What are names that mean doctor? | 76 Unique Ideas for Your Boy or Girl

As a huge name nerd, I often find people asking me for names that mean doctor! Parents, writers, and all sorts of folks look for unique names with specific meanings!

I’ve compiled a massive list of over 76 names that mean doctor, or are otherwise related to healing and medicine!

Names that Mean Doctor for Girls 

Let’s start with dozens of girls names that mean doctor. They come from mythology, history, and more!


The Greek goddess Aceso healed wounds and cured illnesses. She personified the process of healing or curing, where her sister Panacea personified the cure itself. 


In ancient Greek, the name Aegle means dazzling light, splendor, or brightness, especially in relation to the beauty of the human body being in good health.


Airmed (sometimes spelled Airmid) is the Irish goddess of healing who knows all the secrets of herbalism.


Ajugo means doctor in Luo, an African language 


The gorgeous girls name Althea means healing. Less than 100 baby girls in the US receive this name every year. 


The unisex name Bliant comes from Arthurian legend. Bliant rescued Lancelot and cured him at his White Castle cured Lancelot after he was injured and mad from lovesickness. [Source]


The Irish god Dian Checht, also known as Cainte or Canta, healed the injured by soaking them in the “Well of Healing.” He also ground herbs into medicine. His name means swift power.


The gorgeous girl’s name Carmenta comes from the Roman goddess of the same name. Carmenta, sometimes known as Carmentis, was the goddess of childbirth, prophecy, the protector of mothers and children, and the patron of midwives. The Latin word Carmen means magic spell, oracle, or song.


The name Eir means mercy in Old Norse.  It’s the name of a Norse goddess of healing and medicine. Norway and Sweden sometimes use the variations Eira and Eirny. My understanding is that it’s pronounced like air, not like ear.


Fewesi means to heal in Amharic (e)


Galena is the feminine form of Galen, which means calm. An ancient Greco-roman physician named Galen made many discoveries about anatomy and medicine. 


In Greek mythology, the goddess Iaso was responsible for curing ailments. Her name means cure, remedy, or healing. 


The name Jason means healer. Feminine forms of Jason include Jayla, Jaylee, Jaylen, and Jaylene.


In ancient Greek, Maia means mother or midwife. 


Meditrina was the Romaan goddess of wine and health, and her name means healer.


The name Panacea comes from the Greek words meaning cure-all. She was also the Greek goddess of remedies, cures, and healing. 


Apollo, the Greek god of healing, was sometimes known as Phoebus, which means bright, or pure. And the feminine form is Phoebe!


This is the feminine form of Raphael,  which means God heals. 


Reseda is a girl’s name that means soothe.


The name Rosmerta means great provider or carer. This was also the name of a Gallic-Roman deity of fertility and abundance.


In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet is the warrior goddess of healing, often depicted as a lioness. Her name is sometimes spelled Sekhet, or Scheme, among other spellings. And it means power or might.


Shafiyah means healer in Arabic, referring to one who cares for and cures sick people.


The Celts worshipped Sirona, goddess of healing, whose elegant name means stellar or astral. Sometimes her name is spelled Stirona or Thirona. She was sometimes represented as Diana from Greek mythology. 


Ziva, also known as Zivena, Ziwia, Siva, Sieba, or Razivia was a fertility goddess worshipped throughout the Slavic region. Her name means living, being, or existing. 

Names that Mean Doctor for Boys


In Greek mythology,  Aceso was the goddess of healing and curing. The masculine form of her name is Acesis.


In Gaulish mythology, Alaunus or Alaunius was a god of healing and prophecy. His name might mean nurture or flow. Baby girls in the Roman era were often named Alauna in his honor. 


Some Roman poets referred to Apollo, the Greek god of healing and music as Phoebus.


Arzt is a common last name that means doctor in German. With the popularity of last names as first names, like Jackson and Madison, Artz could certainly be used as a first name!


In Hebrew, Asa means healer. Although it ends with an a, it’s a male name.


In Greek mythology, Asclepius, also known as Hepius, is a hero and god of medicine. In particular, he covers the aspects of the healing arts of medicine. His symbol, a staff with a snake, is used as a symbol of medicine today. He’s often associated with the Roman god Vediovis and the Egyptian god Imhotep.


In Celtic mythology, Borvo was the god of minerals and healing, especially associated with the healing properties of spring water. He was also known as Bormo, Bormanus, Bormanicus, Borbanus, Boruoboendua, Bandua, Vabusoa, Labbonus or Borus. His names probably come from words meaning bubbling, boiling, seethe, and effervesce.


Chiron, the wisest and most just of centaurs in Greek mythology, learned the arts of medicine and healing from his foster father, Apollo. And he learned hunting and archery from Artemis. Chiron taught these skills to many legendary heroes like Heracles, Ajax, and Jason.


Darman means medicine in Pashto, a language spoken in eastern Iran


The Croatian name Domagoj means growing, fostering, and nurturing. 


Eshmun was a Phonecian god of healing. His name may mean the eighth, as he was his father’s eighth son


The ancient Roman Aelius Galenus, also known as Claudio Galenus, or Galen of Pergamon was one of the most famous physicians of antiquity. In the second century BC, he made many important contributions to anatomy, physiology, and many other fields.


The Gaulish god Glanis was associated with the healing springs in the town of Glanum in southern France. The Romans called Glanis Valetudo.


The Serbian and Croatian name Gojko comes from the Slavic words meaning grow, heal, foster, or nurture.


The Celtic deity Grannus (also known as Mogounus and Amarcolitanus) was associated with the healing properties of spas, thermal springs, and the sun.


Hakiem means doctor in Ethiopian.


Jason means healer. The names Jaison, Iasom and Aeson were the precursor to Jason and share the same meaning. And Jace and Jay are shorter versions or nicknames for Jason. And the modern name Jayr is a form of Jason.


Lors means doctor of the soul in the Chechen language spoken in Chechnya.


Lenus is the Celtic god of healing. 


In Celtic mythology, Maponus is the god of youth and health. 


The Irish god Miach was a physician who healed the injured, especially those who lost limbs.


In the Sumerian religion, Ninazu is the god of healing and the Underworld, whose name means Lord Healer.


Raphael means God heals. In Hebrew tradition, the archangel Raphael disguised himself as a human named Azarius. Raphael is a common name in Europe but isn’t as common in the US. And Azarius (and its other forms like Azariah) means Yahweh has helped.


The Hebrew name Rafal means God’s healer.


Tahlag means herbal medicine in Balochi, which is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. 

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Wikipedia was also very useful in researching historical and legendary figures, along with deities from different cultures and religions 

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