Names That Mean Smart, Knowledge, Wise, and Intelligent

Are you trying to find a powerful and meaningful name for a child, pet, or character in a book and want one with a deep meaning like wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge? Do we have a list for you! We collected over 40 different names from a variety of different cultural sources, including ancient myths and modern languages from around the world. You should easily find a name that you like from this list with the meaning that you want, so dive on in to find the name that you love.

Boy Names That Mean Smart, Knowledge, Wise, and Intelligent

If you want a boy’s name that shows off wisdom and intellectual strength, there are many options available that should meet your needs. The following listings have been carefully researched to identify their exact meaning and origin to ensure you find one that feels right for your needs:


This Lithuanian male name originates from the words “alga” and “mantus,” which mean “salary” and “intelligent,” respectively. It is often a name given to highly successful people.


Alvis derives from both Norse mythology and the Latvian language and means “all wise.” It refers to a dwarf who was to marry Thor’s daughter before being turned into stone by the sun.

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Aqil is an Arabic name that means “wise” or “intelligent” and comes in two different Arabic spellings. This English version is the closest approximation of those two spellings.


Cato is an Ancient Roman name that means “wise” and was given to multiple officials through the years, including Marcus Porcius Cato or Cato the Elder.


An Urdu name that comes from the Persian word “danesh,” Danish has no connotation to the Dutch people and means “knowledge” or “learning.”


Another Lithuanian name, Daumantas comes from the words “daug” and “mantus,” which mean “much” and “intelligent” when combined. It is the name of several Lithuanian rulers.


The Lithuanian name Domantis originates from the words “dotas” and “mantus,” which respectively mean “gift” and “intelligent.” It is considered a variation of Daumantas.


Eimantas combines two Lithuanian words, “ei” (to go) and “mantus” (intelligent), to create a popular name still used in many parts of Lithuanian and other Baltic states.


Fahim comes from the rich Arabic language and means “intelligent” or “scholar,” providing a very impressive and meaningful name for your character, child, or pet.

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Fatin comes from the same Arabic root word as Fahim and also means intelligent. Note that the feminine Fatin has a different meaning: “woman who causes fitnah” or hardship and trials.


Frode is a Norwegian and Danish name that means “learned” and “wise.” It is likely J.R.R. Tolkien’s source for the name “Frodo,” the Hobbit ring-bearer in his The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


A French form of the Norman name Wischard, this name also derives from an Old Norse name “Vizkr,” and means “wise.” It also means “hard,” “firm,” “brave,” and “hardy.”


This Korean name means “bright” and “intelligence” and is typically combined with other characters to produce names, such as the Korean king Baekje.


An Arabic name popular throughout Urdu- and Indonesian-speaking regions, it means “knowledge,” “awareness,” or “learning” and is popular in many regions.


An Indian name that means “wise man,” “sage,” or “poet” in Sanskrit, Kavi is also a common name for poets and is used to describe many writers in India.


Mantas means “intelligent” in Lithuanian and also refers to an important Prussian hero who fought the Teutonic Knights to help retain his country’s independence.


Najib is a popular Arabic name that means “noble” or “intelligent” and has been the name of multiple rulers in the Middle East.

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This Japanese name is created from several kanji characters that mean “intelligent,” “clever,” “wisdom,” and “intellect,” which makes it a very popular name in Japanese regions.


This beautiful Arabic name means “seeker of knowledge” and was the name of Muhammad’s uncle, the one who raised him after Muhammad’s parents and grandparents died.

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This popular West African name in the Igbo language means “wisdom,” “sense,” and “mind” and has become popular as a name in many areas with a heavy Igbo population density.


Zeki is a Turkish name that derives from Arabic origins. It means “intelligent” and may be given to first sons to start them on their way to success.

Girl Names That Mean Smart, Knowledge, Wise, and Intelligent

While there are many male names that means wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge, there are also multiple female options that may work well for you. These names often have beautiful sounds and meanings and come from a variety of cultures around the world. Like with the masculine names, we’ll highlight their origin and any interesting stories we could find connected to them.


