant moon.”


The name Zira comes from Africa and means simply, “Moonlight.”

Names That Mean Moon

Last Names That Mean Moon 

First names are not exclusive in their connections to the moon.  Surnames  also prevail worldwide, which have connections with the moon. 


The name Aleius comes from the Greek word that can mean, “moon, sun, or stars”. 


Altair can be translated from Arabic to signify, “the flyer” or the moon. 


Antiman  is translated as “Condor of the sun” or “moon” in British English or Irish. 


Antinaco comes from the Mapuche word meaning “eagle of the sun and moon.”

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The surname Archimedes is most common in Argentina, and can mean, “master,”  or “moon”.


Aries comes from the star constellation of the ram and can also mean moon in some languages.  


Chan is an Asian (primarily Chinese) surname that means, “moon.”


The surname, Ganymede, translates to “the moon of Jupiter.” 


Huang is one of four Chinese names  known to mean, “moon”.


Ma is another of the four Chinese names noted for meaning, “moon”


Wan is one more Chinese name that means, “moon”.


Wen is the last of the four Chinese names that can be translated to the word, “moon”.


Mohun comes from the British English word, “moon.”


Moone is another British English word that you probably guessed means “moon.”


The surname, Moon, is of Normandy origin. The oldest written reference appeared in literature from the year 1086. 

What are some African names that mean moon?

Names That Mean Moon

The following African names mean, “moon”.

African girl names


Chan is an African Clan name that means moon or Monday


Hala is an African girl’s name that means the outline or brightness of a full moon. 


In Africa, the girl’s name, “Luna,”  signifies purity, a lovely flower, moon, and lotus flower. 


The African girl’s name, Maha, means resembling the moon, shining, and great, large eyes. 


The African girl’s name, Mina means seaport, goddess of the sun, moon, and stars, and a light child of the red earth.


In Africa, the name, Sela represents the Goddess of the Moon. 


The African name, Soma means sun rays.


If you are looking for an African name that means, “the dark side of the moon”, Tami fits the bill. 


Zena is another African name that means, “moon.”

African boy names


Alternative ways to spell Kamari are Kam and Mari.  This is an African boy’s name, which means “moon.”


Badru is an African boy’s name that means, “born on the day of a full moon.”


Zira is a unisex name that is commonly used in Africa for girls or boys.

What Goddess Names Mean “Moon”?

The following goddess names mean, “moon”:


Artemis is a name given to the Greek goddess of the moon.


Deva is a Hindu goddess of the brightness and radiance of the moon


Diana is a Roman goddess of the moon and hunting


Luna is the Italian and Spanish word for the moon but also signifies the Roman goddess of the moon. 


Mahina is the name given to the Polynesian goddess of the moon. 


Melineo is the color of quince, which is associated strongly with Aphrodite, the mythological moon goddess. 


Selena is a Greek goddess of the moon.

Names That Mean Moon

Names That Mean Moon


Chandrakant comes from Sanskrit and means, “shining moon”. In the mythology of the Hindu religion, Chandrakanth represents a moonstone that was magically created by moonlight. 

Ayla, Aylin

Roughly translated, the names Ayla and Alin refer to the halo of shining light around the moon.


The name, Helene, refers to one of Saturn’s moons, which is a bright and shining light. 


The African name, Zira can be translated to mean the shining moonlight. 

Names That Mean Moon

Words Related To The Moon

The following words related to the moon could inspire some interesting names

  • Apollo – the first manned mission to the moon
  • Neil Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon
  • Clementine – a 1994 unmanned spacecraft that created a topographical map of the moon
  • Eclipse
  • Celestial – referring to something in the sky
  • Satellite
  • Planetoid
  • Orb
  • The phases of the moon-
    • Crescent
    • Quarter
    • Gibbous
    • Full
  • Crater
  • Lunar
  • Regolith – another name for moon rock
  • Orbit
  • Albedo – a measurement of the moon’s reflectiveness
  • Moonlight
  • Halo
  • Corona

Wrap Up- Names That Mean Moon

Names That Mean Moon Name Pin Template

Now that you’re done mooning over these names that mean moon, share your favorites in the comments!

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