Names That Mean Honorable – 60 Ideas For Boys And Girls

Name meanings are significant, and choosing an honorable name is a way of giving your child a character trait we admire. We want our children to act with integrity and honesty and to become a figure who is respected and shows their distinction.

Names that mean honorable are associated with virtuous behavior, strength, and good morals. If you want to name your child for noble traits such as intelligence, kindness, and strength, then look at these 60 baby names meaning honorable.

names that mean honorable

Boy Names That Mean Honorable


The German name Addaley has become more popular as a unique first name that means “an honorable or noble person.” It has been used for boys and girls and is sometimes shortened to Adley.


Adelio is a masculine version of the girl’s name Adela. Adelio comes from a shortened version of names that start with adal, the Germanic variation of “noble.” 


This unique Persian name was the name of a famous Mughal emperor in India during the seventeenth century. The classic, formal name Aurangzeb means “honoring the throne.”


In Chinese, this boy’s name comes from the character pronounced bāo, which means “praise and honor.” The name Bao is pronounced Pow and is considered a virtuous name.


The rare Welsh name Cadwgan is associated with mythology and war. Pronounced “ka-DOO-gan,” it means “glory and honor in battle.”


Cestmir is a Czech name from the Slavic words for “honor” and “great and famous.” Pronounced “CHEST-mir,” this is a strong name to give to a son who you wish to have fame for his peaceful virtues.


Another Czech name with its roots in “honor,” Ctirad includes the virtues of “happy and willing.” This charming boy’s name is celebrated in Czechia on January 16th and is pronounced “TSKYI-rat.

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A rare name from Poland that means “honor in battle,” Czcibor can also be spelled as Cibor, and the “Czc” sound is said as “Chee”. This strong name has connotations of seriousness and upper-class formality.


The powerful German name Erhard comes from ancient Germanic words meaning ‘honor, respect”, although it could also come from the combinations of “army” and “brave.” Erhard Loretan was a famous Swiss mountaineer often called one of the greatest mountain climbers. 


If you want a name that means “honored, in good repute,” then Eudokimos is a Greek name that rolls off the tongue. A Russian variant is Yevdokim.

names that mean honorable

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Eudoxus comes from the root words meaning ‘of good repute and honored” but is strongly associated with astronomy and math. It was the name of a Greek mathematician and astronomer from the 4th century, Eudoxus of Cnidus.


This serious and classic name is the Arabic for “honorary.” Although Fakhri is often associated with masculine military leaders, it has been used by women, too, such as the Iranian actress Fakhri Khorvash.


A rare Yoruba name from West Africa, perfect for your little prince. Folami is a powerful and beautiful name that means “respect and honor me.”


Gerasimos is a Greek name meaning “honor, gift” and was the name of a 5th-century hermit Saint Gerasimos. In some cultures, such as Bulgarian and Russian, the name has been shortened to Gerasim.

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Gyeong is a beautiful Korean name that you could use for either a boy or a girl. Pronounced “KYUNG,” the name can come from the character for “respect, honor,” although there are other variations.

names that mean honorable


The refined and classic American name Honor uses the Americanized spelling of the name “Honour.” Originally from Latin, it was one of the virtue names often used by the Puritans in the 17th century.


Honorius is a Latin name that means “honor, esteem, and dignity,” making it a classic name for a child of noble heritage. It was also the name of a Western Roman emperor, and several saints and popes have also carried the name Honorius.


The Arabic name Ikram comes from the root word meaning “to be generous” and means “honorable.” The refined and classic name Ikram has also become popular in modern Spain.


Lughaid is the remarkable name of a few characters from Irish mythology and comes from the old Irish Lugaid. Pronounced “LOO-ee,” it combines the name of the Irish hero Lugh with the word meaning “honor.”


Mazhar is a powerful and uncommon name that means “honored” in Turkish. Several Turkish actors bear the first name Mazhar, though it can also be a family name.


A mighty West African name, Ola, is the Yoruba name coming from the root words for “wealth” and “honor, respect.” This name can be used for a son or daughter.


If you are looking for a solid and masculine name that shows your pride, then Onur is perfect. This Turkish name comes from the word “honor” and is the name of several Turkish actors, musicians, and sports stars.


Made most famous by the Irish Saint Patrick, it comes from the Latin name Patricius, which means “nobleman.” Patrick is an honorable name with a wholesome and classic feel.

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Rodney has become a classic first name made famous by people like Rodney Dangerfield and is sometimes shortened to Rod. Rodney originally came from an Old English place name “Hroda’s island,” where hroda was the word for “Fame.”


Sakchai is a Thai name that comes from the words for ‘Power, honor,” and ‘Victory.” It is not a common name, so it is a perfect choice for someone who wants their child to stand out.


Somsak is another Thai name that uses sak, the root word for “honor, power.” Somsak also means worthy and is the second most popular name in Thailand, with several athletes and politicians carrying this mighty name.

