Names That Mean Victory

It’s all about winning in life. Names that mean victory can inspire an ambitious mentality. Get ready to conquer the world!

There are many appealing names with winning meanings, ranging from true classics to unique alternatives. Check the list below to find the ideal name!

Boy Names That Mean Victory


This name is a Latinized form of Greek word Ἀvδρόνικος, which means “victory of a man,” and is derived from (aner) meaning “man” and (nike) meaning “victory.” Titus Andronicus was a character in Shakespeare’s play of the same name


Bahram or Vahram is a Persian name that means “smiting of resistance” or “victorious.” In Middle Persian and Avestan, Bahram means “victorious.” This was the name of a Zoroastrian god connected with triumph and war. Several Sassanid emperors were known by this name. It’s also how the Persians refer to Planet Mars.


The words beorht “shine” and sige “victory” are derived from Old English.


Bingen means conqueror. Bingen is most commonly used as a boy’s name in Basque.


In Latin, Bittor means “victory”.

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The word is derived from the Old Celtic word boudi, which means “victory.” Folk etymology, on the other hand, relates this name with beuzi, which means “drown,” despite the original intent of “saved from the waves.” This is the name of a sixth-century saint who was the son of Azenor, according to Breton tradition.


Caelan is a spelling variation of the Irish Gaelic name Caolán, which means “everlasting warrior” or “holy water” and comes from the word “caol,” which means “slender, thin, or fine.”


Cole is an English and Greek boy’s name that means “swarthy, coal dark, charcoal.” However, as a short form of Nicholas, it means victory.


Colin is a variation of Nicholas, which means “victorious people.” Colin is an English translation of the Scottish Gaelic word Cailen.


The words cyne “royal” and sige “victory” are derived from Old English.


The word afar comes from the Arabic word afar, which means “victorious” or “victory, triumph”. Another variant of this is Zafar.


Means “victory” or “revolutionary victory.”


Donovan is an Irish name that means “Princeling.”


It is derived from the elements arn, which means “eagle,” and sige, which means “victory.”


In the Efik language of Nigeria, it means “victory.”


From the Greek term eu, which means “good,” and nike, which means “victory.”


Esteban is a typical boy’s name derived from the Spanish form of Stephen. Esteban means “crowned in victory.”


In Arabic, it means “opening, victorious one.” al-Fattah is one of Allah’s 99 names, according to Islamic belief.


In Arabic :  فَتْحِي. It is a possessive form of a given Arabic name or surname that means “victorious, triumphant.”


In Arabic, it means “victory, triumph”. Fouz is a gender-neutral name.


The word “fawz” is Arabic for “success, triumph.”


From the Arabic term meaning “triumph, success, victory.”


Ghaalib is a Muslim baby name that means “conqueror” in Arabic. 


Ghaazee is an Arabic name that means “war champion, hero, conqueror.”


In Karachay-Balkar, it means “victory.”


In Arabic, it means “success, triumph, vengeance.” This name is suitable for both males and females.


The masculine name Jaichand is of Indian origin and means Victory of the Moon.


Jarvis is an English given name and surname derived from the personal name Gervase and the word geri, which means “spear.” Jervis, Jervoise, and Gervis are all variations of the name. It means conqueror in German.


勝 is a Japanese word which transliterates to katsu and means “victory.”


Katsu means “victory” and “zo” means three.


From the Greek  κάλλος (kallos) meaning “beauty” and vvίκη (nike) meaning “victory,” it means “beautiful triumph.”


凱 (khải) is a Sino-Vietnamese word that means “victory.”


 Lanakila means “Victory, triumph” and is a gender-neutral name.


Laurence, or as it’s often spelled, Lawrence refer to the laurel tree, a symbol of honor and victory. This is an old name with a lot of variations in different cultures. Nicknames include Larry, Laurie, Laz, and Lorin.

In other cultures, you might find Laurentius, Llorenc, Lovre, Lovrenco, Lovro, Vavrinec, Lars, Laurits, Lorens, Lau, Rens, Lauri, Lasse, Laurent, Lavrenti, Lenz, Lavrentios, Lorinc, Larus, Labhras, Lorenzo, Enzo, Loris, Renzo, Lau, Larkin, Law, or Lorencio.

