Names That Mean Justice – 61 Ideas For Boys And Girls

Being just is a virtue in today’s world. It means to be fair and to treat others with fairness and kindness. Being just also means to ensure that the law prevails, and to live according to the law and the rules of your religion and society.

So, if you want to inspire this quality in your child, why not name him/her justice? Justice is a powerful name and will encourage your child to be successful and fair. Let’s consider 61 names that mean Justice for boys and girls. 

Boy Names That Mean Justice

To name a boy after the word justice is a powerful symbol. It means that your boy will act justly throughout his life. Each time you call your boy by his name, you will bless him with justice. 

He will help create a just world. Let’s consider 23 boy names that mean justice and where these names originated.

names that mean justice

1. Acim

Acim is a Hebrew name for boys meaning “god will judge.” The name Acim refers to being a just person. The name Acim has different spellings, including Hakim and Ahim. 

2. Adel 

Adel is a Persian name meaning “justice or fairness.” Adel is a popular boy’s name in Persia, Arabic-speaking countries, and America. 

3. Adilet

Adilet is a popular boy name in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The name comes from the Arabic word “adala,” which means “to act justly.” 

4. Adlai

Adlai is a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “god is Just.” Adlai is less popular than some other names meaning justice, but it is a powerful name in the Hebrew communities. 

5. Billie

Billie is a German boy’s name, meaning “defender of justice.” Billie is a popular name throughout Europe and was often used as a nickname for people with longer English names, like Robert. 

6. Chihn 

Chihn is a Vietnamese name given to boys or sometimes girls. Chihn means “just/righteous man” and is often spelled Chain or Chean

7. Denzil

Denzil is a popular English name meaning “follower of Justice.” The name Denzil is also commonly spelled, Denzel.

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8. Faysal

Faysal is an Arabic name popular among Muslim communities in Africa. The name Faysal means “to judge.” This name is also often spelled Faisal and is given to boys. 

9. Inshaf

Inshaf is a popular boy’s name in India. The name Inshaf means “justice/equity.” Though the name is mainly used in India, it has Arabic roots. 

10. Joost

Joost is a Dutch name meaning “justice.” Joost is a popular male name in Dutch and is pronounced like “youst.” The name Joost was often given to warrior families for their brave efforts on the battlefield to deliver justice. 

11. Jung

Jung is a Korean baby name meaning “justice.” In Korea, being a just person is of utmost importance, which is why many boys have the name Jung in them. 

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12. Justin

Justin is a popular English name meaning “justice.” The name Justin comes from the Latin word and is a popular name in most English-speaking countries. 

13. Lamont 

Lamont might sound French, but it is a German boy’s name meaning “lawman.” Lamont has Norse origins and isn’t such a famous name any more. Regardless, it is an interesting name relating to justice.

names that mean justice

14. Marshall

Marshall is a modern English name often used in America. Marshall also means “lawman,” a person who ensures justice prevails. Marshall is mainly given to boys.

15. Micah

Micah is a biblical name and is often given to Hebrew boys. The name Micah means “who is like god.” One of the characteristics of god is that he is just, which is why the name Micah has connections to justice.

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16. Nima

Nima is a boy’s name meaning “blessing/fair.” The name Nima comes from Persian origins, though it is also a name commonly used for girls or boys in India. 

17. Ramiro 

The name Ramiro has Spanish roots, meaning “supreme judge.” Ramiro is a popular name in Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking communities. 

18. Rashn

Rashn is a Persian male name meaning “justice.” Rashn is also spelled Rashne or Rashnu

19. Salah 

Salah is another name meaning justice and comes from Arabic roots. So the name Salah means “righteousness” and refers to someone who is just. 

20. Shaquan

Shaquan is a popular name among African Americans and means “just and decent.” 

21. Takeo

Takeo is a popular name in Japan. It means “just warrior” and was a highly praised name in times of battle. Today, Takeo is still a popular boy’s name in Japan. 

22. Tetsuo

Tetsuo, like Takeo, is a Japanese boy’s name. Tetsuo also means “wise and just warrior.”

23. Zedekiah

Zedekiah is a powerful name with Hebrew origins. Zedekiah was the last king of Judah. The name means “justice of Yahweh (god).”

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Girl Names That Mean Justice 

names that mean justice

Girls are often associated with feminity and beauty. But, as many mythologies will tell you, women also often served as the deliverers of justice. Naming your daughter after justice gives her a powerful life. 

It is just as crucial for a girl to be just as a boy, which is why this name carries so much power. Here are 23 girls’ names that mean justice and would be perfect for your little one. 

1. Acima

Acima is an Arabic name. It is the feminine version of Acim and means “god will judge.”

2. Adalet

Adalet is the feminine version of the boy’s name Adilet. This name has Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan heritage and means “to act justly.” 

3. Adila

Adila is another Arabic girl’s name, “fairness/righteousness.” Adila is the feminine version of Adel, a boy’s name with a similar meaning. 

4. Adilynne

Adylinne is an English girl’s name meaning “justice/upright/noble.” Adylinne is often spelled Adeline, and people often say Adelle to shorten the name. 

5. Atleigh

Atleigh is a Hebrew girl’s name, meaning “just/justice before God.” Atleigh is the feminine version of Atlie, which has the name meaning. 

