Math Names for Babies

Do you love, study, or work in math and want a baby name that reflects your interests? Well, you’re in luck because there are many names related to math and mathematicians. To help you find one, we collected 50 of the most popular of these names, highlighting their unique meaning and importance to math. This should give you the insight you need to choose an excellent math name.

Unique “Math” Names for Babies

The following section collects names that begin with “math” for both male and female names. The later sections will highlight things like math terms that work well for names and even famous mathematicians that you can honor by naming your child after them:


A Hebrew boy’s name that means “Gift of God,” is popular in many English-speaking parts of the world and was the 412nd most popular name in 2022 for boys.


Mathew or Matthew is a variation on Mathias with the same general meaning. Interestingly, it is less popular currently than Mathias, though more common in Western countries.


A once somewhat rare German name that means “might and power”, it became more popular after the release of the film “Matilda” made similar names more interesting to parents.


This name is a rarer variation of Mathilda or Matilda and has the same meaning, “might and power.” It may be a good alternative for someone who wants a less common name.


Math is a modern name based on the concept of mathematics and can be used as both a boy’s or girl’s name, though it is likely more common as a male name.


This name is a variation on Mathew or Mathieu and has the same meaning of “a gift of God.” It can be varied to “Mathaeus” or even “Mathena” to make a more feminine name.


Common as a boy’s or girl’s name, this Scandinavian name means “gift” and is a variation on the Hebrew “Matthew,” though with a slightly different connotation due to varying cultures.


A Scottish variation on “Matthew,” this name is fairly popular in Scotland but isn’t commonly used outside of there, making it a good option for those who want a unique name.


A beautiful Hindi girl’s name, this name means “moon’s face” and has deep connotations with many Hindu beliefs and various mythologies in the religion.


Math is a name from Sri Lanka used for girls, though it may also be used as a boy’s name in some areas. It means “jovial and friendly” and is rarely used outside of Sri Lanka.

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Mathematician Names for Babies

Mathematicians often create important breakthroughs in their fields that change the way the world works. Though these changes may be subtle to the average person, the modern world would not exist without them. The following mathematician names are a great way to honor these visionaries, which include both first and last names for these scientists:

Ada or Lovelace

Ada Lovelace worked on the Analytical Engine, an important machine proposed by Charles Babbage that was a crude computer, the first ever produced.

Alan or Turing

Alan Turing was the name of an important mathematician who helped create the theories behind computer science and artificial intelligence: Turing also broke the German Enigma to help the Allies win World War II.


Archimedes contributed a lot to science, including geometric ideas like the area of a circle and the volume of a sphere, and created an accurate pi value used by many for centuries.


Before this mathematician, the concept of zero didn’t exist, as strange as it is to think. He also helped lay the basic foundations of trigonometry and believed the Earth rotated centuries before others.


A Persian polymath, Avicenna was also a contributor to medicine theory and produced important works in mathematics, alchemy, geology, psychology, physics, and geography.

Bertrand or Russell

Russell was an acclaimed polymath who worked in philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and logic and helped found analytic philosophy in Britain.

Blaise or Pascal

The inventor of the calculator also did great work on probability theory and helped influence things like social sciences and modern economics in many diverse ways.

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Carl or Gauss

Carl Gaus was an important German mathematician who showed early promise and published papers as early as his 20s, including publishing the important Gauss’s Law.

Charles or Babbage

In the middle 1800s, Babbage theorized and created the world’s first mechanical calculator, a prototype that was the first computer of its type and the groundwork for later innovations.

Claudius or Ptolemy

Ptolemy is one of the most important early mathematicians and wrote multiple books on astronomy, astrology, and geography. He even did work on music theory and its mathematical concepts.

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Without this ancient Greek geometry might look very different. He created most of the commonly used rules of geometry, particularly conic sections, spherical geometry, and number theory.


Hypatia was an early philosopher and mathematician who was an important contributor to arithmetic concepts and who became a symbol of feminism after her unfortunate murder by Catholics for her mathematical work.

Galileo or Galilei

The father of modern astronomy, Galileo also helped create the scientific method, modern physics, and the telescope and also proposed that the Earth went around the sun.