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Lefsy is derived from the Old English word  lēof meaning “dear, loved” and sige meaning “victory”


In Somali, it means “victory, win.”


In Arabic, it means “victory.”


Comes from the Greek name Νικάvωρ (Nikanor), which was derived from the words (nike) which means “victory” and (aner) which means “man.” Several important officers from ancient Macedon bore this name.


The Greek name (Nikolaos) means “victory of the people,” and is formed from the Greek words (nike) for “victory” and (laos) for “people.” Saint Nicholas was an Anatolian bishop who, according to history, spared a poor man’s daughters from a life of prostitution. 

It has been popular in England since the 12th century, yet following the Protestant Reformation, it became less popular. Five popes and two Russian czars have carried the name.

In other cultures, you might find variations like Nikolle, Ncolaus, Nikola, Mikalai, Niko, Mikulas, Nicolai, Nikolaj, Claus, Niels, Klaes, Nioclas, Niccolo, Nikolche, Nikora, Nicu, Nicusor, Nikolai, Nilas, Neacel, or Mykola.


This name is of Greek origin and means “victory of the people,” and is derived from the Greek words (nike) for “victory” and (demos) for “people.” This is the name of a New Testament character who assists Joseph of Arimathea entomb Jesus.


Neil is an Irish-sounding name for a boy. The name could be derived from the words “cloud,” “passionate,” “victory,” “honor,” or “champion” in Irish.

Neil is a surname that can be linked back to Niall of the Nine Hostages, an Irish king and the eponymous progenitor of the U Néill and MacNeil clans.


vίκη (nike) is a Greek word that means “victory.” This was the name of a Peloponnesian war general from Athens.


From the Greek word νίκη meaning “victory” and μάχη meaning “war,” it means “victorious fight.” The Greek philosopher Aristotle’s father and son were both named Aristotle. It was also borne by a Greek mathematician in the second century.


Derived from the Greek words νίκη (nike) for “victory” and  μήδεα (medea) for “plans, advice, and cunning.” This was the name of a 1st-century saint who was killed for refusing to worship the Roman gods.


vίκη (nike) is a Greek word that means “victory.”


From the Greek (nike) meaning “victory” and (stratos) meaning “army,” it means “victorious army.” It was the name of a Roman saint who was martyred during Emperor Diocletian’s persecutions around the end of the third century.

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The Muslim boy’s name Qahir, sometimes spelled Qaahir, means “conqueror” or “victorious.”


It is derived from the Thai words (sak) which means “power, honor,” and (chai) which means “victory.”


In Sanskrit, it means “final victory.”


Sigurd in an archaic North Swedish form of this name. In modern Swedish, it means “victory.”


The Germanic elements sigu “victory” and hari “army” were combined to create this name.


Short version of names that begin with the Germanic element sigu, which means “victory.”


Sixten, Sigsten, or Sighsten is a Swedish masculine given name. The name comes from the Old Swedish words sigher (victory) and sten (stone).It was first recorded as sikstain in a runestone.


Derived from the Thai words สม  (som) for “worthy” and ชาย  (chai) for “man” or “victory.”


In the fictional language Sindarin, it means “victory mood.” Turin was a cursed hero in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion (1977), as the killer of the dragon Glaurung. He was also known as Turambar and Mormegil. The city of Torino in Italy is also known by this name in English.

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This is a name that is suitable for both men and women. Of course, it could refer to “Of or related to success, or a victor; being a victor; producing or creating a victory; defeating; winning; triumphant; as, a victorious commander; victorious troops; a victorious day.”


Taken from the English word victoria, which is derived from Latin victoria (which is derived from the past tense root of vincere “to conquer,” making it a (remote) cousin of Vincent.

Other related names include Vic, Rino, Victorinus, Victoriano, Vittorino, Viktor, Viktoros, and Vittore.


Vincent (Latin: Vincentius) is a male given name originating from the Roman name Vincentius, which comes from the Latin word vincere, which means “to vindicate” (to conquer). Nicknames include Vin, Vince, and Vinny.

In other languages, you might meet Vinko, Vinzenz, Vinzent, Bence, Uinseann, Vincenzo, Enzo, Vincentius, Vincentas, Vincas, Vincente, Vikenti, Vicente, or Vinco, which are all forms of Vincent.


