Names that Mean Illusion

The word “illusion” has many unique connotations, including connections to the world of magic, fantasy, and unreality. That makes it a fascinating option for a name, including for children, animals, and literary characters. While there aren’t many names with this meaning, there are several for males and females. The following options come from around the world, including many ancient names with more profound religious or spiritual implications.

Names that Mean Illusion

Boy Names That Mean Illusion

Many boy names have magical or illusionary connotations, particularly in older historical contexts. However, modern names may also indicate illusion, fantasy, and magic, particularly when examining more modern literary trends. Let’s look at several boys’ names that you can use for naming characters, children, pets, or even yourself if you need a change in your current name.


Thai names often have a beautiful combination of Phoenician sounds, and this name is no different. It means “magic, spell, or charm” in Thai, connecting it to hidden or secret realities.


Harry is an Old German name that means “home leader,” but it has obvious connections to the world of magic and illusion thanks to the success of the Harry Potter children’s book series.


This Japanese name has many different meanings, including “large, wide, vast” and “broaden, expand, extend,” but it also means “shine” and “illusionary,” which gives it a broad range of potential uses.


A Welsh name, Merlin originally meant “sea fortress,” but has become connected to magic and illusion due to the King Arthur myths prevalent in the British Islands.


Rhun is an old Welsh name that comes from mythology and Arthurian romance. It means “secret” and “magic” and has a deep connection to the word “rune,” which is the modern spelling of this term.

Names that Mean Illusion


In medieval Arabic nations, this name refers to the father of various important religious and spiritual figures and means “dark magic” or “illusion” in Arabic.


Though this German name means “victory” and “protection, peace” in Old German, it connects to magic and illusions thanks to the success of magician Siegfried Fischbacher.


This Anglo-Saxon name derives from Old Norse words and means “magic wand, staff, or cane” and also means “path.” This gives the name a deeper meaning of “magic path” or “hidden fate.”


Tamino was once a popular Greek name that meant “lord” or “master.” Its illusion or magical connotation comes from its use in Mozart’s legendary opera “The Magic Flute.

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Girl Names That Mean Illusion

Various female names connect deeply to fantasy, magic, and other unique meanings. Some come from literature, while others are related to spiritual and religious concepts. In addition, you can find more modern and ancient names as old as civilization. As a result, it should be simple to find options that work well for your needs.

Names that Mean Illusion

Baba Yaga

A witch or magician in many Russian folk tales, Baba Yaga, is portrayed both positively and negatively. You may use this full name or split it into components to create different feelings for each.


This Greek name means “bird” but also refers to the daughter of Helios, a sun sorcerer. Circe was a witch who turned Odysseus’ crew into pigs, giving this name a somewhat negative meaning.


This beautiful and still regularly used Turkish name means “dream,” “fantasy,” “imagination,” “reverie,” and “illusion.” It is common in many Turkish literary sources, including epic poems.

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Maiya comes from Tamil and means “illusion” in Sanskrit. It is related to the name “Maia” and is based on the Hindu idea that the whole world is an illusion that can only be overcome with reflection.


Though not common in areas that don’t speak Gujarati, this name means “full of illusion” and has been used in literature to signify trickster characters. It is also a popular name for younger girls.


Medea is another Greek name that refers to a descendant of Helios. She appears in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts and sounds similar to Tyler Perry’s “Madea” character, though this may be a coincidence.


A French name that initially meant “seal circle,” Morgana (or derivations like Morgiana and Morgan) is connected to a witch in various legends, giving it a more magical meaning.


A Japanese name often has many meanings, and Neyume is no different. It not only means “illusion” or “dream” but also indicates “noise,” “sound,” “radical,” and “head,” which means a pimple head.


Oishimaya is a Bengali name that means “a person of good deeds, no evil within,” though it may also mean “divine illusion” in some interpretations. This name is often given to religious or community leaders.

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More words related to Illusions

These words may help inspire you to create more names that mean illusion

Names that Mean Illusion
  • Daydream
  • Deception
  • Deja vu
  • Delusion
  • Distortion
  • Dream
  • Fantasy
  • Figment
  • Hallucination
  • Image
  • Mirage
  • Paradox
  • Phantasm
  • Vanish

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Wrap Up – Names that Mean Illusion

Names that Mean Illusion

It’s not a mirage or a hallucination! This was our list of names that mean illusion. These names range from fantastical and day-dreamy to phantasmal figments. Let us know your favorites or other ideas you have in the comments!

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