59 Names that Mean Technology | Unique Tech-Inspired Baby Names

Names that mean technology are hard to find! But I’ve gathered a huge collection, whether you’re looking for a name for your baby girl or boy, writing, or other creative purposes! 

These names come from names with meanings related to technology as well as mythological figures, historical people, and modern technologies!

Girls names that mean technology


Many computer programmers are familiar with Ada Lovelace, who worked with Charles Babbage on early computers. Or the Ada proramming language! 


Amazon has turned a classic girl’s name into a synonym for technology. Alexa means helper of man. Since this virtual assistant was released to the US in 2015 and 2016, the number of baby girls named Alexa each year has dropped dramatically! 

names that mean technology - Alexa popularity
Source: The Social Security Administration baby name database


Alice was the name of a computer chip, a programming language, and a mobile robot! This name means noble type.


Anahit and Anahita are Armenian girl’s names that mean immaculate or undefiled. She was the goddess of crafts such as technology, as well as fertility, healing, wisdom, and water. 


Ananova was a computer-simulated newscaster who read the news to website visitors 24/7! 

While this name is invented, the name Anna means grace and Nova, a very popular girl’s name, means new.


Would you name your child after a popular technology company? Gwyneth Paltrow did! In 2019, 16 baby girls in the US were named Apple.


Did you know Claire could stand for Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe? As the name says, they’re a group of European scientists who study AI. This name means clear, bright, or famous. 


The unisex name Coda is the name of a web development software. A coda is the end of a piece of music. And the name Koda means friend or companion in the Native American Sioux language. 


The unisex name Dell refers to someone who lives in a valley. And of course, there’s the computer technology company of the same name! 


Grace Murray Hopper was an American pioneer in computer programming. The programming language she invented was later used to create COBOL, which is still used today! 


Ilma is a Bosnian name that means knowledge. 


Ismene might mean knowledge in Greek


Lisa is Steve Jobs’ daughter. He named an early computer the Apple Lisa after her.

This name means my God is an oath


Lotus Software, an old competitor to Microsoft Office, makes an interesting girl’s name. And of course, this name refers to the beautiful lotus flower. 


Autodesk Maya is a 3D graphics software. In Greek, Maya means good mother. In Sanskrit it means illusion. And in Hebrew it means water.


Metis, the Greek titan of wisdom, skill and craft, would certainly be a patron of technology as we know it today! In fact, her name even means wisdom, skill, and cunning.


Minerva, or Athena to the Greeks, was Metis’s daughter, and the patron goddess of wisdom and craft. Her name might mean wisdom.


Neith was an Egyptian goddess of weaving, hunting, and war, and she was often associated with Athena. Her name might mean water.


Does it get much more technology-related than naming someone after a webpage? Paige means servant or page.


The open-source programming language Perl makes a great name for a girl. Or you could use the traditional spelling Pearl. Along with referring to an oyster pearl, it’s also the birthstone for June and is said to impart health and wealth. 


The Rosetta Stone is an ancient translation technology in the form of an inscribed stelae. This rock has the same inscription in three languages. It allowed modern researchers to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. This Italian form of the name Rose refers to the rose flower.


The Ruby programming language is certainly technology related! Yet it’s very subtle as most people associate it with the red gems! 


The Norse goddess of poetry, history, and invention was called Saga. It means story or fairytale.


In ancient Egypt, Sia was the god of intellect and technology. It could also be a short form of Anastasia (meaning resurrection) or Theresia (meaning summer).


Siri is Apple’s personal assistant. And Siri is a short form of the Scandinavian name Sigrid, which means beautiful victory. That’s actually how Siri’s name was selected- one of Siri’s co-founders named the project for one of his coworkers.

While Siri isn’t a common given name in the US or Scandinavia, it’s declined a bit in Scandinavia since Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S in 2011.


The Greek word Techne means art, skill, craft, or the way those things are gained. Combined with the suffix -ology, meaning the study of, we get the word technology. This is literally a name that means technology! 


Vala is an object- oriented programming language. It’s also a Scandinavian name for girls meaning fortune teller or prophet.


Veronica was the name of an early search engine. This lovely girl’s name means true image or bringing victory. 


How do you feel about naming your child after Windows Vista? Vista means a distant view.