In Finnish, it means “victory.”

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The elements wulf “wolf” and sige “victory” are derived from Old English.


Old English winn “work, struggle; strife, conflict; benefit, gain,” from win (n.). The modern sense of “a triumph in a game or contest” dates back to 1862, when the verb was first used. You could also spell this name Win or Wynn.


In Lao, it means “victory,” and it comes from Sanskrit जय (jaya).


From the Lao words (xay) for “victory” and (paseuth) for “good, priceless, superb.”


In Lao, it means “triumph or victory.”


In Arabic, it means “victory.”


In Burmese, it means “victory,” and it comes from the Sanskrit word जय (jaya).


In Kazakh, it means “victory.”


From the Kazakh word еc (zhenis), which means “victory,” and the Turkish military rank of beg, which means “chieftain, lord.”


In Kyrgyz, it means “victory.”


The name Ziggy is predominantly a German masculine name that means Victorious Protector. It’s actually short for Zigmund or Sigmund.

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Girl Names That Mean Victory

Names That mean Victory


Andronika is a name of Greek descent. This gorgeous and unique name means “victory of a man/warrior.”


Alala is a Greek word that means “warlike.” Alala was the name of Ares’ sister in Greek mythology, and she is the personification of the war cry.


Alexander is a Greek name that means “protector of men.” Alexander the Great’s dominion spanned from Greece to northern India, earning him the title of greatest conqueror of all time.

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In Eggon, a language of Nigeria, it means “victory.”


This Manx name is derived from the word barriaght, which means “victory, conquest, or victory.” It is intended to be the Manx version of Victoria.


Bellona is a Latin name for women that means “Goddess of War.”


Botilda is an Old Norse name that means “commanding heroine.”


Boudi is a Gaulish word that means “win; advantage, profit; booty.”


Cahira is of Irish origin and is a fantastic, unique name that means “beautiful warrior.”


Collette is actually a feminine French version of Cole, a short form of Nicholas, which means People’s Victory.


In Lingala, it means “victory.”


This name is of Greek origin and it means hope and victory. Quite a unique name!


Eunike which means “good victory” and is formed from (eu) meaning “good” and (nike) meaning “victory.” She is mentioned in the New Testament as Timothy’s mother. It was originally used as an English name after the Protestant Reformation.


Faiza is a female Arabic name that is similar to male names like Faiz, Faizan, and Fayez and means “successful, victorious, helpful.” The term Faiza () comes from the root word Fa’iz, which means “successful.”


In Arabic, it means “victory, triumph.”


It comes from the words gul, which means “flower, rose,” and zafar, which means “victory.”


The word Hedda means ‘contention’ or strife.’ The name is German in origin and is frequently used to refer to girls. Hedda Berntsen, a Norwegian skier, and Hedda Hjortsberg, a Swedish ballerina, are two well-known people with the name Hedda.


In Arabic, it means “success, triumph, vengeance.”


This is a gender-neutral name which means victory. 


The word “victory” is derived from the Sanskrit word जय (jaya).

This is a transcription of both the feminine and masculine forms of the Hindu goddess Durga’s epithet (borne by many characters in Hindu texts). In southern India, this transliteration is both feminine and masculine as a contemporary personal name, but only feminine in the north.


Jaya means “success, triumph” in Sanskrit, and (deva) means “God” in Sanskrit.


In Sanskrit, it means “victory goddess.”


In Quechua, it means “winning song.”


Kinsey is largely a gender-neutral English name with the meaning “King’s Victory.”

Kinsey Millhone is a fictional character in Sue Grafton’s novels.


“Victory, triumph” is a Hawaain gender-neutral name.


Laura is a feminine variant of laurus, Latin for “bay laurel plant,” which was a symbol of triumph, glory, and reputation in the Greco-Roman era. The name is a representation of victory and strength.

In other languages, Laura can have variations like Lora, Laure, Lavra and Lara. And there are many other forms, like Laureen, Laurie, Lori, Lorinda, Lauressa, Laurissa, Laurita, Lauretta, and Laurette.

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Lorna’s meaning is ‘victory’ or ‘fox.’ It is a Scottish name that is mainly given to girls. It’s linked to the Laurel tree, which represents ‘winning’ and ‘honor.’


In Meitei, it means “victory.”