Bilge is a Turkish name that means “wise” and which is often given to oldest daughters to instill them with the strength to help raise their younger siblings.


Though Dana may be used as a masculine name as well, its feminine meaning is “wise” in Persian, with the masculine definition being “intelligent ruler.”

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A Sino-Korean name, Eun-Ji combines hanja characters meaning “kindness, mercy, charity,” with “wisdom, intellect” to make a very appealing name.

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This beautiful name comes from the Apache language and means “wise.” It was given to a legendary Apache warrior woman who fought hard for her people’s independence.


Farzaneh is a Persian name that means “wise” and “intelligent.” It occurs throughout several Persian legends and myths and is common in areas of the former Persian Empire.


This Bosnian name comes from the Arabic language and means “knowledge.” It has become popular in other areas with different spellings.


Ismene originates from an Ancient Greek myth and refers to the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. In the myth she was a very wise woman, giving the name the meaning of “knowledge.”


An Arabic name that means “wisdom,” Hikmat can be used for both men and women, but is typically more common as a feminine name.


A Sino-Vietnamese name, Hue means “bright” and “intelligent”, but may also be indicated with a different symbol that means “tuberose flower.”

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Hye-Jin combines two Sino-Korean hanja that means “bright” and “intelligent” as well as “precious” and “rare” to indicate someone of high worth.


Ji-Hye combines some of the same Korean hanja characters to make a name that means “wisdom” and “intelligent,” though other names can also derive from these hanja.


Metis comes from Greek mythology and means “wisdom,” “skill,” and “cunning” in Greek. It refers to the Greek Titan from which Athena is born after Zeus swallos Metis whole.

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Nuha is a popular Arabic name that means “mind” and “wisdom,” it is a name common throughout areas that still speak Arabic-derived languages.


This name, along with Oyuunchimeg, means “wisdom,” “intellect,” and “ornament” in Mongolian and is still used throughout many parts of Mongolia.


Reina is a very popular and attractive name that comes from the kanji characters “rei” (wise) and “na,” which gives it a meaning of “wise.”


A popular female Japanese name, Satomi comes from kanji meaning “village” and “beautiful” to create a name that means “intelligent, clever, bright.”


An English name that derives from the Greek word for “wisdom,” Sophia is the name of an early, likely mythical, saint and also refers to the phrase “Hagia Sophia,” which means “Holy Wisdom.”


Sothy originates in the Khmer language and means “wisdom” and “intelligence.” Though it can be used as both a male and female name, it is most common as a female one.


Meaning “good” and “wise,” this name comes from Sanskrit and originates in the Hindu epic, The Mahabharata and refers to King Sagara’s second wife who bore him 60,000 children.


Sunita is a popular name in Hinduism and in areas that follow this belief. It means “good” and “wise” and is also the name of an important princess in Hindu legend.


Veda is a name used heavily in the Indian, Telugu, and Kannada regions and means “knowledge” in Sanskrit. It is popular for many older daughters.


A common Sanskrit name used in areas that speak Indian, Marathis, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil, it means “knowledge,” “science,” and “learning” and also refers to a Hindu goddess.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Smart, Knowledge, Wise, and Intelligent

If you want a name that would work well for males or females, there are multiple gender-neutral names that mean wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and much more. These include:

  • Beren: This Turkish name means “strong” or “smart.”
  • Erdem: In Mongolian, Erdem means “wisdom” and “knowledge.”
  • Da: Da is a popular Chinese name that means “achieve, arrive at, intelligent.”
  • Hui: Hui is another popular Chinese name that means “intelligent” and “wise.”
  • Kei: This Japanese name means “intelligent” and “gemstone.”
  • Wisdom: Wisdom is a rare English name that means exactly what its name implies.

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Wrap up- Names that mean Smart

We hope you now have intelligent ideas for names that mean smart, and are filled with the wisdom and knowledge to choose the most brilliant one!

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