Names That Mean Sky – 60 Ideas for Boys and Girls

Many believe a name can influence or even dictate the personality upon whom it is bestowed. Naming your child, for example, you would select a name that is beautiful, bright, and filled with a constellation of unique attributes. Can you name something else filled with a literal constellation of unique attributes? The sky. Mysterious, vast, heavenly, and an array of breathtaking features. 

The sky has been captivating people since the beginning of time. Let’s look at 60 other names that mean sky.

Boys Names That Mean Sky

1. Aayan

Something of a romantic and masculine name from the Persian language, which means “long night.” And what’s more romantic than the night sky? This name is favored for use in Hindi and Islamic culture and translates into “God’s gift.”

2. Akash

This strong yet wholesome name is derived from Indian culture. It has popular usage in Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi culture too. In Sanskrit, Akash means “open space” or “open sky.”

3. An

Sumerian mythology means “heaven” or “sky.” An was the Sumerian God of the heavens. In Semitic Mythology, it is written as “Anu.”

4. Byeong-Ho

This compounded Korean name comprises Byeong (luminous, glorious, bright) and Ho (great or vast). When combined, these names translate into “summer,” “sky,” or “heaven.”

5. Caelestis

From late Roman culture, this name translates to “personification of the heavens” or “personification of the sky.” Who wouldn’t want a boy who is the personification of these things? Variations include Caelus and Caelius.

6. Cielo

Originating in Spain and Italy, it is a rare and not widely used name. in 2021, it ranked 6655th in popularity for a boy’s name. It translates simply and directly to “sky.” A rare and beautiful-sounding name for a boy sounds like a win.

7. Ekambar

Indian in origin, this sweet and soft-sounding boy’s name is used in the Hindi culture and translates simply into “sky.”

8. Göker

This robust-sounding name is of Turkish descent. It is comprised of “Gök” (sky) and “er,” which means “man of bravery.”

9. Göksu

Much like the Göker, as mentioned earlier,  the “Gök” is Turkish for “sky,” and “su” is Turkish for water. Although it is primarily favored as a male name, it could also be considered a gender-neutral name.

10. Horus

Horus was the mythological Egyptian God of the sky and was also known as the Sun God OR God of Light. Horus is popularly depicted as a male form with the head of a falcon.

11. Indra

In Indian mythology, Indra was the God of the rain and thunder and the God of “the atmosphere and sky.” Used widely in Hindi, Indian and Nepali culture, this name symbolizes generosity and heroism.

12. Ji-Ho

For a blend of intelligence and mystery, Ji-Ho is the name for you. In the Korean language, “Ji” means “wisdom” or “intellect.” While “ho” is “vast or great.” Together, they form a name synonymous with heaven or sky.

13. Jove

A classic yet somewhat forgotten name from Roman mythology. Jove is associated with the sky and space. It is derived from “Lovis,” the roman God of Jupiter. Directly translated, Jove is a Latin alternative for Jupiter and means “Father of the sky.” An Italian variation is Giove.

14. Keyne

While it has been derived from the 5th-century holy woman Saint Keyne, this name is most commonly used as a boy’s name. It is Cornish in origin and a popular Celtic name which means “man of the eastern sky.”

15. Kuuya

This Japanese name is almost exclusively for boys and means “expanding sky.” In Japanese, the suffix of this name (ya) also translates into “night,” “call,” “start,” and “progress.”

16. Neven

Neven has usages in Serbia, Macedonia, and Croatia. In Slavic languages, its means “marigold” and is popular as a male name. This name, however, is of Breton (Irish) origin and means “sky.” Variations include; Nevena and Navenka.

17. Ociel

Derived from the Latin meaning “of the sky,” Ociel is an Argentinian name that also means “heavenly.”

18. Olorun

From African mythology, Olorun is believed to be the almighty ruler of the heavens in the Yoruba religion, much like the Christian “God.” Derived from the words “Olu” (chief or ruler) and “Orun” (heaven or sky).

19. Ortzi

This quirky name is so rare it is not yet ranked in the top 1000 popular baby names. Used in Basque (A language spoken in France and Spain), which means sky. Boys with this name are believed to have exceptional leadership qualities.

20. Rangi

In Maori and Polynesian mythology, Raginui or Rangi was the God of the sky and husband to “Papa,” the Goddess of the earth.

21. Riyon

This name has its roots in Indian culture and means “an immense beauty of heaven.” It is considered a strong and masculine name, often associated with authority. Heavenly beauty and authority? Sounds like a winning combination.

22. Sepher

This soft-sounding Persian name means “sky,” “heaven,” or “origin of the sky.” It is also spelled as “Sepehr.” Not to be confused with “Zephyr,” which means “wind.”

23. Wukong

In Chinese literature, the 16th-century novel “Journey To The West” features Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. “Wu” means “awakening” or “enlightening,” while “Kong” means “empty hollow sky.”

24. Zeru

Pronounced seh-ROO, this name means “sky” in Basque. In Japan, Zeru means “wind,” “scared,” or “network.”

25. Zeus

The Greek God of Sky And Thunder. The name alone has strong connotations, and it is well known. It means “sky” or “shine.” Need I say more?

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Girls Names That Mean Sky

1. Aethra

Aethra, sometimes written as Aithra, is a Greek girl’s name meaning “bright sky.” And what’s more beautiful than a bright Grecian sky? This name can also be translated into “serene sky” or “pure air.” In Greek Mythology, Aethra was the mother of Theseus (God known for his “divine intelligence”).

2. Ahana

This name has its roots in both Indian and Japanese cultures. In Japan, the name Ahana means “sky flower,” whereas, in India, it is derived from the Sanskrit word for “dawn.”