It is derived from Tibetan རྣམ (rnam) meaning “aspect, type, sort” mixed with རྒྱལ (rgyal)  meaning “to be successful, to conquer” to indicate “victorious” or “full victory.”


From the Arabic (nasr) meaning “victory” or (nasara) meaning “to help, to aid, to support,” it means “my victory” or “my help.” In Indonesia, it is sometimes used as a feminine name.


Nicole is the female version of Nicholas, meaning “victorious people.”

I love variations like Nikoleta, Nicolette, Lina, Nicolina, Nikora, Nika, Nikolasa, and Nicol!


Ptolema is the feminine version of the Greek name Ptolemy, which means “warlike.”


Ronetta is a diminutive of Veronika, which means “victory bringer.”


The components sigr “victory” and unna “to adore” are combined in this Old Norse name.


Sigr “victory” (Icelandic sigur) and ást “love, affection” are Old Norse words.


This name is most likely (but not always) a shortened version of a Germanic name containing the Old High Germanic element sigu “victory” in the case of a male bearer. It’s also been used as an abbreviated form of Silvester’s name. This name is most commonly used as a short form for Cecilia in the case of a female bearer.


Tori is predominantly a female English name that means “winner” or “conqueror.”


Veronika is a diminutive of Veronika, which means “victory bringer.”


Veronika means “victory bringer.” It’s actually a version of the name Berenice! Some diminutives include Veranka, Veronka, Roni, and Ronnie.


In Latin, it means “victory,” and it is carried by the Roman goddess of victory. Victorius has a feminine version as well. This name was given to a 4th-century North African saint and martyr.

Although the name was common in other parts of Europe, it was uncommon in the English-speaking world until the 19th century, when Queen Victoria started her long reign over the United Kingdom. Her mother was a member of German royalty, and she was named after her. A state in Australia and a city in Canada are among the places named after the queen.

Victoria has countless nickname options, including Tori, Toria, Vic, and Vicky.

In other languages, Victoria becomes Toya, Victoire, Vittoria, and Victorine.


I certainly think of winning when I hear the name Winnie! However, it’s actually short for Winifred, which may mean fair, or blessed.

More Names That Mean Victory

You’re a winner. You want more than names that mean victory. Let’s take this list to the next level!

Last Names That Mean Victory

  • Campion – Old French for champion
  • Kemp- Middle English for champion
  • Mac Niadh, Niadh – Niadh means champion in Irish. Mac Niadh means “son of Niadh”
  • Seigel- “sigu” means victory in German 
  • Sitz – related to the German word for victory
  • Victors
  • Victorsson

Names That Mean Unbeatable

  • Anjay
  • Yengilmas

Names That Mean Champion

  • Angarato (from JRR Tolkien)
  • Anlon
  • Antar
  • Avarga
  • Bajnok
  • Campion
  • Camula, Camulos
  • Cauaria
  • Finrod
  • Ghazi
  • Goron
  • Kappi
  • Kendric
  • Promachus
  • Ruarc

Names That Mean Breakthrough

  • Advance
  • Betterment
  • Boost
  • Development
  • Discovery
  • Evolution 
  • Finding
  • Flowering
  • Forward
  • Growth
  • Headway
  • Improvement
  • Journey
  • Leap
  • Momentum 
  • Passage
  • Procession
  • Progress
  • Rise
  • Stride
  • Unfolding
  • Voyage

Words That Mean Victory

  • Achievement
  • Champion
  • Conquer 
  • Conquest 
  • Dominion
  • First
  • Gain
  • Great
  • Hero
  • King
  • Laurel
  • Prize
  • Success
  • Superior
  • Supreme
  • Top
  • Triumph
  • Vanquisher
  • Win

Names That Sound Like Victor or Victory

  • Invicta
  • Invictus
  • Ivica
  • Marvic
  • Nivica
  • Savica
  • Vector
  • Vicar
  • Vicent
  • Vicenta
  • Victoriano
  • Victorianus
  • Victorine
  • Victorino
  • Victorinus
  • Victorique
  • Victrix
  • Vittoria
  • Vivica
Names That Mean Victory Template

Wrap Up- Names That Mean Victory

We hope you’ve found a winner among these names that mean victory! Whatever you choose, I know it’ll be a true champion of a name!

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