John, Forbes, or Nash

As a more modern mathematician, John F. Nash created the groundwork for game theory and earned a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. He also inspired the movie “A Beautiful Mind.”

Johannes or Kepler

Kepler invented an earlier version of the refracting telescope and later created the laws of planetary motion and wrote several important mathematical and astronomical tomes.

John or Von Neumann

Game theory and self-replication got their start with this mathematician, who not only worked on theoretical concepts but in practical and applied math: he also worked in nuclear physics.

Leonhard or Euler

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss scientist who worked in physics, logic, geography, astronomy, and math. He helped create infinitesimal calculus, topology, and graph theory. These ideas make Euler a critically important mathematician.


Pythagoras was a philosopher and mathematician who influenced Plato and Aristotle and influenced many theories, such as the Theory of Proportion and the five regular solids, as well as the Pythagorean Theorem.

René or Déscartes

Though better known these days as a philosopher, Descartes also helped with many contributions to analytical geometry, including the Cartesian coordinate system. These breakthroughs are not as well known as his philosophical concepts but remain important.

Srinivasa or Ramanujan

This Indian mathematician was behind concepts like number theory, continued fractions, and much more. He produced many important theories and papers and worked with English mathematician G.H. Hardy to produce important and long-lasting theoretical concepts.

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Mathematical Terms That Could Double as a Baby Name

While you might not immediately think of common math terms as suitable for baby names, clever and brave parents may pick a multitude of different terms for their child. Many of these words work well as both boy and girl names, though some may have more common connotations for either sex. The following names may also work well as character or pet names, depending on your needs:


This name refers to a counting tool used for arithmetic before inexpensive calculators were available. It can also double as a unique child’s name for both boys and girls.


Algebra is often the cut-off point for people who either “get” math or who can’t figure it out. It may also be a pretty name when combined with a suitable surname or middle name.

Bedmas or Pedmas

These terms refer to acronyms that help people solve mathematical equations, noting that you start with parentheses (or brackets0 before doing exponents, multiplication, division, addiction, and subtraction.


Though this name also has a meaning in French (beauty), it can also refer to the Bell Curve in math. This curve is created when a line is plotted using various points of normal distribution.


A binomial is an equation with two terms joined by a plus or minus sign. It may also be a metaphorically beautiful name representing a combination of two math-loving parents’ love.


This important trigonometry term refers to the ratio between the length of a side next to an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse side. Even if you don’t understand this term, it is a nice baby name.


While this name sounds something like a fantasy creature or character, it actually refers to a 10-sided polygon with 10 angles and 10 straight lines and is a unique naming option.


This mathematical term refers to the line that passes through the center of a circle to divide it in half. It may work well as a metaphorical reminder of how a child unites its parents.


Digit is a term that refers to the numbers 0-9, which are the basis of all 10-digit mathematical concepts. This name could tell a child that they are the foundation on which a parent builds their life.


Not to be confused with the term “eclipse,” this word refers to a slightly flatted circle and is also called a plane curve. Planetary orbits are ellipses, which gives this name a more poetic connotation.


This name refers to a unique sequence wherein a number is the sum of the two numbers before it. Even without knowing its importance, it makes for a beautiful baby name and one with many poetic possibilities.


A once common measurement representing the side of one square acre, this mathematical term is rarely used outside of creating land plots. That makes it a great and rarely used baby name for clever parents.


A rather gorgeous Greek word that refers to a conic section, it includes all the set of points in a plane from two fixed points. Like many math names, it can communicate a child’s importance to its parents.


The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angled triangle. It may work well as a name for an only child and may communicate a child’s importance in their parents’ life.


Logarithm is a complex idea that refers to the power that a base number must be raised to produce a given number. It can work well as both a boy’s or girl’s name for math-loving parents.


This algebraic term refers to an expression that includes just one term. It may be a powerful way to tell your child that they are the only thing in your life or the most important part.


Pi is a legendary ratio that helps convert a diameter of a circle to its circumference. It was used in the book “The Story of Pi” and has become a popular name after the film version was released.

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Wrap up- Math Names for Babies

We’ve shown you can count on us when it comes to math names for babies! Numerically, algebraically, and geometrically, we measure up to be the best when it comes to naming the new addition to your family!

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