Boys names that mean technology 


The Archie search engine is used to index FTP archives. And its name came from the word archive. By contrast, the name Archibald means bold and genuine. 


Archimedes means master thinker in Greek. He was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. He even came up with technologies like war machines to protect his city.


In Nepali, Bijuli meana electricity, lightning and power.


Cecil is a programming language. And the name means blind.


Charles Babbage developed the concept of a digital programmable computer. The name Charles means man.


What do you think of choosing a name based on computer chips? The name Chip is usually a nickname for Charles or Christopher


Coeus, sometimes spelled Koios, was a Greek titan of rational intelligence. His name is a question word, along the lines of of what kind? 


Daedalus was a figure from Greek mythology who symbolized intelligence, craft, and the mechanical arts, or technology. His accomplishments include inventing the Labyrinth, inventing wings to escape said Labyrinth, carpentry, saw, axe, plumb-line, drill, and glue, among other things. His name means to work cunningly, which is certainly a name that means technology. 


Dylan is a programming language. The name means great tide and in Welsh mythology, was a hero or god of the sea.


Enki was a Sumerian god of water, knowledge, mischief, crafts, and creation. His name probably means Lord of the Earth. 


Apache Felix is an open source framework specification and it means lucky or successful. 


In Russian folklore, the Gamayrun is a bird of prophecy that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. 


William Henry Gates III is the co-founder of Microsoft. Historically, the last name Gates was given to someone who lived near the town gates. With the popularity of using surnames as first names, it is certainly a name that means technology! 


Hephaestus, the Greek god of metalworking, blacksmithing, craftsmen, technology and artisans was also called Vulcan by the Romans. He was worshipped by manufacturing and industrial groups. 

Further cementing the fact that his name means technology is one of his epithets. Klytotekhnes (see the “techn-” part of technology in there?) means renowned artificer.

Finally, he built metal automatons (or robots!) who worked as his servants and dog and lion statues that could attack invaders.


The ancient Egyptian Imhotep was a famous architect, physician, and high priest who was deified after his death. Historians theorize he may have invented stone architecture or contributed many discoveries to this new technology, and could be the original designer of stepped pyramids! His name means the one who comes in peace. 


Whether you prefer Json or the more recognizable Jason, one is a standardized computer file format, and the other is a name that means healer.


While Leonardo da Vinci is known as a talented artist, he also sketched several technological innovations in science,  engineering, and architecture. In addition to understanding anatomy, he developed plans for several flying machines, a system of moveable walls to protect the city of Venice, a mechanical knight, mortar shells, and a steam cannon. The name Leonardo means brave lion.


The name Link certainly relates to technology! There’s computer and website links. And Link from The Legend of Zelda. It can be a name on its own or a short form of Lincoln, which means lake colony. 


Anyone familiar with Linux knows Linus Torvalds, its inventor! The name Linus comes from the Greek word for flax.

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The Macintosh or Mac computer is a symbol of technology. Many Gaelic last names start with Mac, which means son. Some people spell this name as Mack.


Oberon is the name of an operating system and a programming language. In legend, he’s the king of fairies. Fittingly, this name means elf ruler. 

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Hewlett-Packard is a technology giant famous for its hardware, software, and services.


Pascal is an efficient programming language named in honor of Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher, mathematician and physicist. This name means relating to Easter. 

Did you know that fewer than 100 baby boys were named Pascal last year? Here’s our compilation of rare baby names for boys!


Prometheus was the Greek titan who gave humanity the power of fire by stealing it from the gods. In a way, fire is one of the earliest technologies. Prometheus means foresight or forethought. 


Rex has several relations with technology. It’s a programming language, an audio file format, a remote execution software, an operating system, and can mean request to exit. It means king.


Shukra is a guru of knowledge and wisdom, as well as the name of a line of sages in Vedic mythology. This name means clear or bright.


Steven, a subtle nod to Steve Jobs, is a creative way to invoke technology in a name. It means crown or wreath.


In Arabic, Talib means knowledge seeker or student.


In the Shinto religion,  Tenjin is the spirit of knowledge, academics, scholarship, and learning.  This name means sky god.


Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphics, science, magic, and art. That certainly sounds like technology to me! His name means he is like the ibis.


In ancient Armenia,  Tir was the god of schooling, wisdom, written language, and the arts. 


Bill Gates is one of the founders of Microsoft. And the name William means will helmet.

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