Names That Mean Earth | 76 Unique Names for Boys and Girls

Many people are inspired by names that mean earth. They give a feeling of strength, power, solidity, and stability.

Whether you are looking for a name for your baby boy or girl, or naming a character in your writing, tabletop RPGs, or other creative ventures, I’ve included a massive list for you to choose from!

Boys names that mean earth

The list below includes great baby names, or you can use them for anything else you’d like.


Using surnames as first names is quite popular. And Acker is a name of German origin meaning field.


Did you know the name Adam is a play on the Hebrew word for earth? 

Adam is very popular in the US, and for good reason. This classic boys name is easy to say and spell, and is short but strong.


This famous name from Greek mythology probably means earth or land.


The male name Ardi means mountain, soil,or earth in Javanese.


Arlo is a name of Anglo Saxon origin that means fortified hill. It might have originated from the poem The Faerie Queene written by Edumund Spenser in 1590. 


The unisex name Bryn is of Welsh origin and means hill. It is both short and pretty. Sometimes the feminine version is lengthened to Brynlynn or Brynlee.


In Spanish, Canyon means footpath or ravine. Did you know that around 100 American baby boys recieve this name every year?


The name Clay is of either English or Greek origin, and refers to someone who works with clay or earth. It can be short for Clayton. Around 200-500 babies are named Clay each year in the US.


Cliff can be a short form of Clifton or Clifford. This name has an Old English origin and means cliff or slope.


You’ve probably heard of the word crag, referring to a rocky area. Craig comes from the Celtic language, where it means exactly that. I like the name Craig since it’s uncommon, yet everyone is familiar with it!


Dagda means good god in Celtic. In Irish mythology, he’s the god of earth, knowledge, and magic.


This Japanese name for boys means great earth. It even sounds strong and earthy to me!


Although Dale started as a male name, it is now unisex. It comes from an English place name, referring to one who lives in the valley.


Dustin brings to mind the nickname Dusty, which is obviously earth-themed! However, the name Dustin comes from the Old Norse name Thorsten, meaning Thor’s stone. Which is also earth-themed!


Enki is a name from Sumerian mythology that means earth lord. Although it is a male name, I could see it being used on girls too!


Flint as you likely guessed refers to the word for the rock flint, or someone who lived near an outcropping of flint. This English name is uncommon, yet everyone has heard of this rock, so it is well known and easy to spell!


While Everest means dweller on the Eure River (in France), it is also a reference to the famous mountain.


George actually means farmer, earth worker. This classic name ages well and despite its humble beginnings, sounds noble! If you’re looking for a similar girl’s name, consider Georgina or Gina.


Glenn means valley in Irish. And a famous bearer of this name is John Glenn, the first man to orbit the Earth. This used to be a very popular name that has declined recently and is due for a comeback! The feminine version, Glenda, shares the same meaning.


Grover may come from the German word meaning ditch digger, or may come from the Old English word for grove of trees. Both are equally earthy meanings! I think this name name is ready to distance itself from the Seasme Street character.


For those outside of England, a heath is an open landscape with low-growing plants, similar to a meadow. This name refers to one who lives near the heath.


The biblical male name Heled means being of the earth. Heled is one of David’s warrior’s in the Bible.


Knox is a Scottish surname that means from the hills or from the round hill. Again, this is another surname that is climbing in popularity in the US where it is being used as a first name.


The English name Parker came from a surname meaning park keeper. In the US, it peaked in popularity in 2014, but is still quite common. This earthy name certainly invokes the beauty of a lush natural area.


Pierce, which is a form of Piers, which is derived from Peter, means rock. It is becoming more popular in the US, and is given to 500-600 baby boys each year.


In Scandinavian and Norse mythology, Reistr is another name for Jormungander, meaning of the earth.


Rocky is an American name that comes from the Italian name Rocco. It certainly sounds quite earthy!.


Silvanus is the Latin god of forests and uncultivated lands. In the New Testament, one of Paul’s companions is named Silvanus, and also goes by the name Silas. The female form of this name is Silvia.


Slate or Slater are English names that refer to someone who is a slate worker.We continue to see surnames like this used as first names!


Looking names of French origin, Sol means soil. If you are looking for a diverse name, Sol also means sun in many languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese. 


In Latin, Tellus means earth or globe. In fact, Tellus is actually a girl’s name in Latin, as she’s the Roman goddess who is equivalent to the Greek Gaia. But I think this could make a great name for boys too.


Tir is the Gaelic word for earth. While it is extremely uncommon, it is short and simple. In terms of baby names, it may pose some challenges, as it sounds a lot like the word tear.


This name comes from the Aztec rain deity. It means of the earth. I recommend putting a lot of thought into giving this name to a baby as it’s quite the mouthful!

Girls names that mean earth

Whether you use these names as baby names or for other creative outlets, these girl names cover a wide range of cultures, sounds, and popularity.


The name Acthonian has a Greek origin- she was a minor goddess of the earth.


Avani is a female Sanskrit name meaning earth. It makes a great alternative to names like Ava or Avery.


Remember King Bumi, the famous earth bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender? It’s actually based on the female Hindi name Bhumi that means earth or soil and is actually the name of a Hindu earth goddess


In Gaelic and Celtic mythology, Danu is the mother earth goddess. She is also known as Dana and Anu. These all make unique girl names


Another name of mythic origin,  Demeter  is the Greek goddess whose name means earth mother. Italians and Romanians use the name Demetra instead. And the Greeks also called her Chthonia, meaning of the earth and Damia.


In Mongolian, the girl’s name Delkii means earth.


Dunia means world or earth in Arabic. It’s definitely a unique girl’s name! 


Ersa has a Greek origin- she is the goddess of plant-nourishing dew. She is the daughter of Zeus and Selene. Sometimes her name is spelled Herse. 


No earth-name list would be complete without the name Gaia! In Greek mythology, she was the mother goddess of earth. In astronomy, Planet Earth is also known as Gaia. And Gaia is a common girl’s name in Italy. Tellus is Gaia’s equivalent in Roman mythology. 


Ila means earth in Sanskrit. Many people associate it with the popular name Isla which is pronounced the same way and means island. Sometimes it’s spelled Ela


Lur, sometimes known as Lurra, is the Basque goddess of earth, and the mother of the sun and the moon.


Of course, the name Meadow is self explanatory and means meadow, a grassy open area outside of the woodland. This modern name may sound too informal to some parents.


In the Native American Algonquin and Ojibwe tribes, Nokomis was a love goddess who gave birth to just about everything. As she supported her children, she grew and grew until she was as big and round as the earth. And thus she became Grandmother Earth.


Savannah means grassy plain, which is derived from a Native American word. It’s been quite popular in the US since the 1990s, and is given to thousands of baby girls each year.


Sienna comes from the Italian city of the same name. It refers to the red-brown color of the clay in that area. This natural name is fairly popular in the US.


Tierra means earth in Spanish. It reminds me of the name Tara.


The unisex name Vale means wide river valley. This uncommon name is only given to a handful of baby girls and boys in the US each year.

Why should I choose a name that means earth?

Earth-themed names inspire feelings of strength, stability, power, and well, earthiness. Some people may consider someone with an earth-themed name as down to earth or steady.

Parents may desire an earth-themed name if they enjoy outdoor activites, or if they are geologists! Many parents are choosing nature-based names and earth names certainly fit the bill.

Sources for names that mean earth

I extensively use the website BehindtheName to research earth-themed names, their origins, meanings, and usage.

I also use the Social Security Administration’s database to understand baby name popularity.

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