6. Danielle 

Danielle has Latin or Hebrew origins. It is a popular girl’s name meaning “god is my judge.”

7. Dike

Dike is a popular girl’s name in Europe. This name has Greek origins and means “justice” in Greek. Dike is popular in the Netherlands and Germany. 

8. Dinah

Dinah is a Hebrew name and is often used as the short version of Claudina. Dinah means “judged” and is a popular girl’s name in Jewish communities. 

9. Euridice

Euridice is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “wide justice.”  Euridice was the name of a Greek goddess, giving this name even more importance. 

10. Giustina

Giustina is a girl’s name with German origins. Like its Latin counterpart, Giustina means “justice.”

11. Jestina

Jestina is a Latin name often given to baby girls. Jestina means “justice” in Latin and comes from the Latin word for justice. 

12. Justine

Justine is the feminine of Justin, which means “justice” in Whales. Justine is a popular Welsh name for girls, and many girls in Europe are called Justine

13. Kenzie 

Kenzie means “the fair/just one” and is a popular girl’s name in Scotland. People also often name their daughters Mackenzie, meaning “child of the fair one.”

14. Leya

Leya is a girl name originally from Spain. The name Leya means “the law.” It is often spelled, Leia or Leja

15. Maat

Maat is a girl’s name with Egyptian origins. Maat is the Egyptian goddess of justice, and the name is often given to girls in honor of the divine.

16. Masako

Masako is another girl’s name meaning “truth/prosper.” This name is often given to girls in Japan, as being just is seen as a virtue.

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17. Neethi

Neethi is another girl’s name with Hebrew origins. Neethi means “morals/justice.” Neethi isn’t such a famous name, but Netia and Nadia likely have the same origins. 

names that mean justice

18. Nitishia 

Nitishia is a girl’s name with Scandinavian/Slavic roots. Nitishia comes from the goddess of justice and therefore means “justice.” Nitishia is often spelled Natashia or Natasha

19. Noriko

Noriko is a Japanese girl’s name, meaning “justice/law and order.” Noriko is a popular girl’s name in Japan. 

20. Rashida

The name Rashida has Arabic origins and means “righteous/justice.” Rashida is a popular Arabic girl’s name. 

21. Sabine

Sabine is a girl’s name of Latin/French origins. The meaning of Sabine is “justice,” and it refers to women of the Sabine area. 

22. Saddiqa

Saddiqa is an Arabic name. It is a popular name for girls and has a few various spellings. Sadiqqa means “truthful one or supporter of the truth,” another virtue bestowed upon those who are just. 

23. Tyra

Tyra is a popular girl’s name worldwide and is often used as a nickname for longer names. Tyra comes from the Scandinavian name Tyron, which means “god of battle.” One of the essential virtues of the god of battle was that he was just.

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Justice

names that mean justice

If you like naming your child after justice but want a more modern name, why not choose a gender-neutral name? Gender-neutral names are excellent, as they carry the same meaning regardless of your child’s gender. 

Here are 15 gender-neutral names if you want to name your child after the word justice. 

1. Adeel

Adeel is a Hebrew name meaning “god is just.” Adeel is often spelled Adiel, and is gender-neutral.

2. Adlae

Adlae is the gender-neutral form of the Arabic names Adila and Adel. Adlae means “justice before god.”

3. Bailee

Bailee is the perfect name for a boy or girl. It derives its meaning from the French word bailiff, an officer appointed to uphold justice. 

4. Hikmat

Hikmat is an Arabic name meaning “wisdom/knowledge/justice.” Hikmat is another name suitable for both boys and girls. 

5. Justice

Many people now choose to name their children directly what they mean. As a result, the name Justice is now more popular than ever. Justice is perfect for a boy or girl, and you know exactly what it means.

6. Matoya

Matoya is a Japanese name given to boys or girls. This name means “arrow of justice.”

7. Minkah

Minkah is a Ghanaian name given to boys and girls. This name means “justice.”

8. Nashah

Nashah is another gender-neutral name with Persian roots. Nashah means justice/judge.”

9. Prama

Prama is an Indian name meaning “the one who loves justice.” Prama is a gender-neutral name. 

10. Sewan

Sewan is an Irish gender-neutral name. The meaning of the name Sewan is “god is gracious/just.” A modern version of Sewan is Sean.

11. Zaccai 

Zaccai is a Hebrew gender-neutral name. This name means “justice/purity” and works for both boys and girls. 

12. Zhen

Zhen is a Chinese word meaning “justice of the lord.” It is used as a gender-neutral name and is similar to Zheng, but not the same. 

13. Zheng

Zheng is the Chinese word for “justice.” It is a popular name given to boys and girls. 

14. Zidkijah

Zidkijah is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin. Zidkijah means “justice of the lord.” This name is less popular but works for boys or girls. 

15. Zikora

Zikora is a baby name of unknown origin. This name is gender-neutral and means “god is just and justice of the lord.”


Here are some resources to find even more names that mean justice!

Wrap Up – Names that mean Justice

names that mean justice

You want the truth? With all honesty and integrity, we appreciate that you’ve read so far into our list of names that mean justice! Thanks for joining us- please share your favorites or any we missed in the comments.

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