3. Alya

This melodic name originates in Russian, Turkish, Ancient Greek, Hebrew,  Arabic, and Slavonic. In Arabic, it means “sky,” “loftiness,” or “heaven.” The Hebrew translation means to “ascend.” A popular Arabic variation of this name is Alia.

4. Amberley

This uniquely beautiful sounding name is Hindi for “sky.” Do not be mistaken or think it is only tied to the meaning of the name “amber.”

5. Amaterasu

This girl’s name is derived from Japanese Mythology. Like with many Japanese names, it is actually two words combined to form one with a significant and unique meaning. “Ama” means “heaven or “sky,” and “terasu” means “shine.” Together, they translate into “shining over heaven.”

6. Araceli

This Spanish name means “altar of the sky.” Derived from the Latin “ara” (altar) and “coeli” (sky).

7. Asuman

This Turkish name translates directly to mean “sky.” It is thought to be used mostly as a feminine name but has also been considered gender-neutral.

8. Avari

This name can mean “old peace,” “of the “heavens,” or “of the sky.” It is believed to be French and American in origin. The more American name “Avery” is thought to be derived from Avari.

9. Azzurra

This name is taken from the word “azure’; this Italian name pays homage to the definitive blue color that is often present in the sky on a clear day.

10. Ciela

From Esperanto, Ciela means “heavenly, from the sky.” Derived from the Latin “Caelum.” Variations of this name include; Celia, Silke, Celia, and Caelia.

11. Dangira

This Lithuanian name has recently become associated with the word “dangus” (sky). This name is not well known outside of Lithuania.

12. Heirani

This exotic Tahitian name means “heavenly crown,” “heavenly sky,” or “heavenly flowers.” ‘Hei” means “crown or garland,” and “rani” means heaven or sky.

13. Hokulani

From the island of Hawaii, Hokulani means “heavenly star.” Hoku translates into “star,” and “lani” means “heaven,” “sky,” “royal,” or “majesty.”

14. Inanna

From Sumerian mythology, this majestically feminine name means “lady of the heavens.” Inanna was the Sumerian Goddess of fertility, love, and war.

15. Kailani

Hawaiin in origin, Kailani comes from the words “kai” (ocean, sea) and “lani” (sky or heaven). This name is as whimsical and captivating as the reflections of the sky on an ocean.

16. Lani

Like with many sky-associated names from Hawaii, “lani” is often the base of the name. It can stand alone as a name and means “sky,” “heaven,” “royal,” or “majesty.”

17. Leilani

A Hawaiian name that is easy enough to figure out. Lei refers to the garland of flowers commonly associated with Hawaiian culture. It is much like the Hawaiian version of Heirani, both with the same translation.

18. Miku

This cute, youthful-sounding name originates from japan. “Mi” means “beautiful,” and “ku” means “sky.”

19. Noelani

Aloha. This Hawaiian name translates into “heavenly mist.”

20. Pualani

It shouldn’t surprise you that many Hawaiian names have ties to the sky, especially when you consider the splendid scenery of the island. “pua” is the Hawaiian word for flower or “offspring.” And as you know by now, “lani” means “sky.”

21. Sema

Soft, simple, elegant, and kind-sounding, Sema is a direct Turkish translation for “sky” or “heaven.”

22. Tsisana

From Georgian origins, which means “of the sky.” Tsisana is also an alternative Georgian word for the Forget-Me-Not flower. Varaiations include; Tsisia. And in case you’re wondering, the “T’ is not silent.

23. Tsuri

A Georgian name meaning “heavenly” or “celestial.”

24. Tuesday

This one may have caught you by surprise. Tuesday is from the old English word “Tui’s Day.” Tui was the Germanic God of war and sky. While it is named after a God, Tuesday as a name is more likely to be used for a girl. The masculine form might be “Tyr,” The Norse god of war and sky.

25. Zerua

It is a Basque name that means “sky” or “heaven.” This is also the name of a small company that develops family-oriented board games.

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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Sky

The name Sky itself is gender-neutral, as mentioned before. Notable variations include; Sky, Skyler, Schyler, and Skylar. Below are more examples of names that can be used for boys or girls.

1. Azure

The English word refers to the unique blue hue present in the sky during the daytime.

2. Dayumani

From the Sanskrit meaning “jewel of the sky,” this name is used in Indian culture and was thought to be more appropriate as a boy’s name but can be gender neutral. After all, jewels have no gender.

3. Haneul

From the Korean word which means “heaven,” “sky,” or “reaching the sky.”

4. Kahunrangi

This Maori name refers to the color of the sky the same way “azure” does. It is also the name of a green gemstone found in New Zealand.

5. Kamalani

“kama” is the Hawaiian word for child. When combined with “lani,” it can be translated into “heavenly child” or “child of the sky.”

6. Mahpiya

This Indigenous American or Sioux name means “cloud” or “sky.” The Dakota Chief Mahpiya Wicasta was known as “Cloud Man.”

7. Moerani

This Tahitian name translates directly into “sleep heaven” or “sleep sky.” It is the name given by parents who wish for a peaceful baby and child.

8. Payne

This Mapudungun name originates from Chile and Argentina and translates directly to “sky blue.”

9. Sora

This unisex Japanese name means “sky” and “conch shell.”

10. U’ilani

In Hawaii, “u’i” means “beauty” or “youth.” When combined with “lani,” you have “heavenly beauty.”

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 The site has a plethora of names meaning sky that we didn’t include here. It’s a fascinating dive into name popularity, origin, and meaning.

Wrap up- Names that Mean Sky

The sky’s the limit when it comes to names that mean sky! We hope you’ve found some heavenly delights on our list!

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