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A noble Japanese name that can come from the kanji meaning ‘esteem, honor, venerate.’ Takashi is an excellent name if you are looking for a classic, formal character name.

names that mean honorable


Are you looking for a name with religious meaning—then Theotimus, meaning “honoring God,” is perfect. There is also a beautiful French variation, Theotime, which is musical and unusual.


Timon was the name of the main character in Shakespeare’s “Timon of Athens” and has become popular in several famous books. Timon comes from the Greek meaning “to honor, to esteem.”

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Zebulun is an exciting and severe Biblical name that can also be spelled as Zebulon. It comes from the Hebrew meaning “Exalted or honored house.”

Girl Names That Mean Honorable

names that mean honorable

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Adelie is a stunning French variation of the beautiful name Adele. Names beginning with Adel often come from the Germanic “noble,” and there are many popular variations, such as Ada, Delia, Alina, and Adelina.

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Adelin is a gorgeous name that rolls off the tongue. A shortened version of Adelina, this honorable comes from the word “noble” and sounds delicate and refined.


Adalgund is a perfect name for a feisty girl. It comes from the Germanic words for “noble” and “war” and would make a good choice for a fighting princess character.


Agathi is an unusual variant of Agatha, meaning “good, kind, noble, honorable, and virtuous.” The famous novelist Agatha Christie bears a version of this Greek name.

names that mean honorable

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Annora is the feminine version of a French and Latin name meaning “Honor.” It can be shortened to Nora or Annie, and some versions are spelled Annorah.


This refined and illustrious Hindu name is also the name of a Hindi ritual. In Sanskrit, Archana means “honoring, praising.”


Brianna is a name with Irish roots and was used in Spenser’s poem, “The Fairie Queen,” and means “high, noble, exalted, honored.” It comes from the man’s name Brian and can also be spelled Briana.

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Pronounced “CHE-YUNG,” this gorgeous Korean name combines “color” with “glory and honor.” The Korean actress Han Chae-Yeong has made the name famous.


Emeria is a lyrical name that comes from the Scottish saint Emerentia. Emeria means “merit, deserve” and “someone from the north with great beauty and honor.”


Enora is a Breton version of the name ‘Honor.’ This name has grown in popularity due to its unusual look.


This stunning Spanish girl’s name comes from the Greek boy’s name Stephanos. Estefania means “garland, crown,” and “honor,” making it an excellent name for a royal character.

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This unique Greek name can also be written as Eudokia or Eudocia. Eudioxia originally meant “good deeds, or good fame, honor, or judgment.”


Eun-Gyeong is a Korean name meaning “kindness, respect, mercy, grace, and honor.” Several Korean actresses and sports people have the given name Eun-Gyeong.


“Honor and respect me” is the meaning of this powerful African name. With such a strong meaning, Folami is a perfect name for a girl who demands to be noticed and can also be used as a boy’s name.


Genie comes from Greek and Hebrew roots and means “noble or honorable aristocrat.” Genie is also used as a pet version of Eugenia.


Goda is a Slavic name that means “honor, glory, and respect.” This well-known Lithuanian girl’s name also means “thought, dream.”

names that mean honorable


Gyeong is a Korean name often combined with other hanja to create a deeper meaning. The hanja character means “honor, respect” and is sometimes used on its own as a girl’s name.


Honoria is another feminine variant of the Latin name Honorius. It can also be shortened to Nora and Nonie.


This Hebrew name comes from “honor or esteem the Lord.” Jeramee is a religious name and can also be used as a boy’s name.


This unusual girl’s name usually means “An honor, a favor, and pity” or “Virgin Mary. Mersades is a Spanish name with a beautiful flow.


The Hebrew name Nediva is perfect if you want a name with honorable traits. This name means “noble, kind-hearted, and generous.”

names that mean honorable


Norah comes from Latin and means “honor, dignity.” It was initially the pet name for Honora, but it became popular in its own right.


The name Norene means “honor and valor.” This irish name can also be used as a pet form of the name Nora.


Oluwayemisi is a Yoruba name from Africa. This strong and formal name means “God honors me.”


Patia is a Spanish name that means “noblewoman.” It’s an unusual way to shorten the name Patricia, making it great for a quirky character.


Puja can also be spelled as Pooja and is a virtuous Sankrit name that comes from the Hindu ritual of reverence. This Hindi name has the meaning “honor and worship.”


Regina is a royal name with honorable connotations and comes from the Latin for “queen.” Beautiful variations of this noble name are Gina, Ina, Raya, and Regine.

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A name that means “Glorious battle maiden” can only be thought of as one that bestows honor. Ruomhildi is a Germanic name that has grown in popularity as people look for old and unusual names.


Timarion is a cute name that means ‘honored little person.” What an outstanding Latin name to give to a boy or a girl.

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Ugochi is an Igbo girl’s name that comes from the words “eagle, honor,” and “God.” This Western African name carries a lot of power and means “Eagle of God.”


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Wrap up – Names That Mean Honorable

names that mean honorable

We respect your decision to go with our list of names that mean honorable! And we have faith that you now have several more options to consider in your search for the perfect name.

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